Our Featured Wedding is Pretty in Persimmon

Prepare to Fall in Love With Rachel and John

This romance is an classic love story built on old fashion flirtatious bravado. John and Rachel met on James Island in South Carolina. Rachel was working as a waitress when John brazenly said “Hey saucy minx, want to have chips and salsa with me?” Who knew chips and salsa could lead to this stunning wedding?! The color palette of soft neutrals and pops of persimmon is absolutely stunning and takes our breath away. This October wedding was held at The Pavilion at Pepper Plantation in South Carolina and featured saucy Latin fare and enough love to go round and round.

WeddingPartyPersimmon This wedding party is Pretty in Persimmon!

Beautiful_BridesmaidsThese ladies take our breath away!

Picture-Of_GroomsmenPanza looks so distinguished in a classic bow tie!

Persimmon_TieThis persimmon necktie pops with color!

Nighttime_Wedding_KissOur congratulations to a fabulous couple!

Thank you to Rachel, John and Panza for sharing your gorgeous wedding with us here at Bows-N-Ties. We loved the story of how you met as well as the breathtaking photos that you shared.


Photography by: Reese Moore Photography
Groomsmen Tie: Persimmon Orange Necktie

Your Bows’N Ties Wedding Team

Our Featured Wedding is Utterly Delightful

Laura and Fritz Capture the Essence of Invigorating Elegance

Meet Laura and Fritz! Their alfresco wedding ceremony instantly caught our eye and impressed us with the overwhelming sense of airy elegance. These darling paramours said their I Do’s at The Garrison in upstate New York. This idyllic setting nestled in the Hudson Highlands with world class views from every angle served as the perfect backdrop for this delightful romance. The sophisticated color palette of soft greys, bright raspberries, pale pinks, and classic ivories stole the aesthetic show from Mother Nature and shined bright in contrast to the organic green surroundings.

The_Happy_CoupleWhat a foxy couple!

The_Wedding_Party_LineupWe Always Love to See Wedding Bouquets!

Bridesmaid_Bride_PhotoWhat an Amazing Wedding Dress!

The_Groomsmen_WeddingThese Groomsmen Know How to Smile! They Sure Look Sharp in Our Wine Red Tie!

The_Wedding_GroupThis Color Palette is All Sorts of Delightful!

Heels_Socks_Wedding_PictureCold Feet? No way! These Two Are Showing Off Their Style!

Happy_Couple_KissCongrats You Two!

This outdoor setting sets a high precedent for alfresco wedding ceremonies! Thank you to Laura and Fritz for sharing your special day with us here at Bows-N-Ties. We wish you a lifetime of love and romance.


Photography by: Arielle Doneson Photography
Groomsmen Tie: Wine Red Tie by Chevalier

Your Bows’N Ties Wedding Team

Our Featured Wedding Celebrates the Power of Love and Spirit

Prepare to Smile Once You Meet The Mallens

We are elated to introduce you to The Mallens. Julie and Paul said their “I Do’s” on August Twenty Fifth 2012 in front of friends and family in a small wedding ceremony in their backyard. The elegance of this homespun aqua themed ceremony resonates even in the funny face themed photo capturing their wedding party which consisted of their children, a best friend and dad. This tight knit group captured the true power of love and spirit by celebrating this joyous occasion as a family unit despite the loss of Julie’s mom two weeks before her wedding day. Our hearts go out to this dynamic family as we whole heartedly compliment them on a gorgeous wedding, an inspirational love story and a lifetime of delightful funny face pictures.

Heart Shaped KissAll Hearts and Smiles!

Mallen_Wedding_BridesmaidsThe Stunning Bride and Bridesmaids!

The GroomsmenThe Handsome Groom and Groomsmen!

The Entire Wedding Party In Bows_n_Ties Looking Awesome in Aqua!

Creative_Tie_EmbroideryWe applaud the creativity and handiwork! Julie hand-stitched a heart that said “My whole heart for my whole life“.

Wedding Photo of Funny FacesFrame Those Funny Faces!

Mr. and Mrs. Mallen PhotoCongrats You Two!

Kiss and Heart PhotoOne Last Heartfelt Photo!

A special congratulations to Julie and Paul Mallen on their breathtaking wedding ceremony. We are so pleased to have The Mallens as one of our featured weddings here at Bows-N-Ties.

Photography by: Ashley Vansickle Photography
Groom & Groomsmen Tie: Striped Tie in Turquoise, Aqua, Tea-green, White

Your Bows’N Ties Wedding Team

Our Featured Wedding is Infused with Organic Charm

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Heimann and See Their Romantic Farmer’s Market Wedding Reception.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the refreshing sincerity and charm of Marie and Cory Heimann’s wedding reception. The Heimann’s got married at their Catholic Church and had their wedding reception at their favorite Farmer’s Market in Battle Creek, Michigan. We applaud the refreshing ingenuity and the organically harvested romance of these two. We asked Marie what her favorite moments were and she genuinely answered “I was so completely full of peace and joy from beginning to end. The pictures capture everything truly being felt by everyone! By far the best day of my life!” Here’s a delightful glimpse of an outdoor reception that gravitated around a theme of simplicity, merriment and love.

Wedding Kiss in Bows-N-Tie BowtieThese two make an adorable couple!

Wedding Party in Bows-N-TiesWe love the combination of vintage colors paired with the off whites. Long live the Bow-Tie!

Bows-N-Ties Pastel NecktiesAn innovative color palette of mints, apricots and browns.

Vintage Wedding PartyThese custom made bridesmaid dresses add vintage flair!

The Wedding SmoochWhat a delightful and cohesive use of soft colors.

Outdoor Wedding BNTOff into the sunset!

A special congratulations to Marie and Cory Heimann on their fabulous love story and their delightful wedding. We are delighted to have The Heimanns as one of our featured weddings here at Bows-N-Ties.


Photography by: Haley Scott Photography

Groomsmen Wore the Following:
Light Turquoise Mens Necktie
Dark Brown and Beige Striped Tie
Solid Color Mens Tie in Peach-Apricot

And the Groom wore: Solid Light Vanilla-Yellow Bow Tie

Your Bows’N Ties Wedding Team

Our Featured Wedding Knows How to Go Terrifically Teal!

Jess and Derek Say Yes to the Color Teal

Jess and Derek caught our eye with their enthusiastic zeal for accessories. Prepare to be caught-up in the fine-tuned details of this authentically original wedding full of white sunglasses, argyle socks and perfect poses. When we asked Jess about her color scheme she answered with three simple words “Teal, Teal, Teal!” We don’t know about you, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen teal look so good.


Roll up your pants and show off some argyle! We love this photo.


This groomsmen crew brings it’s A-Game in bow-ties!


White sunglasses have never looked so Black-Tie chic.


Adorably endearing!


Plenty of New York panache!


Congratulations you two! And kudos to your dynamite wedding party!

Thank you Jess and Derek for allowing us an inside view on your special day. We are excited to have you guys as one of our featured weddings here at Bows-N-Ties. We wish you two the very best.

Photography by Alexis Stein Photography
Groomsmen Wore the Following: Teal Green Bow Tie

Your Bows’N Ties Wedding Team