October 13, 2016

Coming Soon: SS 2017 South Beach Collection

Last week we shared 10 South Beach inspired design patterns with our readers, customers, and followers and asked to vote on the favorite. Below are the TOP 6 most popular designs, which will now go into production in a handful of color ways for each pattern. Here is a preview of the coming colors for each pattern.


It wasn’t too much of a surprise that this iconic Florida creature made it to the top of the list. While we expect the pink color combination to become a top seller, our designer created these other 8 colors for this fun pattern.
Flamingo Print Neckties


This pattern has summer written all over it! Wear it to the office and your boss might just give you the day off to catch some waves and bath in the sun. Here are the 9 colors that will come to BNT in Spring 2017:
Surf Board and Palm Trees Neckties


Who said you can’t wear flip flops to the next boardroom meeting? What we love about this tie is the geometric look. The tie looks like a micro check pattern from the distance, while a closer inspection reveals this fun flip flop pattern.
Neckties with Flip Flops Design


Put this tie on, and good things are going to happen to you! A monochromatic pastel palette makes this ties simply perfect for the sunny summer day! Here are the 9 colors that will come to our site in Spring 2017:
Dolphin Print Neckties


Not a fan of bright pastel colors that make up most of the South Beach collection? Then this design is different! Our designer decided to choose more classic tie colors such as navy, burgundy, grays, and blue for this design.
Sea Shells Neckties


One of the fastest fish in the ocean inched into 6th place during our “be the buyer” survey. It was an office favorite for us, and we decided to add this pattern into the coming South Beach collection. A must have tie for any deep sea fisherman.
Neckties with Marlins

Collection update (June 11th, 2017)

We received several sets of swatches for these South Beach inspired collections. However, none meet our quality standards and we went back to the drawing board to bring you this collection. We will do some slight re-designs and then resubmit for sampling. Our goal is to have this South Beach Tie collection in stock by Spring 2018.

March 23, 2016

How To Wear A Tan Suit 3 Ways

How To Wear A Tan Suit


Ready, Set, Spring. Rules To Wearing The Tan Suit.

The tan suit is the quintessential Spring / Summer menswear piece you NEED.  The tan suit is the stylish work horse of warm weather fashion. It can be accessorized, deconstructed, dressed up, dressed down and transformed to fit any said or unsaid dress code. The most important  three events you’ll need a tan suit for are: Business Events, Weddings and Dates.  We have you covered: we’ve created a fool proof guide to what to wear with a tan suit by each of these three occasions.

Business Events

If you have to wear a suit for work and you have to travel, you’ll know the importance of seasonal suiting. The tan cotton suit will be your go to business suit for those hot months. It allows you that hard to achieve balance of style and professionalism. For a promotion-worthy get up, follow the visuals in our chart and pair a tan suit with the proper fashion components and accessories. Stick to the classics with your accessories. We highly recommend either a  power stripe tie or a classic pin dot tie. With business attire, you want to look stylish in the pre-determined classics. Don’t try and re-invent the proverbial wheel.



Springtime is the season for engagements and weddings so be prepared to be deluged by invitations. This is where your tan suit will seriously earn its keep. The key to winning at your wedding look comes down to two factors: colors and accessories. Spruce up your tan suit with pink and coral ties, pink bow ties and patterned pocket squares. Coordinate the colors of your ties with your pocket squares with your socks unless you opt to go sock less which is popular for outdoor weddings.  Tan suits can be dressed up with vests so that is always option you have to differentiate your tan suit.



Look sharp for date night in your tan suit by sticking to a cool palette of tans and navy blues. The contrast of this palette will have your date captivated.  Be sure to mix and match your patterns to show your character and personality. Also, don’t be afraid of “dressing down” the suit by wearing more casual shirts, experimenting with sneakers and loafers and yes, going sockless. This conveys a cool attitude that separates your professional life, from your personal life. For date night, we recommend accessorizing with skinny linen ties and patterned pocket squares

Mix and Match your way through this Spring and Summer with these three A+ looks.


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May 27, 2015

New Monet Floral Tie Collection

Navy Floral Tie    |    Dark Red Floral Tie

Floral Tie in Light Blue  |   Floral Tie in Blacks + Silvers

Capture the artistic aesthetic of the French Impressionists with our New Collection of Floral Ties inspired by the flowers in Monet’s paintings. These masterpiece designer ties are handwoven with a Jacquard Loom and premium silks.  Custom crafted at a trend setting width of 2.75″, these ties make an impressive addition to any wardrobe.  They are available in four painter approved color palettes!

May 18, 2015

NEW Skinny Crested Ties

Designer Crested Tie in Red + Blue

We are thrilled to introduce our new, improved and extended collection of Skinny Crested Neckties from the Blackbird Menswear Collective. These repp stripe accessories were such a huge success that we decided to introduce more crests, more colors and more designs!  All of these skinny crested ties are a stylish 2.75″ wide and are artisan crafted from pure silk!   They are competitively priced at $18.90 so move quickly.  For more inspiration, check out our Featured Look Of The Week post on Regimental Ties featuring the talented + stylish Chris Nicholas. We have also included sharp looks by The Guy Tie + The Dole Boy below, showing how they wear their Skinny Crested Ties!

Silk Crested Skinny Ties
Modern Crested Men's Skinny Tie
Skinny Crested Tie in Green + Blue


May 5, 2015

Mother’s Day Style Ideas

Style and Gift Ideas for Mom

Yellow Striped Bow Tie    |  Plaid Bow Tie in Red   |   Pop Art Paisley Bow Tie

Gingham Bow Tie   |  Polka Dot Bow Tie in  Red   |   Pin Dot Bow Tie in Blue

Pin Dot Yellow Bow Tie  |    Designer Gingham Bow Tie   |   Summer Madras Bow Tie

Upsy Daisy Bouquet   |   Rose Rapture Bouquet  |  Sweet as Sugar Bouquet 

Look your stylish best this Mother’s Day  (May 10th) with any one of these Mother Day Pairings of Bow Ties and Flower Bouquets from Teleflora.  We chose our most favorite and colorful combos that are guaranteed to make you look your absolute best and guarantee your rightful place as your Mom’s favorite!  Yellow Bow Ties are a cheerfully handsome option that pair beautifully with Daisies.  Go brighter and bolder with a red bow tie and a bouquet of gorgeous red and pink roses. And we love the combination of blue bow ties paired with hydrangeas and lilac roses. Look your handsome best this Mother’s Day and treat your mom to a wonderful bouquet of flowers!