Wedding Color Ideas in Burgundy and Black

Winter Wedding In Black and Burgundy



Winter Weddings in Burgundy and Black 

Meet Winter’s most fashionable wedding combo: burgundy and black. This rich color combo brings the drama and the elegance like no other duo. If you’re considering something wildly untraditional, opt for a glamorous black wedding gown and burgundy velvet tuxedos. We collected some of our favorite ideas for winter weddings in burgundy and black. You can see them all on our Pinterest Board for Burgundy Weddings. Our in-house wedding pro also picked out her top wedding ties in burgundy and blacks. For more inspiration on picking the right color palette, we recommend this article on the the Go-To Color Palettes of 2018.


Groomsmen Ties in Winter Burgundies


Skinny Textured Tie in Burgundy         |       Designer Tie in Burgundy        |        Striped Tie 

Floral Tie in Burgundy          |        Ultra Slim Black and Burgundy Tie        |     Burgundy Bow Tie


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