June 21, 2017

Wedding Inspiration For Western Weddings

Rodeo Weddings | Cowboy Grooms


Rustic Romance Meets Cowboy Charm 

Western weddings are as Americana as it gets. Capture the essence of the cowboy culture with stunning vistas,  barnyard celebrations, horse rides and down home fun. Outdoor western weddings can range from the very formal to the upmost rustic. The choice is yours. Country weddings are all about the setting and the people. For more ideas on western weddings, be sure to check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to Rustic Weddings. We have picked out our favorite groom and groomsmen accessories for western weddings in a palette of heritage browns. All of these accessories pair perfectly with white shirts, wranglers, brown sports coats and of course –  cowboy hats.


Cowboy Groomsmen Ties


Rustic Plaid Tie        |        Plaid Bow Tie         |        Plaid Pocket Square 

Barleycorn Tie        |        Houndstooth Tie        |         Espresso and Black Tie


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June 14, 2017

Wedding Inspiration For Pastel Blue

Pastel Blue Wedding Ideas


Pastel Perfection 

There’s an ethereal and delicate beauty to pastels that make them a coveted color palette for brides and grooms to be.  This week we are showcasing the unquestionable allure of pastel blue. Pastel blue is exquisite in it’s grace and compliments both the groom and the bride. Create a dreamlike wedding with a pastel blue wedding gown, watercolor wedding invitations,  grooms in bright blue suits and pastel blue accessories. Pastels are timeless but can also be chic and contemporary. Our wedding stylist (an adamant fan of blues)  picked her top six wedding accessories in a hues of pastel blues. For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Wedding Board dedicated to Pastel Weddings.



Pastel Blue Groomsmen Ties


Pastel Blue Tie           |           Pin Dot Tie in Pastel Blue           |           Striped Tie in White and Blue

Polka Dot Tie in Pastel Blue           |           Polka Dot Tie in Blues           |          Knit Tie in Blue


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June 7, 2017

Wedding Color Inspiration in Sunbeam Yellow

Weddings in Sunbeam



Hello! Yellow!

If you’re an avid color enthusiast like we are, you’ll love our featured wedding color of sunbeam yellow. Some colors just have a certain je ne sais quoi. Sunbeam is boldly fun and cheerfully chic making brides everywhere swoon. This stylish and modern shade of yellow pairs well with bright whites, energetic greens, navy blues and all shades of grays. Don’t shy away from the vast possibilities of planning a wedding in yellow. Find all the inspiration you’ll need by visiting our Pinterest Board dedicated entirely to Yellow Weddings.  We also have a collection of designer wedding ties and bow ties that coordinate perfectly with David’s Bridal’s shade of sunbeam.  Our wedding stylist picked out her six favorite groomsmen accessories in shades of stunning sunbeam.



Wedding Ties in Sunbeam Yellow


Sunbeam Yellow Tie         |         Plaid Tie in Sunbeam        |        Sunbeam Bow Tie

Textured Tie in Sunbeam          |         Paisley  Tie in Yellow       |           Polka Dot Necktie


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June 1, 2017

Beach Weddings in Whites and Ivories

Ivory Beach Wedding


The Dream Beach Wedding In Whites and Creams

Capture the very essence of a summer wedding with a romantic beach wedding in a gorgeous palette of whites and creams. A beach setting and a neutral color palette creates the perfect balance of timeless elegance and romantic drama. Whether you want bohemian chicness or a formal grace, an outdoor beach wedding could make your dream wedding come true. Sidestep the traditional norms and put your bridesmaids in white dresses and your groomsmen in cream suits. Discover more stunning wedding ideas by checking out our Pinterest Board dedicated to beach weddings.


Groomsmen Ties in Whites and Bones


White Bow Tie         |       Linen Pocket Square        |       Striped Tie in Whites

Slim Textured Tie in Ivory       |        Polka Dot Tie in Bone        |         Gingham Wedding Tie




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May 24, 2017

Wedding Inspiration For Casablanca Blue

Casablanca Blue Wedding Ideas


Something Blue

Casablanca Blue is a mesmerizing wedding hue that captures the beauty and charm of summer weddings. This optimistic shade of bright blue pairs brilliantly with classic whites, dark navy blues and vivacious pinks. Picture your bridesmaids in lace blue dresses and your groomsmen in navy suits and Casablanca Blue bow ties. To make your wedding planning easier, we’ve color coordinated an extensive collection of wedding accessories to pair with J.Crew’s signature Casablanca Blue. Get inspired with more ideas for the perfect blue wedding by visiting our Pinterest Board dedicated to all blues.


Wedding Ties in Casablanca Blues


Casablanca Blue Tie       |      Blue Bow Tie       |       Diamond Patterned Tie
Pin Dot Tie in Casablanca       |     Casablanca Blue Handkerchief      |       Pin Dot Bow Tie


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