Fashion Savvy Resolutions for The New Year

Mens Fashion Resolutions for 2013


Every New Year brings a new set of resolutions. This year we have created a theme of resolutions for menswear fashion for novices. This ten part series looks at fashion oriented resolutions that will make any man better dressed and better suited for handsomeness ranging from tuxes to facial hair to footwear. The top ten resolutions for a menswear makeover in 2013 are:

Power_of_Accessorizing_Mens-StyleResolution 1: Accessorize
Your fashion possibilities are endless when you master the learning curve of accessorizing. Once you understand how to properly accessorize you can put new and creative spins on your favorite menswear pieces, and we are talking about much more than just men’s ties.

Stylish_Trends_MenResolution 2: Look at Trends
Trends are constantly evolving and some are outlandishly bad while others are impressively chic. We aren’t suggesting that you jump on every trend that presents itself but it is important to see what is trending and to incorporate some of things you like into your own personal style.

Wearing_Bowtie_GuideResolution 3: Embrace Neckwear
Neckwear is a large encompassing term for bowties, ties, ascots and silk scarves. All of these things have the potential to add style and coolness to an aesthetic whether it’s casual, professional or a combination of both. If you don’t know already – you have to learn how to tie a tie in 2013.

Groomed_BeardResolution 4: Experiment with Facial Hair
Facial hair has been gaining momentum over the last few years and more and more men are experimenting with mustaches and beards. This New Year, grow out some facial hair and see how you look. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Urban_Mens_BootsResolution 5: Focus on Footwear
Footwear is a staple component to any good ensemble and every fashion conscious man should take this fact to heart. In the New Year, promise yourself you’ll wear less sneakers, work out more and incorporate some polished menswear oxfords into the mix. For those, who are less willing to go with the dress shoe, opt for the leather boot.

Formal_Black_TuxResolution 6: Go Formal
Don’t be afraid to dress things up when the special occasions arise. Wearing a tux is actually sort of spectacular and gives you a James Bond dose of panache and adventure. Make the resolution to understand formal wear in the New Year and at least wear a tux one time.

Stylish_designer_Workout_BagsResolution 7: Get Into Shape
No matter what, you have to resolve to get into better shape in 2013. Getting into shape is guaranteed to make you feel and look better. Make a promise to yourself to hit the gym and buy clothes that are tailored to fit the trim version of you.

Mens_Closet_Organization_GuideResolution 8: Organize Your Closet
Some of us are better at organizing and staying organized then others. This year, resolve to organize your closet so that you can find what you need to create a winning ensemble in record time. How you organize it is up to you but make sure you can find what you need. A cleaner closet means a better dressed you.

Menswear_Patterns_StylesResolution 9: Play with Pattern
Break away from fashion habits and introduce new patterns to your wardrobe in 2013. Learn how to mix a micro-gingham dress shirt with a striped tie without clashing and how to accessorize a pin striped suit in the New Year. Once you start playing with pattern, you won’t be able to stop.

Vintage_Wool_BlazersResolution 10: Shop and Save
Everyone assumes that there is a ridiculous price tag associated to dressing well. 2013 is the year to dispel that rumor. You can be fashionable by shopping smart and saving money. Start scanning the sales racks and you’ll be amazed at what you find. Another option is shopping thrift stores, vintage shops and Ebay for unique pieces. Get creative and we promise, you’ll look savvy at an affordable price.

Happy New Years!

Your Bows-N-Ties Team

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