Black in Fall 2010 Mens Fashion

Fall Fashion Color for Men: Wearing Black

black-suit-shirt-tie‘Strong’ colors are a very common theme in fall fashion collections. Now that the fun and vibrant hues of summer have faded, it’s time for a bolder palette to step into style. A lot of men, however, have trouble when wearing black – especially if more than one black garment is involved. Wearing black on black (on black, even) need not make you look like a Twilight refugee, so long as you observe a few rules on using the color.

Mix Up Your Shades
One thing you should learn is that not all shades of black are the same. On the contrary, it’s actually quite difficult to find two different garments in the exact same black shade. One might be a little brownish while the other could have a purplish cast, and so on. The hue of black differs from one fabric to the next since different textiles often times show the same black dye quite differently.

If you’re wearing separates (meaning you didn’t buy the pieces as a set), you’ll have an easier time mixing different shades of black instead of trying to exactly match all of them. Going with, say, dark gray pants, a salt-and-pepper necktie and a black shirt saves you the trouble of negotiating the shade and cast of each and every item. Mixing up shades also creates a livelier, more interesting outfit in the end.

Even when you’re playing with a black-based palette, that still leaves you the freedom to work with similar colors like grays and charcoals. Mixing dark and light shades is the key to keeping each of the pieces distinct and the whole outfit working. Once you lose that kind of definition, you’ll most likely end up looking like one continuous black blot.

Add Texture to Your Style
Black on black works as long as there’s variation. If you don’t want to create variety in the colors you wear, then at least do so with the textures you use. Modern men’s fashion is very flexible, so there’s a very, very wide range of options out there to choose from.

Mixing textures is much easier for fall and winter, when layering pieces and outerwear become everyday style staples. It lets you use something simple like cotton for your base layer, something with drape like jersey or knits for your middle layer, and then a sturdy and visually unique texture like wool or tech fabric for the top layer. By emphasizing the different levels and depths, you actually create a more complex, dramatic outfit.

Accessories and other accoutrements can help highlight the different levels. Standout neckwear for example, can underline your base layer, while handkerchiefs gives more emphasis and character to your outermost jacket or coat. By breaking up continuous areas of texture, you further emphasize which parts are different from each other.

Of course, you shouldn’t discount the use of different colors and shades simply because you’re already using a mix of textures. Keeping things mixed up and interesting is key to pulling off such a limited color palette without looking like you tried too hard.

Invest in Men’s Fashion
Perhaps one of the few problems with black clothing is that it fades, and it often does so quite easily for items that get washed regularly. That’s part of what makes buying quality brands worth the extra dollars: you get higher quality fabrics that have greater retention of the better dyes that these brands use.

This is particularly important for items that you use in your first layer, for two reasons. First, these are the pieces you wear and wash the most, since they have direct contact with your body. Second, these are most likely cotton or polyester, neither of which is particularly effective at holding on to pigments. In short, these pieces fade fastest. It’s a problem that most major brands have addressed one way or another.

In the end, it does cost you more, but you’re paying for the additional technology and quality that went into making the garment. You’ll be thankful for the extra fashion investment three or four years down the road, when that premium black shirt will look just as great on you as it did the day you bought it.

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Copper Brown Ties

Copper Brown Ties for the Fall Season

Fashion changes from one season to the next. When it comes to mens ties, what changes most is color. Even though tie width as well as design patterns change, these two features follow more current fashion trends rather than specific seasons of the year. For this year’s Fall season ties in copper, dark orange, and rust brown are most popular. Below are three ties out of this year’s fall collection that will add a fresh new look to your ensemble.

burned-orange-mens-tieCopper-Orange Silk Tie
This tie has been popular as soon as we have added it to our collection. The subtle striped pattern is created by changing the weaving direction of one single color burned orange silk yarn. The stripign effect adds a nice shine to the fabric and perfectly compliments the the elegant and timeless design of this tie. This tie looks best on top of white, blue, tan, and gray dress shirts. Our favorite outfit for this tie: Blue and White striped shirt, navy blue suit, and brown shoes with matching brown belt. For more information on this tie please click on the image.

gray-tan-copper-tieBrown, Copper, Gray Striped Tie
If the tie above was too plain for your taste, then this striped necktie with stripes in copper, brown, and burned orange, on a charcoal gray background would make an excellent choice for this year’s Fall season. It is a tie that looks great with tan, olive, navy, and even gray or charcoal suit. Although this tie can be worn with almost any suit color, we like it most when paired with a solid white dress shirt, beige suit, and brown shoes and belt. Handmade from 100% silk. For more information on this tie, as well as to buy this tie, please click on the image.

golden-amber-designer-tieModern Amber-Gold & Blue Striped Tie
Necktie designer Cavallieri created a truly stunning striped tie in colors amber-gold in the background and royal blue and white in the stripes. It is a perfect tie for the blue dress shirt. Even though this tie is out of Cavallieri’s Fall collection, it also makes an excellent fashion accessory during the Spring and Summer months. We prefer to show this tie with a blue dress shirt and medium gray suit. For more matching tips, a larger image, or to purchase this tie, please click on the picture on the left.

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Ties with Check Patterns

New Collection of Ties with Check Patterns

Dear valued customer, we at are excited to feature a brand new tie design with intricate check patterns. The ties listed below are four examples of this new collection. For more information as well as to order, please select your favorite tie from the collection below:

What makes these ties so unique is the check patterned paired with contemporary color shades. All of these ties are part of Puccini’s fall collection and match well with suits in black, navy, tan, and olive. For more information on how to match each tie to shirt and suit please click on your favorite tie above.

