How To Accessorize With Bold Colors


Pumpkin Spice Necktie


Navy Blazer 

Patterned Dress Shirt 

Striped Tie 

Pocket Square

Lapel Pin Knotz



Orange Is A Seasonal Favorite


Colorful accessorizing is the cornerstone of statement, seasonal fashion. -And nothing is more quintessential Autumn than the color orange. The week, we are featuring a look by @runnineverlong who strategically pairs a blue blazer with a modern assortment of cool menswear accessories in bright, bold oranges. Tap into the full potential of your basics by pairing them with spirited and fashion forward colors. Savvy accessorizing isn’t the easiest feat when done with statement colors, but @runnineverlong makes it look easy. Shop this look and elevate your October style to new and bright heights.


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Look Of The Week: Smart-Casual Fashion


Best Men's Outfits For The Office



Dress Shirt

Black Knit Tie 


Tie Bar

Black Pocket Square



Simple + Sophisticated Style 


It’s always a pleasure to see menswear elevated, modernized and simplified. We were instantly impressed by this look from @thesimplegentleman that is rooted in sophistication and simplicity. Successful accessorizing comes down to judiciously deciding what to include and most importantly – what to exclude. This smart-casual look in an urban palette of blacks, grays and blues is low in contrast and high in style. From 9AM meetings to 7PM dinner plans, this look is fool-proof for anything the day or night throws at you. Check out more looks by @thesimplegentleman and be inspired by Australian fashion trends.


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Look Of The Week – Fall is Coming


Fall Fashion For Men


Herringbone Blazer

Blue Dress Shirt

Skinny Silk Tie 

Floral Silk Pocket Square

Classic Sheffield Watch



Fall Is Coming

Transitioning from summer to fall in style can be challenging for an assortment of reasons from upcoming trends to unpredictable weather forecasts. Our featured look of the week by @yaosterstyle shows how to navigate the summer to fall changeover like a seasoned pro. This daytime look shows range in its use of textiles. The salt and pepper herringbone blazer in linen is equal parts summer and equal parts fall, making it the number one blazer on our menswear wish list. September is the month to best mix your wool ties with your summer suiting and vice versa, mixing your wool suiting with your favorite summer accessories.


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Look Of The Week – Ultimate Autumn Layering

Winter Casual Menswear

Wool Blazer

Blue Shirt

Trench Coat


Pocket Square



Layering At Its Autumn Best

All these pieces combined into one outfit creates the ultimate Autumn Look making it our Featured Look Of The Week. This winning look created by @Secondhand_Dandy is a menswear dream come true. We love the combination of colors, patterns and textures that have a rustically refined aesthetic that is perfectly complimented and completed by a classic, tailored trench.  This dapper head to toe ensemble is the perfect look for anything -including your go look for holidays including Thanksgiving.  Tell us what you think of this look and these amazing pieces in the comments.


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Look Of The Week: Corduroy + Paisleys

Paisley Autumn Skinny Tie

Corduroy Blazer

White Shirt 

Paisley Tie 

Sleek Tie Bar

Maroon Paisley Pocket Square 


Browns and burgundies are emerging as this season’s IT color combo of the Autumn Season. Our featured Look Of The Week created by @TheDressedChest is an intellectual and stylish mix of colors and fabrics. We are currently obsessed with this look that pairs a traditional corduroy blazer with a modern trendy paisley skinny tie and think you might be too after seeing this polished ensemble. Mastering fall fashion comes down to cleverly teaming up textures with deep and dramatic colors. We always recommend burgundy has a key hue for Autumn accessorizing. Check out our extensive collection of burgundy ties and up your seasonal fashion game.


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