A Guide To Tying Someone Else’s Bow Tie

How To Tie A Bow Tie

We have done plenty of tutorials on how to tie a bow tie but this is the first time we’ve created a guide to tying a bow tie for some else. Learn how to tie a bow tie in 10 easy steps. This is a perfect for those who need to help their sons tie a bow tie for prom, for wedding parties and for simply impressing the ones you love.  Once you have the art of tying a bow tie for someone else, you can shop our collection of self tie bow ties and show off your skills. 


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3 Cool GIFs Teaching You to Tie a Tie

It seems that no matter how often we updated and/or improved our tie knot illustrations, many of our readers still couldn’t quite figure out how to get the job done. While our videos certainly made things easier, many of you still had questions when it came to tying the more complicated tie knots, or when trying to tie a bow tie. As a final attempt to teach even the most “tie challenged” individual, we now created 3 awesome GIFs on different tie knots. Even if you already are a master at all the 100’s of tie knots out there, we are convinced these fun GIFs will put a smile on your face.




8 Ways to Wear a Tie with Attitude


#1 The Platypus

Go for the intentional mis-step with this savvy option. What starts out as an accidental elongation, quickly becomes a fashion statement when paired with the right ensemble. Pretty soon everyone will be copying your trend-setting ways.

#2 The Peeping Tom

You won’t want to call Five-O on this friendly fellow. As a bashful counterpart to his bold, out in front brother, you’ll quickly realize he poses no threat, and simply wants to join in the fun.

#3 Mr Orthodontist

Break out your bird beak, and band pusher, and go to town! With this version of tie expression you won’t have to worry about dodging spit, and headgear; which is of course a worry for so many. You will be able to move freely, and maintain your pristine appearance making for a more efficient you.

#4 Happy Hour Hero

We all know that guy who is the first to suggest drinks as soon as 5 o’clock rolls around. Join his ambitious end of the day debauchery, and loosen the noose with a martini, manhattan, or microbrew. Is there any better way to unwind?

#5 Mr GQ

The “it” image of success, this debonaire look commands attention, and respect. This display oozes dimension, and character making for a level of alluring intrigue that will have everyone coming back for more.

#6 The Jeeves

Become the definition of a dapper gentleman with this austere discretion. Exemplary of proper form, and fashion etiquette, all will look to you as the master of jaunty dress. You’ll have so many admirers, Mr. Wooster will have to find his own way home.

#7 The WTF Kind of Knot is That?

Why, the Trinity Knot of course! Don’t put yourself in a box with other tie laymen. Break with convention and become a tie ninja like the revered Patrick Novotny, known for this intricate and intriguing construction; although I’m sure you already knew that.

#8 Office Rambo

Typically seen roaming the wild, and dangerous hallways, and boardrooms of your most elite, and cut throat companies, this tie guy means business. A deal struck with this executive renegade is not one to be taken lightly. Double cross him and you are guaranteed to regret it.

Tie Knot Faux Pas

Top 5 Mistakes Men Make When Tying a Tie

long-tied-necktieTying a tie takes practice. Below are the five biggest mistakes men make when tying a necktie. Avoid these Faux Pas and you are one step closer to the perfect tie knot.

1. Wrong Tie Knot
Wrong tie knot? Yes, you read right! There are many different ways you can tie a necktie. Choose a knot that matches your collar spread. The knot should fill the gap between the collar. For more information please read our tutorial on How to Tie a Necktie

2. Too Long, Too Short
Tie your necktie to the right length. The tip of your necktie should hang down to reach the center of your belt buckle. If tying a tie to the right length has been a challenge for you then you may want to consider tying a smaller tie knot, or you may need extra long ties – neckties especially made for the man taller than 6 foot 3 inches.

3. Sloppy Finish
All too often we spot men wearing neck ties that are tied sloppy. Neither the narrow end, nor the back of the tie should be visible when wearing a tie. This is especially noticeable when in the knot area. Make sure the narrow end of the tie stays behind the wide end while tightening the knot. What commonly happens is that the narrow end slips to one side.

4. Bling and Tie Jewelry
There are many tie accessories that are supposed to “dress up” your necktie. Most common are tie pins, chains, clips, and tie bars. The only acceptable option here are tie bars. Keep the design simple and match the color to your belt buckle, cuff links, and wrist watch.

5. Stains
Most ties are made from silk – a delicate natural fiber that can not be machine washed. Make sure that your hands are clean before tying your tie. Also, your hands should be well manicured. Long fingernails and calices can pull out threads of the fabric, permanently damaging your fine silk tie. Should your tie get stained then you may also want to read our guide on How to Clean a Silk Tie.

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Tie a Tie With a Kent Knot

How to Tie a Tie With a Kent Knot

Chances are that you already know how to tie a necktie, but even if you have mastered one of the many options to tie your tie, knowing different tie knots is important when matching the knot to the dress shirt, the tie itself, and even the dress code. Below are instructions on how to tie a Kent knot.

Kent Knot vs. Other Tie Knots
The Kent knot is the knot that requires the least of the tie’s length. It is therefore a perfect choice for taller men that want to wear a regular length necktie. Because it is a smaller knot it is great for very thick neckties such as knitted neckties or 7-fold ties.

Kent Knot Instructions


  1. As with every tie knot, start out by laying the necktie around your neck with the broad end hanging lower than the narrow end. Turn the broad end over once so that the back of the tie is showing.
  2. Place the narrow end over the wide end as illustrated in Step #2 above.
  3. Wrap the narrow end with the broad end of the necktie and pull the broad end through the loop near the neck as shown in Step #3. Don’t pull tight but create a loop in front of the untied knot.
  4. Now take the broad end and pull it through the loop created in Step #3.
  5. Carefully pull tight adn style the knot to your liking. It is that simple!

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