Best Selling Yellow Ties

Our Top Selling Yellow Ties for Spring 2010

Yellow is a cheerful color that is commonly associated with happiness and joy. In addition, it is the color of the son and represents warmth and comfort. It is not surprising that yellow is a popular color for the spring and summer. Especially lighter shades of yellow such as lemon, pastel-yellow, and yellow-cream make ideal tie colors for the spring and summer. Below are our three best selling yellow colored ties for this years spring season. To see a larger image of each tie, and/or to purchase one of these neckties please click on the image(s) below.

Light Yellow Striped Tie
Looking for classic design in spring colors? Then this striped tie in lemon-yellow and yellow-cream will be perfect for you. It is a tie that looks best on top of a white dress shirt and suits in gray, charcoal, navy, and tan. One of our favorite ways to wear this tie: Tan colored suit, white shirt made from cotton twill, brown shoes, brown belt, and golden hardware (belt buckle, cuff links, wristwatch, etc). This tie is available in regular size, XL Length, as well as a kids necktie.

Check Pattern Tie in Pastel Yellow
One of our lightest shades of yellow we carry is this pastel-yellow necktie. The fine silver check pattern is woven into the fabric adding more depth to the tie as well as giving the tie a fuller look and better drape. This tie is one of our best selling neckties for spring and summer weddings. It is a tie that will pair well with all the classic suits colors. The best dress shirts for this necktie are white, baby-blue, or light silver-gray.


Golden-Yellow Paisley Tie
Looking for something that is out-of-the-ordinary, but nevertheless classy and elegant? Then this golden yellow necktie will be just perfect. This tie appears to be solid in color, and patternless from the distance but a closer look reveals one of the most intricate paisley designs. The design is created by weaving close to a dozen of different yellow yarns into one stunning fabric. This tie will look best with suits in navy, tan, and charcoal.


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Mens Summer Suits

The Perfect Suit for Spring and Summer

Mens suits come in a wide range of styles. Although the general idea is the same – to create an elegant and professional looking ensemble – it is the intricate detail that makes one suit different from another. Small changes in cuts, fabric weights, weaving patterns, and colors give each suit a unique look and character. This article will give men an overview of popular suits for the spring and summer – suits that are not just stylish for the season, but also comfortable to wear during warmer days.

The Right Color
Generally speaking summer suits are lighter in colors. Most popular are light gray suits followed by beige and tan. White and camel suits are rare and less suited for business but will make an excellent choice when dressing for outdoor summer festivities. The slightly more conservative light gray suit has the advantage of being easy to match to most shirts and ties. Therefore, we suggest the light gray suit for men with a more limited accessory selection – such as shoes, ties, and cuff links. Beige colored suit look best when worn with brown shoes, belt and gold colored hardware such as belt buckle, cufflinks, and wrist watch.

Comfortable Fabrics
Summer suits are usually made from lighter fabric weights that are less insulating and more comfortable to wear in warmer weather. Please note that the wool number on the suit does not refer to the fabric weight but to wool quality. The higher the number the finer the wool and not the lighter the fabric. Fabric weights on the other hand are measured in ounces per square yard or grams per square meter. Most fabrics for summer suits range from 7 to 9 ounzes per square yard.

Weaves and Patterns
The lighter fabrics and lighter colors on summer suits are best matched with delicate fabric patterns such as fine pin stripes, Birdseye pattern, and very delicate checks. Less suited are coarser weaves and patterns such as houndstooth, herringbone, Glen check and twill weaves.

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Casual & Trendy Mens Fashion in 2010

Men’s Fashion 2010: Classic Styles, New Takes

Fashion for both men and women is roughly cyclical: a style becomes a trend now, gets tired in a couple of months, and then goes back into the spotlight once again a few years later. Even seemingly ‘perfect’ and unassailable styles tend to get a bit of an upgrade every now and then. The upcoming spring season is no exception. If you thought your wardrobe’s already complete, you’ll want to look for these items at a store near you.

