June 13, 2017

Greek Ties: Fraternity Tie Collection Overview

We are excited to have been selected as an official licensee to design and produce greek branded neckwear. After a long and detailed design process that insured accurate pantone colors, crest details, and correct branding we are excited to have our fraternity tie collection in production. For our first greek collection we created different necktie and bow tie designs for the following fraternities below. While this collection will not be available until mid July, below are links to each of the detailed design spec sheets as well as photos of fabric swatches. Click on your fraternity below and get a first look at the coming designs:Alpha Epsilon Pi Neckties Bow TiesAlpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Neckties bow tiesAlpha Tau Omega Neckties bow tiesBeta theta pi neckties bow tiesties neckties delta tau deltamens ties delta upsilonmens neck ties kappa alpha orderfraternity ties lambda Chi Alphabow ties phi delta thetaFiji fraternity neckties bow tiesPhi Kapps Sigma necktiesPhi Kappa Tau ties fraternitiesPike neckties bow ties pi kappa alphaPi Kappa Phi Frat Neckties bow tiesSAE neckties bow ties sigma alpha epsilonSigma Alpha Mu TiesSigma Chi Fraternity Neckties BowsSigma Nu Bow Ties necktiesSigma Phi Epsilon mens tiesTKE neckties tau kappa Epsilon tiestheta chi mens bow ties

Bows-N-Ties has been approved as an official licensee to produce greek branded neckwear by Affinity Consultants. Being an official licensee not only ensures that all our tie designs meet each fraternity’s branding guidelines, but as a licensee we are also paying royalties to your organization’s national HQ that help fund and support your fraternity’s vision.

June 1, 2017

Ties for Theta Chi

Looking for Theta Chi branded ties? Then we have just the right collection of both neckties and bow ties for you. Each tie was signed off by Theta Chi and all branding and colors meet your fraternity’s guidelines. While our Theta Chi tie collection is currently still in production, we already wanted to give you a preview of the two designs as well as photos of the actual fabric swatches. We expect to have these ties available by mid July of this year.

Design 1

The first design for Theta Chi features a classic width paired with a preppy repp stripe design. Embroidered crests are added in between the stripes. Made from 100% woven silk these Theta Chi ties are some of the highest quality fraternity ties available. Neckties features a regular width cut and the bow ties are made in a classic self-tie style. Prices are expected to range from $25-$30.ThetaChi branded necktiesTheta Chi silk bow ties

Design 2

The second deign features a similar striped design to the design #1 above. What is different is the black and gold color palette as well as the slimmed down cut of 2.75″ – giving this tie a more modern look. Also, the bow ties feature a more convenient pre-tied style. Made from a care-free microfiber fabric, these ties are expected to sell for around $20.Theta Chi striped tieTheta Chi Logo Bow Tie

Photos of Fabrics for Theta Chi Ties

Below are photos of the actual fabric swatches. The larger embroidered OX greek lettering will be the tipping of the back of each tie. This collection is expected to be available come July with prices ranging from $20-$35

May 31, 2017

Ties for Tau Kappa Epsilon

We at Bows-N-Ties have been selected to create greek branded neckties for a few dozen fraternities. As an official licensee you can rest assured that all branding details have been approved by each fraternity. While our fraternity tie collection is still in production, we already wanted to show off some of the coming designs. Shown here is a collection of neckties and bow ties we created for Tau Kappa Epsilon. This collection will be available mid July of this year.

Design 1

For the first TKE branded tie our designers took TKE’s signature triangle logo and incorporated into a geometric design. Made from pure silk, this necktie and bow tie will most certainly be some of the nicest fraternity ties available. We expect to offer this TKE silk necktie and bow tie (self-tie style) for $25-$30.Tau Kappa Epsilon Necktie Tie TKETKE fraternity Bow tie

Design 2

The second Tau Kappa Epsilon design features TKE’s crest embroidered as an all-over design on a deep red background. A slimmed down cut of 2.75″ gives this woven tie a more contemporary look. The matching bow ties are made fro a very similar fabric. The only difference is that the bow ties feature a scaled down version of the embroidered crests to be more suitable to the scale of the bow. We expect to offer these TKE ties for around $20.Tau Kappa Epsilon TKE Skinny TieTKE striped bow tie

Photos of Fabric Swatches for TKE Tie Collection

Take a look at the actual fabric swatches for design 1 and design 2 above. The larger coat of arms print as well as the TKE embroidery will be added to the back of the ties.

May 30, 2017

Ties for Sigma Phi Epsilon

We at Bows-N-Ties are excited to give you a first look of the approved designs we created for Sigma Phi Epsilon. While still in production, we already wanted to give you a first look. We expect to have these Sigma Phi Epsilon branded neckties and bow ties in stock by mid July.

Design 1

For the first design our designers took Sigma Phi Epsilon’s signature gold and purple colors and arranged it with a geometric check pattern using greek letters. Made from 100% printed silk, these ties give off a nice satin sheen and are soft to the touch. We are confident that these will be some of the highest quality fraternity ties available. Prices are expected to range from $25-$35Sigma Phi Epsilon Silk NecktieSigmaPhiEpsilon Silk Bow Tie Self Tie

Design 2

For the second Sigma Phi Epsilon design, our designers wanted to create a more trendy and fashionable accessory. Therefore we chose to give these ties a slimmed down cut of 2.75″. A repp textured striped design in colors purple, gold, and red are combined with Sigma Phi Epsilon’s embroidered coat of arms. Available as both necktie and bow tie, we expect to offer this design for around $20Sigma Phi Epsilon Skinny TieSigma Phi Epsilon Striped Bow Tie

Fabric Swatches for Sigma Phi Epsilon Collection

Prior to starting the production run for this collection, we had the following fabric swatches made. Only after ensuring that the colors are correct and the coat of arms details are true to Sigma Phi Epsilon’s branding, did we start the production run. We expect to receive these neckties and bow ties by July of this year.

May 26, 2017

Ties for Sigma Nu

Looking to wear a Sigma Nu branded necktie or bow tie the next time you have the chance to dress up? Then our collection of Sigma Nu branded ties will be perfect. Licensed and approved by Sigma Nu offices, you can be assured that colors and logo detail are true and accurate. While this Sigma Nu tie collection will not be available until July of this year, we already wanted to give you a preview of some of our new fraternity tie collections.

Design #1:

The first design for Sigma Nu features a fun geometric print using Sigma Nu’s greek letters and color palette. The yellow and white letters on a solid jet black background create a fun and bold design that will add uniqueness to any shirt and suit. Made in pure silk we are confident that these will be some of your nicest ties that you own!
Sigma Nu Silk TiesSigma Nu Bow Ties

Design #2:

For the second design we took inspiration from the Sigma Nu striped flag design. The embroidered snake at adds interesting detail, making this a head-turning accessory.
Sigma Nu Striped Mens TiesSigma Nu Stripe Bow Ties

Photos of the Fabrics:

Below are photos of the fabrics we made to match the digital design mock-ups above. Only after correct color matches and logo details were signed off on did we submit this Sigma Nu tie collection for production. We expect to have these ties in stock in 60 days.