December 14, 2009

How to Wear a Sports Jacket

The Art of Wearing a Sports Jacket

Sports jackets have gained much popularity in recent years. They are a perfect for a wide range of occasions, and they come in a much wider range of cuts, fabrics, patterns, and colors than the traditional suit jacket. Below are a few tips that will help you find the sports jacket that will suit your style.

Choose your Style
Unlike suit jackets, sport coats come in a much wider range of colors, cuts, and fabrics. When shopping for a sports coat you first want to look at your own personal style. Do you tend to dress more conservative or do you like to stand out? Consider what message you want to portray. A solid black sports jacket made from satin with heavy embroidery may be the right choice for the man that likes a “flashy” appearance while it would be a nightmare clothing item to the traditionalist. As a general rule, the closer the sports coat resembles a blazer jacket the more traditional it will appear.

The Right Fit
Most important is the right fit! Sport jackets got their name for a reason. They are much more tailored than the traditional suit or blazer and are supposed to accentuate one’s athletic built. Therefore, men with a larger built would be better of wearing a blazer than a sports coat. Besides the waistline, something any tailor can fix, make sure that the jacket fits are teh shoulders. The proper sleeve length can always be adjusted.

Where & When
When matching your sports jacket make sure that your other pieces of clothing harmonize. Matching a trendy satin sports jacket with pleated khakis for example is a bad combination. Much more complimenting would be a pair of designer jeans and T-shirt for this particular jacket. Sports jacket are best for casual events that require more sophistication than jeans and T-shirt. Usually sports jacket are worn without ties to compliment the sporty-casual look. If you prefer to wear a tie, than the slightly more elegant Blazer jacket would be a much better suited overcoat. Sport jackets are great for a night out at the bars as much as they are suited for Friday’s Business Casual Attire

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