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Mens Fall Fashion 2010 Dress Tips

Get Ready for Fall Fashion Tips

All the adages about changing seasons always neglect to mention how fashions tend to change right along with them. Even if you don’t really care about the latest new fads in men’s style, you can’t deny that the way you dress radically changes when March turns to April or August becomes September. If you’re yet to update your wardrobe for the next season, here are a few reminders about what you’ll wear once the leaves turn.

Ready Those Layers
You can always count on colder days when fall starts to creep in, and layering is the best way to deal with weather that can get unpredictable at times. It takes a little more thought to dress up each morning. You’ll be thankful you made the effort, though, when you get an unexpectedly sunny day and you’re left with more options than just a top coat.

The standard components of layering are more or less the same, whether you work at an office or attend community college. There’s the wool or knit layer, which can be done with a cardigan, sweater vest or full-on sweater. On top of that is a waterproof layer, and you can wear a pea coat, car coat or trench depending on the temperature outside and the kind of length you prefer.

Variety is the key factor if you want to layer and look sharp at the same time. You don’t have to clean out the entire department store, but you’ll want to own several different styles of layering pieces so that you’ll always have options in the morning. Have pieces in varying thicknesses, and the weather will never be able to catch you off guard.

Sophisticated Style
There’s always a certain ‘vibe’ or feel to each season. Spring is fresh and vibrant, while summer is bold and energetic. Fall fashions, meanwhile, tend to have a very different personality: they’re much more grown-up and have a more sober quality to them.

Bring your fall wardrobe in the same direction by taking a similarly mature approach to your clothes. The cold will have you bundling up anyway, so you may as well look sharp while you’re at it. Lose the cargo shorts and the Hawaiian print tees behind; switch up to sleek flat-front pants, a proper shirt and a full-on silk necktie. A bold color somewhere in your outfit should keep you from looking like you’re always headed for the office.

Fall is also a great time to return to the classics of men’s fashion. Spring and summer are great for trying out new things – novel fabrics, deconstruction and maybe even the odd Ed Hardy tee. Autumn is for going back to the kind of clothes your dad would’ve worn: clean-cut trench coats, simple shirts and solid silk neckties.

The new season is a great season to streamline your look. Reduce the pockets, piping and contrast stitching. Simplicity can speak volumes, and you should let those plain lines and classic contours make all the statements for you.

Season Material
Let your accessories speak all about your newfound maturity. Fabrics like canvas and nylon are big during summer because they stand up to the elements pretty well. For fall, the less sweaty season could do with leathers and metals, which will always be the most grown-up of accessories. Whether it’s your shoes or your belt, it’s time to grow up.

Dig out last winter’s wing tips and oxfords because fall is prime time to wear them. If you’re still hanging on to last season’s canvas and nylon accessories, don’t. Make the most out of the sweat-free clime by stepping out with more leather accessories like belts and bags. Are you up for an extra sartorial challenge? Try brown instead of black for your shoes and belt; it’s a very classic combo for navy or gray suits.

Fall is a whole new season, and a whole new ball game as well in terms of style. There’s a completely new aesthetic for the colder months; do try to keep up.

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Mens Neckties For Fall 2009

Fall-Neckties-2009 As we are approaching the end of the summer season, it is time to re-think and re-organize your wardrobe. Thicker and warmer clothes are being taken back out of storage in place of lighter “summer clothes”. Just as certain fabrics and pieces of clothing are synonymous for the colder months of the year, so are certain colors. In business fashion that consists of suit and tie, the most color is typically chosen on the necktie. Below are the top 3 colors for mens ties for this year’s fall season.

Brown: Brown is a color that is often times associated with maturity, dependability, friendliness, as well as nature and good health. When it comes to men’s fashion, in particular business fashion, the color brown is most commonly spotted on dress shoes and belts. Brown suits including beige and tan are classic summer colors. When it comes to ties on the other hand, brown is a color that is best for the later part of the year – during those slightly colder and less sunny days. Depending on the shade of brown, brown neckwear matches well with navy blue as well as olive green suits.

Burgundy: The color burgundy is created by mixing brown with red. It therefore is a color that shares the excitement from red with the steadiness from brown. Although, burgundy colored ties can be worn in any season of the year, and will always make a great choice tie for business attire, it is perfect for the fall season – when slightly darker colors predominate. To match a burgundy red tie is quite simple. During the fall we suggest apring burgundy ties with navy blue suit, chestnut brown shoes and the matching brown belt. Also great is a charcoal gray suit, medium-blue dress shirt, and black shoes and belt.

Orange: Not just any shade of orange will do for the Fall. Look at the colors found in nature! The best shades of orange for the fall are the slightly darker, more brownish, looking shades that resemble the look of turning autumn leaves. A classic example are burned-orange, and rust orange. To match orange neckwear during the Fall we suggest suits in midnight-blue, olive green, and charcoal gray. Your Bows-N-Ties Team

Update (June 2018)
Although this post is now 8 seasons past, not much has changed in terms of menswear accessory colors. What is new however a exciting fabric blends mixing finest silk with wools and even cashmere. Also new are raw spun silk fabrics – a coarsely looking fabric that adds a vintage vibe to any outfit.