Guide To Men’s Socks

Know everything you need to know about menswear socks with these three informative sock guides. Building a better, stronger wardrobe requires attention to detail and that surely includes socks. It’s key to own more than a handful of athletic socks and a few pairs of black socks.  After all, socks are the work horse of any good look. Learn about all the variety of socks and when, where and how to wear them.


If you’ve invested in a dapper wardrobe of suits and casual wear, go the extra step and compliment these pieces with the proper socks and footwear. Socks are relatively a small investment when it comes to fashion, that pay off big when done right.



Men's Socks Infographic

The golden rule, the taller the sock, the more formal it is. Here’s a guide from no-sock, to ankle sock, to mid calf to over the calf which is the most formal.


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