Tie Bars: Do’s and Don’ts

Tie Bars and How to Wear Them

We all too often see individuals with the incorrect tie bar placement, so we decided to create the perfect image to represent exactly where the tie bar should be placed. We don’t blame you, we know they can be confusing, but we wanted to make it a little less confusing and give you the perfect placement. That way next time you go to wear a classic tie bar you’re not too cold or too hot, you’re just right. 

We’ve also decided to put a few tie bar and tie combinations down below so you know how to pair your favorite tie with your newest tie bar. Be brave in your color combinations, the opportunities for a silver or black tie bar are endless. We also gave you a dash of color with our favorite turquoise blue tie bar paired with a chic gray necktie. 





Man UP Your Style

Menswear Style Guide for Spring Cleaning

Time to Man Up your Style

Man Up your style and spring clean your wardrobe with one foul swoop with this Visual Guide of How To Man Up your style and graduate from boyhood to manhood. You’ve dreaded this moment, but it’s time to rid yourself of your novelty accessories and your boyish fashion pieces. No more weed paraphernalia, no more tropical ties,  and no more college sweatshirts. It’s time to invest in professional pieces that are tailored and fit for the office rather than the dorm room.  Donate your old school back packs and over worn tennis shoes to the thrift store and make room for laptop cases and leather brogues. You’re in the big leagues now, so dress for it. Here are a few tips.


Choose solid color t-shirts that are fitted in masculine and versatile colors. Avoid overly patterned t-shirts with tons of text. (The one exception is vintage concert tees.)


Opt for professional and clean tie designs like this tonal blue striped tie.  Tie designs you should avoid include tropical prints, tie-dyes and cartoon charters.

Button Ups:

Throw out anything you have with flames on it. That means shirts, ties, sweatpants. Invest in polo shirts and button downs (sans flames).


Don’t wear sweat shirts to the office no matter what. No. Matter. What. Instead opt for a wool or cotton sweater and a blazer if you work in a semi-casual office.

Novelty Accessories:

Throw them out. You might think your old marijuana inspired pieces might get a laugh, but no, they won’t. Invest in tie bars + metal cufflinks.


Update your sneaker collection. All your old and beaten sneakers should either be donated or cleaned up. Grunge is no longer a go to look.

An Unexpected Style Icon – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL Knows How To Dress

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

There’s no doubt about it:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt can act.  He has starred in some of our favorite movies like Inception, 500 Days of Summer, Looper and The Dark Knight Rises.  And now were about to see him in Don Jon later this month in a comedy in which he directed and starred. He as also caught our idea with his old world sense of Menswear Style. JGL knows how to suit up! Here are some of our favorite JGL looks.

Photo Credit: www.google.com

There’s not one component that we dislike in this get up.  We love the color palette, the mixes of pattern, the plaid skinny tie and the black sunglasses. This aesthetic somehow is modern and timeless all in one.

Photo Credit: www.pajiba.com

You know you have a style icon on your hands when he can rock a classic navy blue suit and make it look fresh.  We love the idea of a black and white polka dot tie paired with a single breasted two button navy blue suit.

Photo Credit: www.31.media.tumblr.com

Never discount a man in polka dots!  We are bemused by this photo op as well as impressed by the playful combo of a polka dot shirt and coordinating polka dot bow tie in inverse colors. We also like the idea of pairing a solid white bow tie with this patterned shirt.

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

This simple look of a striped shirt, a solid black tie and a lightweight blazer is sensational and nostalgic of another era.  We are in search of this shirt with this perfect collar.

Photo Credit:vwww.mattsmithruinedmylife.tumblr.com

This simple combo of a vertical striped self tie bow tie and a heathered suit is tres chic.  This inspires us to design a collection of timeless striped bow ties.

Keep your eye on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We have our suspicions that he is on his way to becoming one of the best dressed men in Hollywood.

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Your Bows-N-Ties Team

Super Bowl Style: The 10 Best & Worst Dressed Players in Super Bowl 2013

The 5 Best and 5 Worst-Dressed Super Bowl Players of 2013

Few would think of fashion & style when talking about this weekend’s Super Bowl. Not so for us at Bows-N-Ties. Over the last few days we took a closer look at all the players of the 49ers and the Ravens – but not in terms of their performance on the field – but instead, how they dress when not at work. Below are our Top 5 picks for the best & worst dressed players of this year’s Super Bowl. Looks like the 49ers are by far the more stylish team – beating the Ravens 7:3

The Top 5 Most Stylish Players:
In no particular order, here are the 5 most stylish players of this year’s SuperBowl. Looks like the SF 49ers win this challenge 3:2 over the Baltimore Ravens.

