Bow Tie Styles

Bow Tie Styles

A bow tie is not just a bow tie. Bow ties come in different sizes and styles and the true “black tie” experts will know the importance of pairing the bow tie size to the size of his neck and face to create a proportionally balanced look. Below is a list of the four most common bow tie styles.

Large Butterfly Bow Tie
The butterfly is a large bow tie that typically measures a wing size of 3″-3.5″. To avoid looking like a clown’s bow tie, this larger bow is best worn by men that have a larger neck size and bigger face and chin. If you are dressing for a non-formal event and want to create a comical look, then the large bow tie in bright colors and wild patterns will do the trick.

Classic Bow Tie (Thistle of Semi-Butterfly)
Bow ties that have a wing size of 2.25″-2.75″ are most popular, and therefore will be available at any mens retailer. It is a bow tie that will be a safe choice for any black tie attire function regardless of the wearer’s height and weight. If you want to be safe and do not like to stand out, then this bow tie will be the right choice for you.

Narrow Bow Ties (Batwing Bows)
The Batwing bow tie is narrow and has a look that resembles a mix between classic bow tie and ribbon. The batwing typically has a size of 1.5″ – 2″. This type of bow tie has a slightly less formal appearance but nevertheless makes an acceptable choice neckwear for back tie functions. The batwing looks best on thin men with a longish looking face and narrow collar size.
Bow Ties with Pointed Ends
Bow ties that have pointed ends are perfect for those that want something unique while still adhereing to a strict black tie dress code. Although available as a pre-tied version, pointed tip bow ties should only be worn when self ties. For tips on tying bow ties please visit our tutorial on: How to Tie a Bow Tie

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