Copper Brown Ties

Copper Brown Ties for the Fall Season

Fashion changes from one season to the next. When it comes to mens ties, what changes most is color. Even though tie width as well as design patterns change, these two features follow more current fashion trends rather than specific seasons of the year. For this year’s Fall season ties in copper, dark orange, and rust brown are most popular. Below are three ties out of this year’s fall collection that will add a fresh new look to your ensemble.

burned-orange-mens-tieCopper-Orange Silk Tie
This tie has been popular as soon as we have added it to our collection. The subtle striped pattern is created by changing the weaving direction of one single color burned orange silk yarn. The stripign effect adds a nice shine to the fabric and perfectly compliments the the elegant and timeless design of this tie. This tie looks best on top of white, blue, tan, and gray dress shirts. Our favorite outfit for this tie: Blue and White striped shirt, navy blue suit, and brown shoes with matching brown belt. For more information on this tie please click on the image.

gray-tan-copper-tieBrown, Copper, Gray Striped Tie
If the tie above was too plain for your taste, then this striped necktie with stripes in copper, brown, and burned orange, on a charcoal gray background would make an excellent choice for this year’s Fall season. It is a tie that looks great with tan, olive, navy, and even gray or charcoal suit. Although this tie can be worn with almost any suit color, we like it most when paired with a solid white dress shirt, beige suit, and brown shoes and belt. Handmade from 100% silk. For more information on this tie, as well as to buy this tie, please click on the image.

golden-amber-designer-tieModern Amber-Gold & Blue Striped Tie
Necktie designer Cavallieri created a truly stunning striped tie in colors amber-gold in the background and royal blue and white in the stripes. It is a perfect tie for the blue dress shirt. Even though this tie is out of Cavallieri’s Fall collection, it also makes an excellent fashion accessory during the Spring and Summer months. We prefer to show this tie with a blue dress shirt and medium gray suit. For more matching tips, a larger image, or to purchase this tie, please click on the picture on the left.

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