The Dimpled Necktie Knot

The Purpose of the Dimple and How to Make One

The dimpled tie knot is what differentiates the necktie newbie from the seasoned necktie aficionado. If you are new to wearing ties then you may ask yourself what the purpose of this somewhat odd looking crevice is. Any tie aficionado will tell you that a properly dimpled tie knot will add more texture to the tie. The knot will give a slight bulge and have a more lively look. In addition the dimple partially folds the fabric near the top of the tie which creates a more textured look, gives more shine, and creates a much better drape.

Now that you know the purpose of the dimple, you may want to learn how one is made. First, there are a few tie knots that are better suited to make a dimple. One of the best suited necktie knots is the Double Windsor knot. The dimple is created during the final step of tying the tie, right before the knot is tightened. Before tightening, slide one finger inside the knot and carefully create a fold on top of the tie. Make sure that this fold goes all the way through the back of the tie. If it doesn’t then the dimple will not stay in place. Then carefully tighten the knot, and as the knot gets tighter, slide out your finger. With a little bit of practice making a dimpled tie knot will be just as easy as learning >how to tie a necktie.

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In the News – NYC Police Commissioner Shows How to Tie a Tie

We at Bows-N-Ties are always on the look for interesting stories related to mens fashion and, as probably expected from us, anything related to ties. We came across the following story in the NY Times about Raymond Kelly, Police Commissioner of New York, and his distinct taste in ties and tying neckties.

From the article it is quite evident that Mr Kelly takes great pride in how he dresses and that he pays much attention to the little detail when dressing in suit and tie. Not only does he have a very distinct taste in finest Italian and French designer ties, but he also knows his fair share on how to match clothing patterns and colors. His necktie knot is always a perfectly tied double Windsor knot (for instructions on this tie knot we also invite you to our section titled: How to Tie a Necktie. In addition to a perfectly tied “dimpled” Windsor knot, Mr Raymond Kelly is usually spotted with a neatly folded handkerchief and a pair of cuff links.

Mr Kelly’s favorite designers are the Italian labels Kiton and Brioni, as well as French luxury brand Charvet – all brands that can cost in excess of $200 per tie. When asked about his budget on ties, he says that it is all about finding deals. When it comes to patterns, his favorite are small and intricate foulard type designs as well as the occasional striped necktie. What he doesn’t like are plaid patterns which belong, according to him on Kilts and not a tie (we tend to disagree). His favorite tie color? Orange – since orange, according to him, represents Anti-Terror. We are not too sure where he gets the idea that orange is anti-terror, but what we do know is that orange is considered “the happiest of colors”. For more on the “psychology on colors on ties” please check out this post we featured on our sister site