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Garden Wedding Ideas To Fall In Love With


There’s a chic sweetness to outdoor garden weddings. From the feminine, fresh color palettes to the beautifully unpretentious surroundings, garden weddings are becoming more and more popular. Mix a feminine aesthetic and bohemian vibe by incorporating wedding prints into the wedding party with floral gowns and groomsmen accessories. We picked out a few of our favorites. For garden weddings, we love the focus to be the simplicity of the outdoors complimented with an array of lovely colors from bright primaries to muted pastels depending on what you like. If you’re looking for a fresh, fun and colorful wedding day sans the wedding theatrics, a garden wedding might be absolutely perfect for you. For more ideas, visit us on Pinterest to see some of our favorite garden wedding ideas.


Designer Garden Wedding Neckties

Lace Floral Tie      |          Light Blue Floral Tie          |      Artisan Floral Tie 

Modern Floral In Blue       |       Modern Floral Bow Tie         |     Skinny Floral Tie


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