Get The Look – The Great Gatsby

Dress Like The Great Gatsby

Three Piece Suit by Paul Fredrick

Designer Necktie by Chevalier

Dress Shirt by Nordstroms

Handkerchief by Cantucci

Brogues by Banana Republic

Our featured Look of The Week is none other than the decadent Great Gatsby who is renowned for his luxurious whims and his unparalleled appreciation for extravagance.  The Great Gatsby Look requires a three piece suit, a classic button up, a necktie, a pocket square and a pair of leather brogues.  Whereas, most of our Featured Looks have been drawn to dark menswear neutrals, our Great Gatsby played by Leonardo DiCaprio opted for mostly tan and creamed hued suits.  This smart illustration of the millionaire Jay Gatsby by Sunflowerman captures his air of confidence and the style of the Roaring Twenties.

This era specific style is making a big comeback in menswear as well as influencing social events. We are getting a remarkable number of requests from brides and groomsmen planning Great Gatsby inspired weddings.  Capture the Jazz Age with plenty of accessories, three piece suits and an appreciation for extravagant parties.  And if you’re in a need of a good read – it’s time to revisit Fitzgerald’s  The Great Gatsby.  It’s utterly captivating and Mr. Gatsby will dazzle you his adventures page after page.

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Get The Look – Nucky Thompson

Nucky Thompson Style

This week’s look is the highly confrontational and very stylish Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire illustrated by Sunflowerman.  We love how Sunflowerman captured the texture and pattern of the check pattern suit that makes Nucky Thompson one of the best dressed characters of all time.  Nucky is a mastermind at mixing patterns and prints and he never wears a suit without a lapel pin.  We’ve broken down Nucky’s look into individual fashion components so that you can improvise on this look and make it more bootlegger or more politician-esque depending on what you’re going for. This look can also be very stylish and fresh depending on the accessories you opt to use. This three piece suit can be worn to a number of functions ranging from work to dinner parties.  Also, we recommend utilizing a heirloom pocket watch that has been in your family to add a dose of sentimental flare to this getup.

Three Piece Check Suit from Topman

Peach Dress Shirt from NYM Suits

Paisley Necktie from Bows-N-Ties

Bowler Hat from Goorin Bros

Lapel Pin from Etsy



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Get The Look – Don Draper Dapper

Don Draper's Style

Don Draper, despite being fictional, has been named the most influential man in the world in the past, ahead of real-life figures. He’s aloof, debonair and very well dressed making him our featured “Get The Look” of the week illustrated by Sunflowerman. Draper knows how to wear a classic cut suit with thin lapels and a skinny tie. For the Don Draper look, you need four quintessential pieces and an extra dose of swagger. To emulate his look, we suggest these four components below. When trying to achieve the dapper Draper look, the tailored fit is the absolute key. Everything from your shirt to suit have to fit perfectly. Also we would like to send a big thank you to the very talented Sunflowerman for this dynamite illustration of Don Draper.

Classic Suit from Banana Republic

Spread Collar Dress Shirt from Jos. A. Banks

Skinny Textured Tie from Puccini

White Pocket Square by Puccini

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Get The Look – James Bond

James Bond Style

Bows-N-Ties has teamed up with Sunflowerman to bring you an illustrated Look of The Week this week. We couldn’t think of a better, more iconic fashion inspiration than James Bond.  The world of  Bond is something that is utterly debonair, luxurious and stylish.  Sadly, we don’t have the perks that James Bond does  (we can’t fathom buying a three thousand dollar Tom Ford suit) but we do have a discerning eye for emulating one of his most stylish ensembles. When it comes to dressing like 007, it comes down to perfect tailoring, texture and simple but regal fashion components. Take a look below to see exactly what you need and where you can get it.

Dress Like James Bond

The 007 Skyfall Style Guide:

Napoli Light Grey Suit from Suit Supply – $469
Tab Collar Dress Shirt in Light Blue from Brooks Brothers – $92
Wale Textured Tie in Navy Blue from Bows-N-Ties – $24.90
Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Watch from Amazon – $84.79

Keep an eye out for next week’s Look of the Week which will also feature an iconic character known for their wildly impressive style illustrated by the very talented Sunflowerman.

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Winter Style: Fedora, Bow Tie, & Silk Scarf


New Jersey stylist, model, and blogger Denny shows us how to dress in style this winter season! Even though his look features a wide range of patterns, fabrics, and styles, it is still coherent, and indeed quite pleasing to look at. What is even more impressive: This entire look cost Denny less than $100. Yes, you heard right. We are talking about the entire outfit consisting of a classic Vintage wool blazer, plaid shirt, tartan bow tie, silk scarf, vintage fedora hat, boots, and pants; all for under $100. The secret? Denny is a true master at finding bargain style pieces at local thrift stores, a skill that convinced him to start his blog: Look Rich, Shop Cheap. Since finding the exact same pieces at a thrift store near you is impossible, we did a bit of searching to find them online for you here:

Get the Look:
Fedora Hat by NY Hat Co – $85
Dress Shirt by Ralph Lauren – $45
Tweed Wool Blazer found on EBay – $20
Tartan Plaid Bow Tie – $29
Silk Scarf by Cantucci – $35
Silk Pocket Square by Cantucci – $19
Wool Cargo Pants by ZARA – sorry, we could not find these online…
Wolverine Men’s Boots – $355
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Each week we are featuring one dapper outfit that pairs one of our accessories (mostly neckties and bow ties) to a unique wardrobe. If you are interested to have your outfits featured, then contact us at customercare(at)bows-n-ties(dot)com and mention “Bows-N-Ties Stylist” in your subject line.

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