Raven’s Joe Flacco makes the list of best-dressed thanks to his skill of matching multiple patterns into a single outfit without causing a disconnect or pattern-clash.

49er Michael Crabtree earns one of five best-dressed spots thanks to his use of 3-piece suits and bold colors.

Raven’s Ray Lewis has the biggest tie knot in all of the NFL. If we could give an award to the largest tie knot, then Lewis would take the cake. Surprisingly however, the humungous knot works for him as it nicely compliments his frame.

49er Vernon Davis is no stranger to fashion and style. His use of patterns, his approach to formal black tie, and his choice in accessories earn him a well-deserved spot on our best-dressed list.

49ers Aldon Smith is not afraid to show some color. His recent debut of pink suit and checkered vest combo was convincing enough to put this stylish dude near the top of our best-dressed Super Bowl player list.

The 5 Worst Fashion Offenders:
That not all NFL stars have off-the-field style, can be seen by this list below. We took a closer look at all the Super Bowl players’ personal style and award these five men with a “Worst Dressed” title. Looks like San Francisco takes it yet again by a big margin, 4:1. Click on each player below to see what Fashion Faux pas earned them their spot on our list.

Ravens Terrell Suggs put himself on this worst dressed list thanks to his recent “black tie” that would make Cary Grant turn in his grave. Wrong colors, a sloppy untied bow tie, and a stripes on his sleeves that remind us of adidas sponsorship are just the starting point of his black tie fashion Paux Fas.

49er Frank Gore loves his sweat pants and beanie look. While certainly a reasonable choice during practice or post game recovery, we would like to see him wear things a bit more stylish on occasion. No matter where we looked, we could only find images of him dressed in sweats, hoodies, and 49er beanie.

Anquan Boldin makes the cut for worst-dressed thanks to the Lei he wore during a Press Conference. Yes, years have passed since, but we still have no idea of what this accessory was all about?

Ravens Matt Birk convinced us that be belongs on this list due to his poorly chosen patterns that not only clash frequently, but also do not compliment his large frame.

Ravens Ed Reed gets a spot on our worst dressed list thanks to his unkempt facial hair, poor suit colors, and terribly-wrong tailored suits.

Your Bows-N-Ties.com Team

Best Dressed 007s: The Five Most Stylish James Bonds

The Ranking of the Best Dressed Bonds

James Bond is a world renowned double agent who has influenced generation after generation with this machismo swagger, classic black tie attire, and his cultured inclinations toward the finer things in life. He has been a fashion icon since his debut in the sixties. We’ve done a detailed ranking of the five best-dressed James Bonds of all time.

#1 Daniel Craig
With the newest Bond film Skyfall debuting, we are proud to announce that Daniel Craig is the Best Dressed James Bond of All Time. Craig fits a tuxedo like nobody’s business and possess an ability to always one up the style of the other Bond men. Craig is redefining out tuxedos and suits should fit with every new movie.

#2 Sean Connery
Sean Connery epitomizes James Bond as he was the first actor to star as the double agent in Dr. No in 1962. Sean Connery gave the character an unrivaled dose of swagger with the stark white pleated button downs, the small black bowties (known as “bat wings”) and the tailored tuxedos.

#3 Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan took over the role of the venerated James Bond in 1995 with the movie GoldenEye. Brosnan has always been at the forefront of tailored and cultured fashion and he brought that to his role as Bond. Due to the plots, Brosnan had to incorporate a cold weather style into the Bond swagger. He did that with oversized but tailored pieces.

#4 Roger Moore
Roger Moore made a marvelous James Bond and holds the record of starring in the most Bond movies. Moore was able to put the Ivory Dinner Jacket and the black bow tie on the fashion map. Moore experimented with the Bond character and added a casual angle to the complex character.

#5 Timothy Dalton
Timothy Dalton starred as the much beloved James Bond from 1987 to 1994 and in that era, he made 007 resonate with a coolness that was very much a part of the era with wide lapels, looser fits and a more casual take on menswear fashion. Dalton is the fifth best dressed Bond of All Time and a large part of that is due to the over-fortunate styles popular in the early nineties.