Garden Rose Wedding Inspiration

Weddings In Garden Pink


Garden Pink Weddings Are In Full Bloom

Hello summer! Flowers are in full bloom and brides to be are plotting their dream wedding day as we quickly approach the official wedding season. Take inspiration from your very own backyard. There’s nothing more lovely than an assortment of garden pinks to bring the perfect dose of color and life to your wedding style. For traditionalists, deck out your formal venue with handpicked garden roses in a soft petal pinks. For those who like the unexpected, mix a large assortment of pinks from soft to dark and let that be the inspiration for your wedding party, your table settings and your bouquets. The natural beauty of garden pinks is unparalleled. Check out all the possibilities of pink weddings by visiting our Pinterest Board for Pink Weddings. For your groomsmen, we carry every shade of pink imaginable. Here are just a few of our most popular ones.


Summer Pink Groomsmen Accessories

Rose Pink Wedding Tie         |       Petal Pink Tie        |       Pink and White Hanky  

Linen Pink Tie          |          Polka Dot Tie in Pink          |       Pink Linen Bow Tie 


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Wedding Ideas in Vintage White

Summer Weddings in Vintage Whites


Heritage Chic in Vintage Whites

What’s better than classic wedding white? We would have to say vintage white might be the best of the best when it comes to wedding neutrals. This sophisticated hue is equals parts simple and sophisticated. There’s nothing stark or empty about a vintage white that has layers of creams and nuances to it. This complex color is hard to describe, but is a favorite among modern brides looking for wedding style with a heritage vibe. If you’re undecided about the right wedding white for you, be sure to visit our Pinterest Board for White Weddings. We also created this handsome collection of groomsmen accessories in a variety of stellar vintage whites for you to get inspired by.


Wedding Accessories in Vintage Whites

Vintage White Tie    |    Paisley Tie  in Vintage White    |  Heritage White Tie                     Formal Bow Tie       |       Striped Wedding Tie        |       Corduroy Silk Wedding Tie

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Wedding Color Guide For Suspenders and Bow Ties

Summer Wedding Color Guide

The Best Color Pairings For Your Groomsmen

Discover the very best color options for your wedding with this groomsmen guide to pairing bow ties and suspenders. These 12 color pairings are pure summer perfection. Suspenders are great for summer wedding because they add color to your groomsmen’s dress shirts without being too constrictive or hot like vests. Not only do suspenders fill up the white space on collared shirts, they perfectly frame and compliment the bow tie. This suspender’s infographic shows all the details on suspenders. The most important thing to remember about wedding suspenders (aside from color) is the larger the groom and groomsmen, the wider you want the suspenders.


Navy and Blush – A classic combination of masculine and feminine.

Black and Black – Classic, formal and timeless.

Baby Blue and Yellow – Fun and spirited. Great for an outdoor wedding setting.

Charcoal and Mint – A trendy mix that is cool and chic.

Gray and Peach – A perfect color duet for a rustic, heritage wedding.

Blush and Plum – For a brighter is better wedding. This modern combination is sizzling.

Tan and Purple  – For a calm, refined garden wedding.

Steel Blue and Navy  -A timeless, clean wedding color combo that grooms adore.

Ivory and Gray – A minimalistic combo for those couples who appreciate simplicity.

Grass Green and Green – This rejuvenating combination of greens is perfect for an outdoor wedding venue. Perfect for vineyard weddings.

Purple and Lilac – For those that love your pastels and your french lavenders, purple and and lilacs are a soft, dreamy color duo.

Magenta and Blue – A big wedding color duo for those that want color and energy. Great for DIY weddings.



For winning wedding color palettes you want to selectively and strategically choose two colors that sing when paired together.  With all the wedding colors to choose from,  there’s a million, we have broken it down to these 12 duos for your bow ties and suspenders. These colors can set the the theme for your entire wedding and are a great way for you to quickly narrow down your choices to your absolute favorites.


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Modern Orange Wedding Ideas

Summer Orange Wedding Ideas


Modern Wedding Oranges 

In the color world, orange gets an overall bad rap. This under appreciated color packs a major punch especially when you go modern and minimalistic ​with it. For a summer prep wedding, choose navy blues and oranges as your primary color palette and make them your own with small splashes of yellows and pinks. Check out this collection of bright ideas we put together as well as visit our Pinterest Board for more ideas in this cheeky chic color. When choosing the right summer orange, opt for something fresh and avoid the coppery hues. That’s the key to making orange work for you this warm weather season. When it comes to picking out your wedding accessories for your groomsmen, opt for orange and navy ties. Here are a few of our absolute favorites.


Summer Wedding Groomsmen Accessories


Polka Dot Wedding Tie      |      Linen Wedding Hanky      |       Striped Knit Tie

Modern Paisley Tie     |      Gingham Summer Tie        |      Modern Tie in Oranges and Blues



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Wedding Inspiration For Light Pinks

Spring Wedding Ideas in Light Pink


Fresh Spring Pinks 

There’s an effortless femininity to pinks – especially a palette of light pinks. Give in to your love of all things pink and plan your dream day in an assortment of pastel pinks, whites and grays. If you’re looking for something modern, mix your pinks with bright reds and magentas. If you’re imagining a more classic aesthetic, pair your light pinks with blacks, grays and bright whites. Be sure to coordinate your array of favorite pinks between your bridesmaids, groomsmen and floral bouquets. -And don’t be afraid to wear a light pink wedding dress. Check out more wedding ideas by visiting our Pinterest Pink Wedding Board. For your wedding party, we have plenty of pink accessories to choose from. Here are a few of our absolute favorites.


Groomsmen Ties in Pinks


Light Pink Wedding Tie     |     Paisley Pink Groomsmen Tie     |     White and Pink Hanky

Pin Dot Tie in Pink     |      Summer Pink Tie     |    Textured Pink Tie


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