Transition from Summer to Fall

Transition from Summer to Fall

It’s time to break up with your Summer wardrobe. Don’t cry though! Because it’s time to embrace all of our favorite Fall looks. Piece together the colors of Fall while holding close those fabrics of the Summer. In this look we’ve opted for a light weight jacket and a pair of white linen pants to keep us cool during the final hot days of 2019 (fingers crossed). Adding the light brown hue just shows that you, like @_mrcharlie_, are ready for whats yet to come. Add these items to your wardrobe below:





Passable – Bourbon

Summertime Ensemble for First Dates

Summertime Ensemble for First Dates

We can always use a little inspiration for Date Night, whether we’re married, dating or downright single.  The equation is fairly simple, make an effort with ideas, reservations, and your appearance.  As simple as this sounds, sometimes we drop the proverbial ball.  So our Look of the Week is the Bows-N-Ties take on Date Night in the Summertime.  You want to look polished, savvy, clean and of course debonair! 
All of these fashion components are staple pieces that you should own no matter what. What makes this look unique and date-worthy is the creative combination of pieces. Find this look below:

Men’s Modern-Fit Navy Pinstripe Suit Pants

Medallion Print Silk Tie In Blue and Cream

Cufflinks with Satin Fabric Covering in Blush

Light Pink Heavy Oxford Button Down

Slim-Fit Grey Knit Blazer

Look Of The Week: Plaids

Skinny Plaid Necktie

Plaid for the Summer

Two things we love in menswear: statement plaids and navy blues. There are so many stylish takeaways from this look by @thedressedchest that we had to make it our featured look of the week. From the pattern play to the impactful color combo, this look has it all. Let this look by your workday uniform for the remainder of summer. The cotton blazer, the big plaids, and the feathered pattern pair well with trousers, jeans, and chinos. You can literally wear this look anywhere! Get inspired to put big plaids at the forefront of your menswear ensemble.

Navy Blue Blazer

White Dress Shirt 

Plaid Tie

Pocket Square 

Tie Bar

Summer Sophistication in Linen

Summer Sophistication in Linen

With the summer heat turning up, it’s smart to know how to strategically accessorize your work suits with linen accessories. Take this brilliant look from @thedistinguishedgentleman_ who knows just how to accessorize his power suits. This look is made for the office and is made for the summer. Stride through the season in style by accessorizing your suits with coordinating linen ties and pocket squares. Linen is historically the coolest and lightest of fabrics and is recognized as summer chic just about everywhere. If you have to wear a suit in the summer months, it’s worth the effort to incorporate summer accessories. And our vote is in: nothing’s more summer in menswear that linen. Recreate the look below:

Wool Suit Jacket

Wool Trousers

Wool Tie 

White Linen Pocket Square

Dress Shoes

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The Ultimate Summer Suit and Tie Combination

It’s hot out there, folks! With temperatures on the rise and the need to impress always ever present it’s prime time to switch up some of your wardrobe favorites. While switching to more breathable fabrics you’ll also want to bring forward the promising pastels of Summer. This dashing look brings forth the elegant hues of purple ideal for bringing out the regal inside of all of us. You can adorn this look for any Summer gathering where you’ll be set to impress. We have Mohammed Al Nazal to thank for putting together such a fantastic look (be sure to follow him if you’re in need of style tips). Put together this look with the items below!

Medium Grey Plaid Suit
Button Down Shirt
Wool Herringbone Tie in Grape Purple
Paisley Pocket Square
Complete Belt
Argyle Socks
Black Oxfords