Matching Ties to a Rose Pink Dress Shirt

Best Ties for the Pink Dress Shirt

For many men, pink is the new light blue when it comes to ties or even dress shirts. Pink is a color that is almost exclusively worn during the day in spring and summer. Wearing a light pink or rose colored dress shirt adds nice color and a lively touch to any suit without compromising the masculine and professional “suit & tie look”. Below are three ties that will be a perfect match for the light pink dress shirt. For more information on each tie, as well as to buy one of these ties, please click on the pictures below.

Pink & Brown Striped Tie
One of our best selling striped neckties during the spring and summer months. The wide pink and brown striped pattern remind of a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. It is a perfect tie for the tan and light beige suit, light pink dress shirt, and brown dress shoes. This tie will let everyone know that summer has arrived. It is a tie that is fresh and lively in color but still professional and conservative in design. Handmade from 100% silk by mens tie designer Parsley. This tie is also available in XL length as well as in kids tie length.

Pink, Lavender, and Purple Striped Tie
This modern design necktie by Italian designer label Cavallieri is a perfect summer tie. Although we like to pair this tie with a light rose-pink dress shirt (in color that matches the light pink stripe on this tie), it is a tie that looks just as great on white, lavender, and beige. The best suit colors for this tie are beige, brown, navy, and light gray. Handmade from 100% Italian silk by necktie designer Cavallieri.

Multi-Colored Eggplant Purple Striped Tie
A stunning striped necktie that combines half a dozen colors in a modern striped design. What makes this tie so unique is the fabric. The pattern is not printed on, but woven into the fabric using close to a dozen of diffeerent silk yarns. Weaving this pattern in comparison to screen-printing it, creates a nice textured look that brilliantly reflects shine as well as adds more thicker and more luxurious look and feel. We prefer to match this tie with a light pink dress shirt, medium-gray pin striped flannel suit, and light brown shoes and matching brown belt. Handmade from 100% silk by tie designer label Cavallieri.

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Mens Summer Fashion by Bottega Veneta

A Look at Bottega Veneta’s Men’s Summer Fashion 2010

Although the high-end fashion label is best known for its to-die-for leather goods, the Bottega Veneta name is also a good one for menswear. Tomas Maier’s style is dressy without being fussy, casual without being sloppy. It’s a fine balance of the rough and the refined that every fashionable man should think about before stepping out for summer.

Roll ‘Em Up High
Skin has long been the name of the game during summer. It’s the time when v-necks and ankles are in no short supply, especially around the beaches and boardwalks. Maier, on the other hand, seems to think that just a peek is not enough. If you’re going to roll up for the summer, you may as well roll them up all the way.

Almost all of the clothes on the Bottega Veneta runway featured a rolled up item of some sort, especially in the pants department. These aren’t, however, your razor sharp pants of Thom Browne yore. No, these are softer versions that are more generous around the thigh and taper toward the leg so that there’s a comfortable vibe to them. After all, comfort is paramount when it comes to dressing for the summer heat.

If there’s anything that covers your limbs, it can be rolled up. Roll up your jeans or pants until you can see your ankles, and then give them one last push up. Roll up your sweater and shirt sleeves up to right before your elbow. Your skin is the best accessory you could have for the summer, especially if it’s golden brown and sun-kissed.

Neutral on Neutral
There are some tricks that never go out of style every summer, like pairing bold colors on neutral tones. Like a black necktie over a white shirt, it’s one of those strategies that don’t seem to fail or die out. There is, however, a less cliché way to go for the summer palette.

Neutrals are irreplaceable in any summer wardrobe. They’re cool and light, yet they have their own special character because of the myriad shades. Using neutrals again and again, however, can get boring color-wise; it seems that they simply weren’t meant to be worn with each other exclusively. Maier, however, shows the way out of this dilemma.

Patterns can help break the sheer monotony of a mostly neutral outfit, especially since a pattern can define one piece as ‘more major’ than the others. In Maier’s example, he does jackets and shorts in small geometrics or larger florals so that they’re more interesting, but at the same time retain their neutral coloring. That’s why even his gray on gray looks still seem so interesting, even though the same drab color is used throughout the outfit.

A shot of bold color – Maier here uses some of the label’s famed leather wares like a belt or a bag – such as orange or blue should also do the trick. Not only are these classic styles during summer, but they once again break the visual monotony of neutrals on neutrals.

Flamboyantly Macho
It’s summer! You’re most likely on vacation, or at the very least plan to go on one at some point in the near future. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your hair down – in the literal and figurative sense – and to experiment with less gender-strict fashions.

Maier demonstrates that fun, lighthearted summer is the best time to try louder and more flamboyant styles, ones that would have been rather awkward to attempt at the office back in the fall. Do you want to try a floral print? Have you ever sported a turquoise bag? If you haven’t – but would like to – summer is your chance.

The trick to all this gender-bending is to tweak just one aspect of the outfit. Go ahead and wear a floral, for example, but keep everything – including the floral – in some strong, masculine color like olive or gray. If you’ll tote along a bright bag, see to it that the rest of your outfit is understated and classic. Liza Minnelli has enough competition as it is.

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Mens Clothing for Summer Weddings

Summer Wedding Survival Guide for Men

Now that the weather is great and conducive for good photographs, you can hardly blame people for wanting to get married in the summer. A summer wedding, however, could pose a fashion challenge, especially for the men in the crowd. How do you look sharp without sacrificing comfort? It takes a few workarounds to keep your cool, no matter how long the lovebirds might take to exchange their vows.

The Lightweight Suit
Countless things in fashion have workarounds, but there is simply no working around a dress code. If it says suit and tie, you had better wear a suit and tie to the ceremony. What you can do instead is to wear lighter, more summer-friendly versions of the same pieces.

