Floral Wedding Inspiration

Weddings With Lots of Flowers

Fun in Florals 

Take your wedding style to the next level of boho beauty with floral prints. Pattern play your way to a chic wedding style with these creative wedding ideas that show the potential an fun that can be had with florals. Compliment your floral patterns with DIY flower crowns, big boutonnieres, and garden wedding bouquets. With flowers, you have a million choices; you can go over the top or minimalistic. We recommend going overboard with your flowers. Check out the possibilities by visiting our Garden Wedding Pinterest Board. We have picked out some of our most charming floral groomsmen accessories to help inspire you. A floral wedding can we bright and bold or dramatic and moody depending on the season, that’s completely up to you.


Wedding Style With Floral Prints

Retro Floral Tie    |     Designer Floral Tie    |        Purple Floral Tie 

Navy Floral Tie      |    Burgundy Floral Tie    |    Flower Power Tie  


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Modern Wedding Ideas in Black and White

Modern Weddings in Black and White


All Glam in Black and White

Pull inspiration from the classics and create a modern wedding in a palette of blacks and whites. This beloved wedding duo is one of our all time favorites. Deck out your wedding party in white and blacks and even ask your guests to stick to these two colors for a striking wedding and amazing photos. We collected an assortment of our favorite wedding looks and created a Pinterest Board for White Weddings. Curate your dream wedding complete with tuxedos, vintage cars and stunning wedding bouquets. We love opting for a wedding that is mostly in all white with black accents. Here are a few of our most popular black groom and groomsmen accessories.


Wedding Accessories in Black and White


Black Bow Tie     |      Black Wedding Tie       |      Black Pocket Square  

Textured Black Tie      |     Pin Dot Wedding Tie      |     Skinny Black Tie


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Charcoal Gray Wedding Inspiration

Charcoal Wedding Inspiration

50 Shades of Gray

Out of all the grays, there’s something incredibly modern and chic about charcoal grays. This fearless shade of industrial gray pairs beautifully with whites, blacks and creams. If you gravitate toward dark neutrals, charcoal gray might be the color for you. Charcoal gray is a progressive color that is sharp, smart and loved by both men and women. You can create something simple and sophisticated. Put your groomsmen in gray tuxedos and your bridesmaids in a mix of gray hued dresses for a coveted mid-century vibe. You can inject touches of your own aesthetic from retro cars to warehouse backgrounds with this under-appreciated wedding color. When it comes to wedding accessories for your groom and groomsmen, here are six of our favorites. For even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board for Gray Weddings.


Wedding Accessories in Charcoal Grey

Charcoal Wedding Tie         |       Charcoal Bow Tie         |        Linen Pocket Square

Textured Charcoal Tie        |        Wool Tie in Charcoal        |       Plaid Tie in Grays


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Wedding Ideas in Fuchsia Pink

Wedding Ideas in Fuschia Pink


Fantastic in Fuschia 
Take your wedding day to the next level by choosing fuchsia pink as your wedding color. This vibrant shade of pink makes a big colorful statement and pairs well with grays, navy blues, blacks and whites. With this chic and contemporary shade of pink, you want to be smart with how you use it. We recommend lots fuchsia pink flowers and using them in your wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and incorporating them into your table settings. Check out this hot hue of pink in action and see other ideas by visiting our Pinterest Board for Pink Weddings. Here are a few of our absolute favorite bright pink groom and groomsmen accessories.


Groomsmen Accessories in Fuschia Pink


Skinny Pink Tie       |       Linen Pocket Square      |      Tie in Fuchsia

Bow Tie in Pink      |      Retro Pink Tie      |       Fuchsia Pink Hanky 


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Wedding Inspiration In Pastel Pinks

Pastel Pink Weddings


Pretty in Pastel Pinks 

Plotting the perfect pink for your wedding day? We can’t say enough good things about the inherent beauty of pastel pinks. They’re exquisitely understated in their charm and elegance. Here are just a few examples of what you can do! We recommend mixing a variety of pastel pinks with wedding whites and pewter grays for a stunning wedding palette that is utterly timeless and season-less. Soft pastel pinks elevate your girlhood pinks that you always dreamed about when thinking about your future wedding. Check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to Pastels to check out pinks and other pastels in action. Let us help you find the perfect wedding accessories in pastel pinks. Here are just a few of our most popular pieces.


Pastel Pink Wedding Accessories


Pastel Pink Tie       |       Bow Tie in Pastel Pink       |      Pocket Square in Pastel Pink

Pin Dot Necktie     |     Light Pink Hanky     |         Pin Dot Bow Tie 


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