Men’s Interview Dress Code By Top Industries

The Men’s Interview Dress Chart By Industry

What To Wear To An Interview


Artwork by Cole Crossen

While unemployment rates are grabbing the headlines, we wanted to reboot, regroup and start thinking about landing jobs in the top six industries. The Top Industries for jobs are in Technology, Design, Sales, Government, Healthcare and Finance according to US Money News so we created a Job-Conscious Infographic exploring the styles + aesthetics of these workplaces. ¬†Business Wear has evolved as fast as the world of technology, but somethings remain constant. If your are thinking of a job in Finance, Sales, Healthcare + Government, you will need to invest in ties, bow ties and suits. If you are leaning towards Technology + Design, you will be dressing in casual, chic pieces that do more to convey your personal aesthetic and your Company’s Culture than, what some call, an outdated protocol for professionalism. Take a look at our Visual Guide For Job Attire and get an insider’s view on what to expect from Day One. Over the next few days we will take a closer look at ‘job winning’ outfits and will give you some additional pointers on how to create each of these looks on a budget.

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