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Popular Blue Wedding Ties for Groom & Groomsmen

Blue is one of the most popular color themes picked for weddings. It is a color that comes in a wide ranges of shades and can be worn for any season. It can be dressed up to add some formal panache to the festivities, but it can also dressed a bit more casual, and even trendy. Below are five popular shades of blue picked for weddings. In case you are looking to match your groomsmen’s attire to your wedding color theme, then please have a look at all our Wedding Ties – a growing assortment of both neckties and bow ties paired to match exact wedding colors by three of the most popular bridal retailers.

Pool Blue
Without a doubt, this light shade of blue is one of the most popular shades of blue for wedding parties. It is a light shade of blue with a tiny hint of turquoise. Keep in mind that not all Pool blues are created equal. Some bridal retailer’s pool has more turquoise than others and actually goes a bit towards the aqua color. In case you are looking for pool blue ties that match David’s Bridal’s pool blue bridesmaids dresses then please view our selection of Pool Blue Ties.

Capri Blue
Capri is another light shade of blue that is sometimes referred to as powder blue or baby-blue. It is a perfect wedding color for the spring season that is well paired with summery shades such as yellow and/or rose-pink. Also excellent are darker contrast colors such as browns, espresso, plum, and eggplant. If you picked Bridesmaid’s dresses in color Capri blue by David’s Bridal then this selection of Capri Blue Ties will complement nicely.

Cornflower Blue
Cornflower is a tad darker than capri-blue and pool blue. It is another popular spring and summer wedding color that looks great in both indoor as well as outdoor settings. If you are looking to dress your groomsmen in ties matching your Cornflower blue bridesmaid’s dresses then this selection of Cornflower Ties will look great. Many of our cornflower ties are also available as matching pocket squares – a perfect accessory for your dapper wedding party.

Bright Blue (aka “Horizon”)
This color is again a little bit darker but at the same time much brighter than cornflower. It is an attention grabbing color that often times looks lovely when paired with a lighter and softer accent shade. Great complimentary colors to bright blues are light pastel rose, tan, and off-whites (such as ivory). If you picked bridesmaids dresses in “Horizon” blue then please view our Horizon Blue Ties.

Sapphire, Navy, & Other Dark Blues
Elegant and chic! Dark blue is a popular wedding theme for any season. It is an elegant color that also happens to complement most skin tones. Typically the darker the color (think midnight blue) the more formal it will appear. If you like to add another formal element to this color then we suggest white and slight off-white accents. Looking to accent this color for a spring outdoor wedding? Then light rose, and pale yellows are lovely. If you are looking to match your groomsmen ties to your dark blue wedding theme then please view our assortment of Dark Blue Ties.

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Vintage Winter Wedding Colors

Three Great “Vintage” Color Combinations for Your Winter Wedding

It is cold outside. The barren trees are decorated with a fresh cover of snow, and the voice of crows travels through the countryside during the early morning hours. It is a perfect setting for a winter wedding! In fact, next year around this time you and your now fiancee will be saying “I do”, but before the big event lots of planning is in order. One thing on most couple’s checklist is picking a wedding color, or color theme. While bright shades such as lime and pink are popular in the spring and summer, the winter calls for more muted colors. Shades such as navy, wine, plum, and gray immediately come to mind. Before you pick one of these, somewhat conventional winter wedding colors, have a look at the three “Vintage” color combinations below. They are chic, elegant, and hip. In addition to giving you some color inspiration, we give you some advice on how to coordinate your groomsmen’s attire with each theme.

Bronze, Forest Green, & Black
A perfect color combination for a wedding in the countryside. These earthy colors are not just perfect for the season, but they remind us of a 1950s vacation lodge in Bavaria owned by a noble German. Our dress tips for your bridal party: Choose elegant black bridesmaids dresses and accent them with a golden-bronze belt, and fresh winter green bouquet. For the groomsmen: We love the look of a three piece black suit, white dress shirt, this Black and Bronze Striped Tie, and matching bronze colored pocket square. For more ties in bronze/gold, please view our collection of Golden Ties.