Suits, in particular, come in a wide variety of weights depending on the style and fabric. Of the ones you are likely to see in the store, linen is easily the most summer-friendly of them all. The material is both light and breathable, making it easier for you to wear it all throughout a two-hour affair. Linen also has excellent wicking properties, so you’ll stay cool even when you’ve already begun to sweat.

Wools aren’t entirely displaced, either. There are certain varieties of wool suits – the 60/40 combo, for example – that can be made summer-weight. You’ll have to ask the salespeople, though, as the selection for wools is very, very wide. The bright side of this is that you can just as easily wear the suit to the office as the summer garden wedding.

The Light Color Palette
Surviving a formal affair in the heat also requires a change in mindset with regard to the colors you choose. Remember that darker colors take in more light and, consequently, more heat in the long run. Lighter colors don’t just give your outfit that summer vibe; they’re the practical choice when the mercury is way, way up.

Generally speaking, a light enough color should get you through most formal and casual occasions. That means you could have anything from a pale, pale olive shirt to one in a salmon color that’s slightly brighter and bolder. Greens, blues and pinks, however, are among the more classic colors. Don’t forget to match the shirt with a strong, dark tie to keep your ensemble masculine and formal.

For more formal occasions – somewhere in between “black tie attire” and “coat and tie” – you may find a colored shirt somewhat too casual. White is the safest option in such a case, but a pale enough shade of any color will also do well. Very, very pale shades of pink and blue – light to the point of being almost white – can sub for white while adding a bit of life and energy to your outfit.

If you can afford lighter colors for your bigger items – a beige or khaki suit, for example, as an option to navy or gray – make that investment. You can use the same pieces for daily office attire anyway, so you can still get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Light Accessories
Even when they have a lightweight suit and light-colored clothes, a lot of men forget to adapt their accessories for the warmer season. They are very small items, but each one of these minor fashion details matter when you are talking about overall comfort.

Most men’s accessories have counterparts that make use of lighter and more sweat-proof (or sweat-friendly) materials. Your watch, for example, could probably do with a nylon strap for the summer to accommodate all the extra sweating you are bound to do. Silk ties can be subbed with microfiber ones, which are lighter and have more movement to them.

Try as much as possible (and prudent, as per the dress code) to swap out the leathers, silks and metals for lighter fabrics like canvas and linen. A canvas belt, linen handkerchief and microfiber necktie are all very popular items among the fashion set every time summer is due to rear its warm head.

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Mens Fashion Summer 2010 by Versace

A Look at Versace’s Mens Summer Fashion for 2010

Versace is one of those unmistakable names in fashion that always scream ‘luxury’, the same ones that conjure images of weirdly cut pants and uncomfortable jackets. The Italian label’s collection for spring and summer of this year, however, yields some basic facts about dressing in the heat. Here are some of the lessons you should pick up without having to spend too much.

Embrace the V-Neck
Men’s fashion is stuck with countless traditions, like the one that says the manly man is one dressed to the hilt, in a shirt, necktie and suit. Versace, however, seems to want to buck this edict. V-necks are the name of the Versace game, and it’s looking like a very comfortable and summer-friendly game indeed.

Don’t be afraid to bare a bit more skin with a v-neck tee. After all, it’s one of the few skin-flashing styles that you can pull off without a gym-built body. You can afford to show off a little more neck, throat and collarbone even when you lack pecs, abs and all the other features of the standard Abercrombie model.

The fashion house was also kind enough to show how men ought to choose and wear a v-neck tee. Look for simple, un-printed ones, preferably with a neutral or light color so that there’s little to distract a viewer from all the extra skin you’re showing. Baring the extra skin is dramatic enough, so you can let that make the style statement for you.

Necklace Knowledge
Complementing Versace’s v-necks for the season is an expansive range of necklaces. Now, that’s a daunting style challenge for most men, especially since guys don’t do jewelry beyond watches, cuff links and wedding bands.

There is, however, a very good reason for you to take a stab at wearing necklaces in the summer. In the fall, you can create a very interesting outfit by layering different styles over each other. With the high temperatures of summer, layers aren’t really a realistic prospect. Jewelry and other accessories like necklaces give your outfit some personality without adding any weight – or layers, for that matter – on your body.

For guys, one or two necklaces is usually enough. Something masculine like a dog tag, or simple like a small pendant on a hefty chain, will do the trick. If you want to take them to the next level, however, wear your necklaces the way Johnny Depp wears his – all at the same time. It’s a quick and painless way to give your outfit an artsy, Bohemian feel.

Sheer Genius
Partially transparent and sheer clothing is yet another style minefield for a lot of men. Keeping your torso visible isn’t a very popular look for guys, whatever the season. The House of Versace, however, shows you how this could actually be pulled off.

Unless you’re going to a rave party, sheer styles simply cannot stand by themselves; you’ll look too much like a fashion victim from the 80’s. Balance out the transparency with opaque pieces – another shirt, say, or a jacket – to keep your exposure down to a tasteful amount. It’s reasonable to want to show small flashes of skin; it’s garish to display your whole chest to the rest of the world.

This kind of aesthetic is very hard to pull off if you have a less than ideal body, so it’s something you’ll want to think about before you try it. If you have a pigeon chest, say, or man-breasts, some time at the gym might be in order. Otherwise, there’s a number of less body-conscious styles out there for you to try this summer.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to do all these combinations using brand name clothing. Versace is still firmly on the higher end of the fashion market. Once you know what makes each ‘look’ work, however, you should be able to recreate them using even the most plebian of wardrobes.

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