October 12, 2009

How to Store Your Neck Ties

Tips for Storing your Neckties

If you want your ties to look like they have been tied for the first time then proper tie storage and care is a must. Even though the picture at the top does look quite nice, it is actually a bad example of proper tie storage. What is most important is that the tie is un-tied after each time you wear it. It may make sense to leave the tie tied to save some extra minutes each morning, but in reality this will quickly ruin the tie. Below are a few tips and methods to store your ties.

Hang Your Ties
The best way to store your ties is by hanging them over a tie-rack or a clothes hanger. If you are using a hanger, stay away from skinny wire hangers as they may cause a crease in the tie. Also, look out for any sharp edges that may pull individual threads out of the delicate silk fabric. If you are a daily tie wearer and have a large selection of neckties, then we suggest to use several hangers and organize your ties in a way that allows you to quickly find the perfect tie for each day.

Roll ’em
Rolling up your ties and placing them in wall hanging tie-boxes is a great way to not only store your ties, but it can also be a great way to decorate and add more color to any room or walk-in closet. The down-side of using this storage method is that the ties are more likely to collect dust – especially the ones you wear less frequently. Be careful where to hang your wall-mounted tie storage box. Avoid any area with direct sun exposure as sunlight can cause the colors to fade out.

On Travel
When traveling with suit and tie, it is highly recommended to use a garment bag for your suit and dress shirts. For your tie storage you have several options. Best are so-called “tie travel cases”. If you don’t have one of these cases, then you can either roll your ties up and place them inside your dress shoes, or you can carefully fold your ties and place them in between other larger clothing items such as shirts or pants. Unpack your suitcase right after your arrival. Hang your suits, dress shirts, and ties in a well ventilated area and out of direct sunlight. This will ensure that your clothes will look its best the next day. For more tips, you may also want to read: Business Travel Dress Code

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