Wine, Ivory, & Pastel Blue
Wine and Ivory, two colors that are perfect for any Fall or winter wedding. In addition to these classic winter colors, we suggest to accent this pair with a hint of lively powder blue (sometimes also called: baby blue, cornflower, or capri). Our dress tips for your wedding party: Wine red bridesmaids dresses for her side of the wedding party, and charcoal suits, white shirts, and wine red ties with coordinating pocket squares for the groomsmen. Please have a look at these Wine Ties.

Tomato-Red & Espresso Brown
These two colors remind us of the Victorian era of the late 19th century. Tomato-red, sometimes also called “dusty pink”, “dark guava”, and “vintage orange”, will add lively color to the sparse winter countryside. Accent this color with dark espresso brown accessories and you will have a perfect “vintage” winter color theme. For the bridesmaids we suggest “dusty pink” bridesmaids dresses by J.Crew, accented with espresso brown belt. For the groomsmen we love the look of espresso brown pants, white shirt, and matching espresso brown vest – accented with a dusty pink colored necktie. Please have a look at our Guava Ties as well as all our

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Teal Wedding Ties @ Teal Wedding

teal-weddingsIf you are currently planning a wedding then you might know how difficult it is to get all the colors just right. Typically couples pick a wedding color theme and then plan around this hue accordingly. Flower arrangements are chosen to match this color, matching invitations are sent out, bridesmaids’ dresses are picked, and eventually the groomsmen’s ties have to match the braidsmaids’ dress color to a tee.

solid-teal-tieEvery so often we at receive wedding pictures from couples that we helped find matching wedding ties. Last week we received this picture from one of our customers, and we wanted to share this success story with you. The bridesmaid’s dresses were designed and made by Jim Hjelm and are solid teal in color. The ties that turned out to be a perfect match is item number CS0573 (pictured above) – available at only $9.90. Should you have a similar success story and would like to share your wedding picture here on our blog then we would love to hear from you.

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Wedding Pictures & Stories Wearing Our Ties

wedding-party-necktiesAfter having received many thank you e-mails, pictures, and stories about couples choosing our ties for their big day we decided to create a site that will showcase our ties in real weddings. Every few weeks we will be posting a story and share pictures of weddings outfitted with our ties. In addition we will tell you which tie the couple chose and how the tie was coordinated with the wedding colors and colors of the bridesmaids dresses. If you would like to submit your story and/or pictures then please send us an e-mail. We would love to share your wedding with our readers. To read and see our ties at real weddings please see out page titled: Weddings & Bows-n-Ties

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Wedding Ties – November 1st, 2010

Plum Purple Wedding Ties

We at love to receive pictures from our customers wearing some of our neckwear. This picture is from a recent wedding that took place in Sausalito, CA on November 1st, 2010. The groomsmen ties had to match the bridesmaid dresses that were Plum purple in color. The groom’s tie had to be an off white, almost ivory in color, to compliment the bride’s dress. For more information on the ties and how the ties were matched please read below.


ivory-wedding-tieThe Groom’s Tie
This is one of our best selling wedding ties in an off-white, ivory color shade. The subtle stripes are created by alternating the weaving direction of one single color silk yarn. This pattern adds brilliant shine to the tie’s fabric and perfectly compliments the festive look of this tie. For this wedding the groom wore the tie with a fitted white dress shirt, and a light gray European cut suit – a very stylish attire that is a perfect match for the athletic and thin built. We also invite you to visit our entire collection of Ivory Hued Ties

violet-purple-necktieThe Groomsmen’s Ties
To match the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, the groomsmen wore these violet-purple and pink striped neckties. These ties were matched with solid white dress shirts and light gray 2-button suits. Also, these Pink Handkerchiefs added a vivid and lively touch to the ensemble. We at loved this look and compliment the couple on their of fashion and style. We also invite you to view our entire collection of Purple Ties


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