March 6, 2017

Look Of The Week: Bold Plaids

Plaid Tie and Denim Shirt

Gray Blazer 

Denim Shirt 

Plaid Tie 

Gingham Pocket Square 


Size Matters

The bigger the plaid, the better the style. That’s our style mantra after seeing this stellar look by @mitchyasui who  brilliantly pairs our bold plaid tie with a gingham pocket square, denim button down shirt and a  gray blazer that’s now on the top of our wish list. Dressing up denim is a trend that is here to stay and we’re into it. This savvy fashion combo can be paired with wool trousers, broken in chinos and jeans. And best yet, it can be worn to a big meeting, a pitch, a family holiday or a night  out and about. Make your denim shirts work overtime by giving them new life with bold menswear accessories. 


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