Summer Sophistication in Linen

Summer Sophistication in Linen

With the summer heat turning up, it’s smart to know how to strategically accessorize your work suits with linen accessories. Take this brilliant look from @thedistinguishedgentleman_ who knows just how to accessorize his power suits. This look is made for the office and is made for the summer. Stride through the season in style by accessorizing your suits with coordinating linen ties and pocket squares. Linen is historically the coolest and lightest of fabrics and is recognized as summer chic just about everywhere. If you have to wear a suit in the summer months, it’s worth the effort to incorporate summer accessories. And our vote is in: nothing’s more summer in menswear that linen. Recreate the look below:

Wool Suit Jacket

Wool Trousers

Wool Tie 

White Linen Pocket Square

Dress Shoes

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The Ultimate Summer Suit and Tie Combination

It’s hot out there, folks! With temperatures on the rise and the need to impress always ever present it’s prime time to switch up some of your wardrobe favorites. While switching to more breathable fabrics you’ll also want to bring forward the promising pastels of Summer. This dashing look brings forth the elegant hues of purple ideal for bringing out the regal inside of all of us. You can adorn this look for any Summer gathering where you’ll be set to impress. We have Mohammed Al Nazal to thank for putting together such a fantastic look (be sure to follow him if you’re in need of style tips). Put together this look with the items below!

Medium Grey Plaid Suit
Button Down Shirt
Wool Herringbone Tie in Grape Purple
Paisley Pocket Square
Complete Belt
Argyle Socks
Black Oxfords

A Magical Rose Quartz Wedding

A Magical Rose Quartz Wedding

All you need is love, so add a tangible element of the four letter word to guide you on your big day. Rose Quartz has represented unconditional love since the time of Ancient Greeks. It is said that Cupid delivered it to the earth as a gift of love and a reminder of happiness. Let this color encourage you to be a more loving partner and human being. You can incorporate the hue into your bridesmaid dresses or a stunning table display. You can never go wrong with or add too much of Rose Quartz.

Keeping it Cool: Spring Menswear Guide

A word that comes to mind when we think of Spring is cleaning! Keeping the spirit of spring cleaning alive, we’ve decided to tailor a menswear guide specific to the changing weather of Spring!

It’s time to put your Fall and Winter pieces away for the warmer months of Spring and Summer. We know it’s hard, but put away the wool.

However, keep in mind that some pieces may work for a chic spring look. If you have any neutral linens or a favorite pair of chinos, feel free to leave them in the keep pile.

This guide was meant to keep you from sweating the small stuff, both figurative and literally.

A few of our favorite Spring neckties can be found below:

Look of the Week: Sophisticated Style

Look of the Week: Sophisticated Style

It’s the start of a new year, which probably means you’ve started the new you. We’d like to be there on your style evolution. It’s time to throw away all the drab and fill your closet with impressionable style. Our guy @stevetillystyle is one to watch when needing help putting together a classy ensemble sure to catch the attention of those you seek. The first looks on us, so find everything you need to recreate this look below:

Button Up