How to Dress for the Holidays


How to Dress for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to put your sense of style on display, and we’ve put together some ideal ensembles you can put together easily, and how you can recycle accessories to create new looks for each holiday.


The first holiday we’ve created a handsome look for is Thanksgiving. No one is looking for tight fighting clothing for this feasting holiday. Being the most casual of the holidays it’s easy to give extra room for your extra stuffing. A casual sweater and stretch chinos provide the perfect amount of comfort. You can find links to our look below:

Button Up
Bow Tie



You’ll want to step your game up for Christmas. Trade out your sweater jacket for a blazer and a casual red sweater. Ornate your neck with a holiday tie made with you in mind, and don’t forget to top it all off with the perfect red hat. You can find all the elements of this ensemble linked below:

Button Up 
Cashmere Sweater


New Year’s Eve

The ultimate evening to represent your exquisite style is New Year’s Eve. A night filled with parties and champagne popping, you’ll fit right in with a dapper and classic black tux. Create the ultimate sexy look by switching out your white button up for a black one and you’ll embody sophistication. Look up the articles of this look below:

Button Up
Black Tux
Bow Tie



Find out which articles and accessories you can recycle during the holidays

When to Wear a Double Breasted Suit

The Double Breasted Suit

The traditional double-breasted suit incorporates a six by two button design along the front of the suit. These buttons are formulated in neat columns creating a flawless way to elevate your casual look.


Know When to Wear a DB Suit

Know all the acceptable events and times to wear your classic Double Breasted Suit. The polished look is literally timeless in its fit and color palette.  When choosing to wear a double-breasted suit you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing it for the perfect occasion. This look has the ability to be the ideal ensemble for a day of important office meetings and easily transitions into celebratory after-work drinks.


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Double Breasted Suit Styles
Double or Single Breasted Suits


Bows-N-Ties & Muttville

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue “It is Never Too Late for a New Beginning”

Each year we at Bows-N-Ties get involved with a charitable cause, and for 2013 we chose to support San Francisco based senior dog rescue Muttville, a special needs shelter for dogs seven years and older. We were immediately touched by the story of many of Muttville’s residents, and were moved to get involved. Over the next few days we will feature one of these lovely dogs dressed up with a dapper necktie, bow tie, ascot, or scarf. It is our goal to help draw awareness to the cause, and encourage everyone to foster or even adopt one of these charming gentlemen. Should your situation not allow to care for a dog, then there are other ways to get involved, such as volunteering or donations.


I personally encourage you to visit Muttville’s website to meet all its current residents and to learn more about this wonderful non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to improving the lives of senior dogs. To date, Muttville has helped over 1,650 senior dogs in finding a new home, which otherwise would have been put down. Upon visiting we were instantly inspired by the commitment of its volunteers, who were dedicated to the organization’s mission that “It is never too late for a new beginning”.


Hendrik Pohl

Bows-N-Ties & Muttville: Meet Mollie

Ms. Mollie is a Doll!


Mollie is an absolute delight. This charming pooch knows how to win hearts and yes, -she won us over within seconds of meeting her! This doll undoubtedly will make someone a heartfelt companion. She likes to be in the thick of things and will follow you adoringly anywhere and everywhere you go. Her calm nature, her distinguished good looks and her loving generosity make for the perfect companion equation.

Look at this face! Look at this composure! This love bug could be all yours. Adopt Mollie today and infuse your household with charm, character and unadulterated love. Mollie looked all business in our silk solid hued magenta pink necktie. You too, could look this sharp by simply adopting Mollie and we’ll throw in a magenta pink tie for you too. If you can’t adopt Mollie today, there are a number of ways of contributing to Muttville through donations, volunteering or word of mouth. Maybe you can’t adopt Mollie, but maybe a close friend could. Learn more about Muttville here.

And Mollie, thank you so much for being our personal ambassador at Muttville!

Your Team

Bows-N-Ties & Muttville: Meet Sugar Ray

This Boxer Packs A Pretty Punch


Get ready to be knock-downed for the count by the lovable charms and the consoling eyes of this veteran Boxer. Sugar Ray has a heart of gold and a gentle demeanor that will be a welcomed addition to any household. Sugar Ray is a lover and not a fighter! This handsome fella impressed us with his cool, calmed and collected nature as well as surprised us with some sweet kisses when we weren’t looking.

Sugar Ray is that quintessential dog that with one glance, makes you feel like you have a new best friend. Sugar Ray’s has had a sad story where his good-natured loyalty wasn’t returned when he needed it. But instead of focusing on the negative, Sugar Ray has his eyes on the prize – a new and loving home that appreciates the value of a cat nap and the power of companionship. We put Sugar Ray in one of our favorite punchy plaid ties and oh boy, did he look dapper.

You can’t say no to these loving eyes! Adopt Sugar Ray today and know that you just scored yourself a one in a million dog. And if you can’t adopt him today, consider contributing to Muttville one way or another whether it be with donations, volunteering or liking them on Facebook. Learn more about Muttville here.

Sugar Ray Leonard use to say: “Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.” Give Sugar Ray the dog dream of all dog dreams- a loving home!

Sugar Ray Stats:

  • Breed: Boxer
  • Gender: Male
  • Size: Large (50-90 lbs)
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Age: 12

Your Team