Be The Buyer + Vote


We’re in Como, Italy and we need your help. We’re surrounded by some of the world’s greatest textiles and we want your opinion. What’s your favorite Paisley Pattern?


We want to bring the best Italian fabrics to you for 2016. Paisleys are an iconic menswear pattern and we want to immortalize that by selecting beautifully crafted and designed textiles that our Bows-N-Ties supporters will swoon over. Our buyers, with your help, are adamant about curating our best collection ever of menswear accessories ever including ties, bow ties and pocket squares.  Help us by giving us your input and your VOTE!


Be The Buyer + Vote

Greetings from Como, Italy. Time has come again to pick out fabrics for our 2016 collections. Somewhat overwhelmed by so many fantastic new designs, our buyers need your input. Over the next few days we will be asking you for help. We want your input! Vote for your favorite design above! We will produce the top 3 in 5 different colors ways as neckties as well as self-tied bow ties.


After meeting several Italian fabric mills that specialize in textile designs for men’s ties, we noticed a couple new trends that we are excited to bring to the US market for 2016. Classic prints on coarse wool fabrics where evident in every designer’s collection. Most of these were vintage paisleys and big medallion prints from the 50s and 60s. These old designs were revamped with a new contemporary color palette of bright blues, rich greens, as well as a wide array of spice colors for the Fall/Winter. Also new are so called “gum prints” which are very unique silk fabrics that are first piece dyed in one single color, and then overprinted using a digital fabric printer. The result is a velvet like silk that has an unusual rubbery texture and matte sheen. Last but not least is the resurgence of classic regimental stripes. Stay tuned for an all new regimental collection here at Bows-N-Ties that will be available early April 2016.

Be The Buyer Is In Full Effect

We Are Listening To All Your Design Recommendations

Luxury Pocket Squares

Printed Linen Pocket Squares

Thank you for all of the ideas, suggestions and recommendations you have sent us these last few weeks about what you would like to see in the upcoming collections.  We are listening and working quickly to incorporate your aesthetic Wants + Needs into what we hope to be our best collection of ties and menswear accessories ever.  We will be adding a variety of fabric options to our pocket square and handkerchief collection.  Check out the elaborately designed, printed pocket squares above. They are made from an exclusive linen and this is just a teaser preview of what’s to come.

Menswear Neckties

Wool Ties and Knit Bow Ties

There were a numerous requests for wool ties and bow ties and we couldn’t agree more. We will soon be introducing a variety of menswear mainstay wool neckties in masculine patterns and dynamic color options.  We will also be introducing an inventive line of knit accessories including bow tie and neckties. Many of you asked that we carry a variety of dark colors and we will -especially in dark reds.  Our current rosewood knit tie has been one of our most popular accessories this season and we hope to emulate that in our upcoming knit collection.

Lapel Flower

After seeing the Italian craftsmanship of these artisan floral lapel pins, we couldn’t say no. For the first time ever, we’ll be introducing a line of exquisitely crafted lapel pins for purchase.  We are confident you will love them.

You have one more week to share your ideas before our Buyer returns from his travels and we start the production process.  Comment on our blog and / or our Facebook page. We promise, we’re listing.

Your Bows-N-Ties Team




Our “Be The Buyer” Is Back And We Need Your Help

Our Buyer Is in Italy And He Needs Your Help

Menswear Fabric Swatches

Our Buyer is currently traveling the Italian coastline and hand selecting new fabric designs for our 2015 Collections.   As much as he is enjoying the trip, he is quite taken by so many of the designs, motifs and fabrics he is seeing.   In fact he is so overtaken, that he needs your help so we ask you: What designs do you want?    Comment on our blog, our Facebook Page and/ or our Instagram and be instantly entered in to win title of Best Buyer’s Assistant 2014 and win $100 store credit. What beats bragging rights and free menswear accessories and possibly getting your dream accessories produced?!    Send us your comments, your ideas, your sketches, whatever you think will work and include the hashtag #bethebuyer on Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s collaborate + design the best line of menswear accessories!

Sincerely, The Bows-N-Ties Team

Introducing “Be the Buyer”

“Be the Buyer” at and Take Part in Building our New Tie Collections


Since yesterday our tie obsessed founder Hendrik is in Como, Italy – a place famous for the world’s most highest quality silk fabrics. He has set up meetings with some of the world’s most exclusive tie designers and silk makers, including companies that supply fabrics to high end neckwear brands such as Brioni, Kiton, Marinella, and Ferragamo. We were told that he wants your input in creating our new collections. Each day he will be posting, live from Italy, 8 pattern/color choices on our Facebook page which you, as well as 7,000+ other fans can vote on. Besides letting your style-voice be heard and taking an integral part in our design process, each vote will enter you into a daily $50 gift card drawing.

Feedback so Far and How it Has Been Helpful:
We just launched this “Be the Buyer” series yesterday after Hendrik met with fabric designer Canepa – a company that apparently also supplies Brooks Brothers with fabrics for neckties and bow ties. Just minutes after he posted 8 design choices, dozens of votes came in – giving him and the designers instant feedback, half way around the world. The input given by all of you helped direct the meetings and steered the designers to show more of the designs/patterns that you, our valued customer, liked the most.

How to Participate:
Participating is simply! All you have to do is “Like us” on Facebook and comment on the “Be the Buyer” postings. Each vote will enter you for a daily drawing of a $50 gift card to our store.

Your Bows-N-Ties Design Team