Introducing “Be the Buyer”

“Be the Buyer” at and Take Part in Building our New Tie Collections


Since yesterday our tie obsessed founder Hendrik is in Como, Italy – a place famous for the world’s most highest quality silk fabrics. He has set up meetings with some of the world’s most exclusive tie designers and silk makers, including companies that supply fabrics to high end neckwear brands such as Brioni, Kiton, Marinella, and Ferragamo. We were told that he wants your input in creating our new collections. Each day he will be posting, live from Italy, 8 pattern/color choices on our Facebook page which you, as well as 7,000+ other fans can vote on. Besides letting your style-voice be heard and taking an integral part in our design process, each vote will enter you into a daily $50 gift card drawing.

Feedback so Far and How it Has Been Helpful:
We just launched this “Be the Buyer” series yesterday after Hendrik met with fabric designer Canepa – a company that apparently also supplies Brooks Brothers with fabrics for neckties and bow ties. Just minutes after he posted 8 design choices, dozens of votes came in – giving him and the designers instant feedback, half way around the world. The input given by all of you helped direct the meetings and steered the designers to show more of the designs/patterns that you, our valued customer, liked the most.

How to Participate:
Participating is simply! All you have to do is “Like us” on Facebook and comment on the “Be the Buyer” postings. Each vote will enter you for a daily drawing of a $50 gift card to our store.

Your Bows-N-Ties Design Team

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