Jen & Demetri Tie the Knot in Style

If purple and champagne are your wedding hues, then here is some great groom & groomsmen style inspiration! These awesome pictures were sent to us by Bay Area wedding photographer, Colson Griffith.

Jen & Demetri tied the knot on June 20th, 2013 at Corinthian Ballroom in San Jose CA, and we at Bows-N-Ties are excited to have helped dress Demetri and his men in style. What we love about these outfits is the play with pattern while still incorporating the wedding colors. Each groomsmen wore a different purple tie while Demetri decided on one of our most popular champagne wedding ties. The combination of paisleys, polka dots, gingham checks, and solids for the groomsmen ties added uniqueness while still staying true to the wedding colors. If you don’t like the uniform look of “all-the-same solid-colored-ties” then this is the way to go.

 purple-ivory-groomsmen-styleOne well dressed group of men! Demitri wore one of our most popular paisley ties in champagne color while his groomsmen dressed in purple ties all showing a different pattern. It is a great way to get away from the overly “matchy-matchy look” while still staying true to the wedding colors.

champagne-ivory-wedding-tieWho said that the formal tux needs to be paired with a bow tie? We love the classic champagne color paisley tie in combination with the modern cut tux, classic white dress shirt, and chartreuse green boutonniere. Well done Sir!

groosmen-tuxedo-purple-ties“Here, let me help you with that dimple!”

purple-kids-tiesThese young fellas looked uber dapper in their black tuxes and solid grape colored neckties. Just take a look at the perfectly dimpled ties. Certainly, many adults can take a lesson from these boys on how to properly tie a tie.

Our sincerest congratulations to this beautiful couple. We are excited to have you guys featured on our blog. A big thank you also to Colson Griffith for sharing these wonderful photos with us. If you are interested in having your wedding featured on our blog, then we would love to hear from you!

Your Wedding Team

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  1. Lovely photos and a great color combination. I choose the same for my upcoming wedding, but we decided on bow ties instead for the groom and groomsmen which we found on your site. The ring bearer will be wearing a solid purple tie that matches the bow ties. I am planning on sending you some of our pictures after the wedding. Do you still have your $250 giveaway for your wedding picture contest?

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