Unkempt Ties
More of a fashion statement than a completely new style of necktie, this is something you should expect to see on a lot of guys in the upcoming months. Slackening the tie, in this case, isn’t really a slackening of standards; it’s more of the counter-statement to the image of the immaculately dressed man in formal-wear.

An unkempt tie categorically places your outfit under the description of ‘casual’. A clean and immaculately done shirt and tie is the only kind you should be wearing to work. The loosened, rakish look might be fine after five, but not a minute before. It is, however, an edgy look for going out in the evenings and for chilling out on the weekends.

The key to making an unkempt tie look good is to keep the rest of your outfit consistent with that sense of “I-don’t-care cool”. Throwing one into an otherwise formal ensemble will only make it look like you were in the middle of yanking off your tie. Best done with a slim or skinny tie (big ties can look too unkempt), try pairing it with a button down shirt or, if you’re feeling adventurous, just a tee or V-neck. A slim blazer, sports coat, or suit jacket should finish off the look satisfactorily, especially with dark jeans.

Colored Chinos
If unkempt ties were a casual take on a formal style, this trend is an even more laid back update to an already relaxed classic. Chinos are already seen as quintessential Casual Friday (for more info you may also want to read our guide on: Business Casual Attire) and weekend fashion. A few brands are now simply giving it a shot of color to add a dose of new life to this decades old piece.

Aside from that ever available khaki color in all its shades, you should now also see pairs in less conventional colors like red, green and blue. They feature exactly the same comfy fabric and modern construction; it’s just the colors that have changed. It’s the perfect way to add something subtle yet interesting to your weekend outfits.

When pairing these chinos to make an outfit, treat them like you would a shirt or a tie with regard to color matching. The easiest route to take is to simply wear it with a white tee to give focus to the color of your pants. Alternatively, you could wear an understated top and then finish off your look with color matched accessories like – for a pair in red – a solid red necktie to establish a color scheme.

Laceless Shoes
It used to be that you removed the laces of your shoes only when you’re about to clean them. This season, though, omitting the laces could also mean that you’re riding the trend of laceless shoes that have walked through fashion shows all over the world.

Deconstruction is a common practice in men’s fashion, with some garment getting its technical side explored every so often. This doesn’t just work with any shoe, however. The trendy shoes for spring don’t just have their shoelaces removed; the tongue is fused to the upper, which encloses the shoe and gives it a secure fit. The eyelets where the laces would otherwise have passed, meanwhile, remain.

As with many deconstructed styles, laceless shoes are firmly placed under the heading of Casual, especially since most of the designs involved were casual to begin with. Expect this style of shoe to pop up on popular laced sneakers like those from Converse and Adidas. Another casual shoe might not seem like much of a good investment, but you could always think of the time you’d save from not having to tie your laces.

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New Italian Design Ties by Cavallieri

Dear valued customer, we are excited to inform you that we have recently received a new shipment from Italian designer label Cavallieri. The ties featured above are part of Cavallieri’s recently released spring and summer collection for 2010. As already popular in this year’s spring fashion, bright colors such as lime, pink, and light blue are predominant on mens neckwear in the spring and summer of 2010. To purchase, or to see a more detailed image of one of these ties, please click on your favorite tie from above. What makes these ties so unique is the blend of colors, modern stripes, intricate fabric weaves, as well as the quality craftsmanship that Cavallieri is known for. Have a closer look at the fabric pattern on these ties: The wider background stripes are in a very fine basket-weave design, while the narrow white stripes have a “herringbone” pattern. This unique blend of fabric weaves adds a nice texture to the fabric. It not only gives the tie a thicker look, feel, and perfect drape, but it also guarantees a perfectly dimpled necktie knot. For more information on “dimpled” tie knots, we also invite you to visit our tutorial on Tying a Necktie. Your Team