June 21, 2011

Guide to Mens Linen Suits

Wearing a Linen Suit

beige-linen-mens-suitOutsmart summer this year with linen. There’s no need for the summer months to impede on your fashion sensibilities. Look your chic and cool self in a lightweight linen suit. Below you will learn how to best wear, match, and care for a linen suit.

Linen is a natural fiber that is renowned for its coolness and poise in hot weather. It’s the favorite fabric of jetsetters, vacationers and the fashion savvy because of its easy care, its casual refinement and its ability to be cool under pressure. Wear your linen suits to special events, summer weddings and vacations. The one place that a linen suit doesn’t belong however is the office.

Linen suits should be neutral in color. We recommend wearing linen suits in beiges, grays and blues. Pair linen suits with cotton shirts so that there is a contrast in fabric and appearance. Linen suits are notoriously easy to wear and mix and match. You have the options to go with a muted palette or go bold and bright. One of our favorite looks of the summer season is a dark navy linen suit, a lightweight micro-check button up in light blue and white and boat shoes without socks. It exudes a calm confidence and a cool ease and is appropriate for any summer day or night.

Linen suits should be loose fitting. Linen naturally takes on wrinkles as you wear it and that is considered to be linen’s charm. Always start out with an ironed linen suit and let it naturally wrinkle as you wear it. Linen is best pressed when it is damp.

Casual ties can be worn with linen suits but that’s up to you and how dressy you intend to be. Bright, bold colors can really accent a neutral linen suit and make for an eye popping outfit. Also excellent are slim ties made from cotton or finely knitted wool. Wear casual shoes such as boat shoes, loafers or sandals with this outfit and you will sure turn some heads.

Take good care of your suit by washing it and air drying it. There’s no need for dry cleaning, but linen should never go in the dryer no matter what. It will immediately damage the shape and fit of your suit. Air dry linen and iron it while it is still damp to prevent any burning of the fabric.

You are sure to fall in love with the lightweight drape and style of linen and get spoiled by the easy ways to wear it. Don’t forget about the versatility and charm of the linen jacket and the linen pant. Diversify you look by pairing your jacket with a lightweight button up and jeans. The trouser also looks casually chic when paired with a t-shirt or polo. Dress your best this summer by choosing linen!

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