January 9, 2017

Look Of The Week: Ivy League Style


Denim Jacket 

Burgundy Oxford Shirt

Crested Tie 





The Always List For Ivy League Style

We’re big fans of this smart collegiate look created by Sunny Murthy who perfectly mixes and matches the classics to create a winning look. This is how menswear style should be done. He boldly pairs a ink aged burgundy oxford with a created skinny tie in forrest green and makes it look current but not trendy. Student or not, this Ivy League aesthetic is handsomely appropriate for all ages.  Invest in these backbone menswear basics and you’ll always look like you’re on the A List for fashion. For colder weather layer your denim jacket with a wool overcoat. 


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December 26, 2016

Look Of The Week: Talavera Statement Tie

Gray Suit and Tile Tie

Gray Suit

Check Shirt

Mexican Tile Tie

Wingtip Shoes


Laptop Bag


What To Wear To Work 

Elevating the everyday work suit can feel like full time job; the struggle is indeed real. We have a remedy to your workwear woes this week with our Featured Look created by the talented and stylish @dapperprofessional.  Don’t be timid!  Express your colorful leanings with a statement tie in bright colors and bold, artisan patterns. Our collection of Mexican Tile Ties are astutely designed to mix and match with your day wear and your night wear. Another key to un-smarting the inherent rut of the gray suit is opting for brown shoes rather than black. We’re big fans of this look from head to toe. And please, monogram your cuffs. Shop this look and make 2017 your most stylish year yet.


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September 19, 2016

Best Interview Looks For Men With Beards

Beard and Tie Pairings

We live in a different time than our forefathers did. Going “el casual” is more common now than ever before, even in the workplace. However, there is one work setting where looking your best is still a good call. The interview.

The professional man still needs to be able to bring his “A” game when it’s time to interview. This means a smart suit, solid colored, minimal jewelry and accessories (a metal watch is fine), and of course, a tie. The modern bearded man may struggle to find the piece of neckwear that suits his facial hair and complements his features. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of hair color or style, your beard should be neat and well-kempt for your interview. It is also important to remember that the size of your beard and mustache will accentuate the size of your face, making it more pronounced. With that in mind, we want to complement our beard. Not fight for dominance of our face. Your beard style and color will factor in to selecting what colors and tie styles work best for you.



Those with lighter-colored hair will want to stick with darker colors. This complements the shade of your hair without being too drastic. Lighter colors such as yellows and pinks run the risk of blending in and being lost against your hair.

Small Beard: The Micro Check Tie in Dark Midnight Blue is an excellent darker colored necktie to pair with a light beard color. It also wears well with a neater, more closely trimmed beard

Large Beard: Larger beards should still be well-groomed, waxed or oiled, and looking professional. Bow ties pair well with larger beard styles as they keep the attention on the face. The beard combined with the bow tie can convey an intellectual, academic image. Bow ties, in general, work best with a tightly fitted jacket.

The Silk Designer Bow Tie in Navy and Red is an elegant, lightly patterned bowtie which will pair well with a lighter hair shade. It also will pair nicely with the matching pocket square



If lighter colored hair matches well with darker colors, then the opposite is true for darker hair. Brunette hair that wanders into the darker shades of brown pairs better with a lighter colored tie.

Small Beard: A light blue such as the Trendy Blue Gingham Check Tie is a smart choice. The pattern is professional and light blue is an excellent complement to a number of different suit styles and colors. Light blue ties with simple patterns are typically a solid choice for a job interview.

Large Beard: Your larger beard will pair well with another light blue selection. The Diamond Check Bowtie in Blue is a playful, yet elegant selection that will complement a larger beard style. The bold diamond pattern is distinctive without being distracting.



Regardless of your suit style and color, dark navy blue will almost always work in a professional setting. The Elegant Navy Blue Business Tie is a smart choice to convey a professional, yet bold appearance.

For summer interviews, a lighter color is traditionally a smart approach.

While navy blue is still a fantastic choice, A simple blue and yellow striped tie also works well and adds a hint of charm and casual sophistication.



Your goal should be to look your best and present a clean, neat, and professional appearance to the interviewer. The specific position you are interviewing for, or the company, may help dictate your selection.

Pro Tip: Research the company prior to the interview. Most companies have a brand color they utilize on their website, logo, or in marketing materials. Match to the style and shade if possible. 

While looking your best is important, it is likewise important to remember to not be too flashy. The expectation in most interview setting is that the attire is business professional which can mean a somewhat toned down appearance.

Now, go get that job!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR; Wesley is the owner of iManscape.com. A place for men to read on all things manly such as safety razors, beards, and of course manscaping. For more, visit their website.

June 27, 2016

Guide to Men’s Loafers

Not too long ago we posted this ultimate mens dress shoe guide. Because it became such a popular post, we got inspired to elaborate a bit more on the topic of men’s footwear. This time we narrowed our focus on one particular shoe style: The Loafer.

Instead of writing paragraph after paragraph on the dos and don’ts of each style, we created the following infographic teaching you everything from what each style looks like, when to wear it, how to combine it, what season it is suited for, what dress code it compliments, and more.



June 13, 2016

Best Graduation Get Ups For All Students


The Ivy Leaguer

Voted Most Likely To Succeed, the Ivy Leaguer is a hardcore academic who dresses for success. Dress the part with a suit and crested tie.  No need to do all the searching yourself for these pieces. We have done it for you. To get the look right, all you need to get is this suit, the following oxford shirt, our regimental crested necktie, this brown leather belt, a pair of classy brown oxfords, and – of course – a pair of tortoise aviators.



The Boozer 

99 bottles of beer on the wall. You know who you are. Opt for the iconic Animal House get-up and go with The Boozer dream ensemble of swim trunks , sneakers, flannel  shirt, college sweater shirt and of course the flask filled with booze. You’re all about the (southern) comfort and this look captures that. You’re carefree and ready for anything.



The Streaker 

Whether you consider yourself a minimalist -or a prankster, there’s always The Streaker get-up which includes the bare (pun alert) essentials. Sunscreen , flip flops and sunglasses . We hope the gown wasn’t a rental. And be warned, it’s hard to live down the nickname The Streaker even when it’s your 20 year school reunion.



The Prepster 

Voted Best Dressed, you like to look your best.  We got you covered with this summer savvy look that will have you trending with #stylegoals in no time.  Pair this lovely summer suit with a bright blue dress shirt, madras linen bow tie, classic belt  and quintessential navy blue boat shoes. The ladies will swoon and the parents will compliment.  



The Rock Star 

Voted Most Likely To Be In A Band  – you love music and are always down to jam. Rock your favorite band t-shirt  and jeans  under your cap and gown with your statement checkered vans.  And of course, you always have your  guitar  on hand. Who’s ready for a post graduation sing-a-long?