Dress Shirt Colors by Season

What Dress Shirt Color Fits which Season?

Even though one’s natural features are most important when it comes to the color selection for a dress shirt, the time and season of the year plays an almost equally large role. A well dress man will coordinate his wardrobe with the year’s season in mind. Besides colors, fabric patterns, weaves, and weights should also be considered when dressing according to each season. This article will help you find the perfect dress shirt for all four seasons of the year.

The spring is the season of re-birth. Nature shows lighter and more vivid colors – and so should your wardrobe. Great dress shirt colors are pink, rose, lavender, and light blues. Great shirt patterns are multi-colored checks and stripes that compliment but are not too overpowering. Depending on the climate the spring season may be suitable for man-made fabrics which often times have the benefit of being more carefree and, at least for the most part, quite wrinkle-resistant.

The warm summer months are the time to show light and bold colors on your ensemble. Great shirt colors are bright blues, pink, coral, and even red. If you are looking for a patterned dress shirt then checks in white and blue, white and gray, as well as white and red are great. Keep in mind that man-made fabrics are much less suited in warmer climates. Best are natural fabrics such as 100% cotton, linen, and silk – all fabrics with wicking qualities that allow your skin to breathe.

The shorter and cooler days during the fall call for more muted colors and heavier fabrics. Dress shirts in earthtones such as tan, brown, maroon, and olive are great. Thicker and more textured fabric weaves such as broadcloth, chambray, oxford, and herringbone are great. The cooler days during the fall are also great to wear fabric blends which have better insulating properties and also offer the benefit of being more wrinkle resistant.

During the winter months darker colors and heavier fabrics will start to make their appearance. Great fabrics that are fashionable as much as they will provide warming comfort are flannels, twills, and oxfords. The best shirt colors for winter are gray, browns, dark greens, and darker blues. If you are looking to wear more intricate fabric patterns then we suggest herringbone, wider striped patterns, as well as windowpane checks.

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