Modern Wedding Ideas in Black and White

Modern Weddings in Black and White

All Glam in Black and White

Pull inspiration from the classics and create a modern wedding in a palette of blacks and whites. This beloved wedding duo is one of our all-time favorites. Deck out your wedding party in white and blacks and even ask your guests to stick to these two colors for a striking wedding and amazing photos. We collected an assortment of our favorite wedding looks and created a Pinterest Board for White Weddings. Curate your dream wedding complete with tuxedos, vintage cars, and stunning wedding bouquets. We love opting for a wedding that is mostly in all white with black accents. Here are a few of our most popular black groom and groomsmen accessories.

Wedding Accessories in Black and White

Black Bow Tie     |      Black Wedding Tie       |      Black Pocket Square  

Textured Black Tie      |     Pin Dot Wedding Tie      |     Skinny Black Tie

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Celestial Lavender Ceremony

Celestial Lavender Ceremony

Embody elegance and the divine when you embrace the romance that the hues of lavender have to offer. Your party will be filled with a grace and calm that no other wedding could accomplish. While your guests are enchanted by the finesse of the day, you and your partner will be struck by the amount of love exchanged between the two of you. Pick sweetly and you’ll be rewarded on your heavenly day. We can’t wait to hear about your stellar day.

Lavender Neckties

A Modern Spin to a Barn Wedding

A Modern Spin to a Barn Wedding

It’s easy to see that most modern weddings are fully embracing a vintage or rustic feel. These styles offer an incredible mix of old and new with blasts from the past and pop from the modern. Add a floral twist to bring in the old and casual groomsmen look to celebrate the new. Neutrals are essential to embracing the modern twist. Your guests will leave feeling like they’ve spent the day in a warm and cozy environment and will talk about it for years to come. Find everything you need for a Modern Barn Wedding here.

Spring and Summer Wedding Favorites

Whether it be a Bed and Breakfast or your favorite Winery, Garden Weddings are a Spring and Summer favorite. Iconic and heavenly these weddings are a glamorous way to celebrate your big day.
Sky blue is a dashing and alluring hue to incorporate during your divine day. We love to see the unlimited possibilities that this elegant hue provides and adore seeing it in eccentric ways.
A true classic, Blush Pink can always hold its own during your big day. You’ll never be at a loss of beauty when including this alluring hue.

A Magical Rose Quartz Wedding

A Magical Rose Quartz Wedding

All you need is love, so add a tangible element of the four letter word to guide you on your big day. Rose Quartz has represented unconditional love since the time of Ancient Greeks. It is said that Cupid delivered it to the earth as a gift of love and a reminder of happiness. Let this color encourage you to be a more loving partner and human being. You can incorporate the hue into your bridesmaid dresses or a stunning table display. You can never go wrong with or add too much of Rose Quartz.