Fashion Tips from Stylish Dudes: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Teaches us How to Wear Vests, Skinny Ties, & 3-Piece Suits

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was already a fairly well-known actor, but his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises has all but taken him through the stratosphere. Gordon-Levitt exhibits a great deal of talent, and is truly an actor to watch in the coming years. While talent is the most important aspect of being an actor, it never hurts to dress in an exceptional manner as well. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s appearance leaves little to be desired, as he happens to be one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood today. Here are a few things you should think about if getting JGL’s look is something you’re interested in doing, as well as how to pull it off.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt-red-suit
Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows us that suits don’t always have to be navy or gray. Here he opted for a mahogany-red piece, that is certainly bold, but far from obnoxious.

A Stand-out Lapel Pin
For one reason or another, lapel pins aren’t quite as popular as they once were. The lapel pin was a huge part of classic men’s fashion, but has taken somewhat of a back seat in recent years. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, on the other hand, knows just how important it is to embrace modern men’s fashion while still keeping things classic, which is why he is a major proponent of the lapel pin. He chooses a red pin in support of his co-collaborative production company hitRECord, and for some reason it seems to fit into almost every ensemble he applies it to. Our tip pick a subtle lapel pin that is sleek and not overly bold/attention-grabbing. The art of wearing this piece lies in the subtle detail.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Double-Breasted-Suit-Red-Lapel-Pin
Who said that double-breasted suits are only for big & tall people? Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows us that tailoring is key! Here he shows us how to properly wear a double breasted suit, paired with a solid dark navy tie, and his signature red lapel pin.

A Wide Range of Suit Styles
Some men know that one of the best ways to look their best is to simply embrace suit styles that truly work for them each and every time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, on the other hand, takes a far different approach. Instead of sticking to one style, he chooses to mix things up as often as possible. He can just as often be seen wearing a three-piece ensemble in grey as he can sporting a double-breasted navy blue suit, all the while pairing these ensembles with the perfect ties and accessories. For JGL, variety is king. Give this a try yourself! We are strong believers that any man could benefit from adding some excitement into his daily suit & tie rotation.

Ties the Casual/Cool Way
If the full suit is a bit too formal for your lifestyle/personality, then JGL got some other tricks up his sleeve to dress with a tie but in a much more casual/cool manner. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is often seen wearing slim ties in combination with a vest and shirt (rolled up sleeves). The skinny tie paired with a tapered vest is the perfect combination. Add a pair of dark wash jeans, dress boots, and a leather band wrist watch, and you got the look.

Who said ties are only for boardroom meetings? JGL shows us how to accessorize with skinny ties for a more casual look. Pair these style pieces with patterned vest, tie clip, and jeans. Even without the tie (image left), vests are style staples any man should take advantage off.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
If you want to get the Joseph Gordon-Levitt look, you’ve got to think formal; he’s almost always seen in a suit, and for good reason. Choose a lapel pin that you feel truly reflects your personality, and don’t be afraid to pair it with a variety of different suit styles. If you find that one or the other doesn’t work, simply drop it from your repertoire and press on; the more you can afford to experiment, the better you’ll look in the end. Not a fan of the suit & tie look? Then JGL teaches us how to wear a tie in a much more casual/cool manner. Pair a skinny tie with jeans, dress boots, and patterned (think subtle checks or pin-stripes) vest, and you got the look!

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