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The Well Dressed Student in Our Blue Knit Tie

With school in full swing, we wanted to introduce you to  Sunny Murthy, creator of  Well Dressed Student fashion blog. His tag line is: It is a lifestyle, start living it.” We couldn’t agree more; the Well Dressed Student is a blog written by a student for students that covers life, fashion, travel + college life. Learn more about The Well Dressed Student with our Q&A and be sure to follow his blog and  Instagram. All photography was done by RJ Goodwin and Matt Owen. Thank you to Sunny for styling our collection of knit ties and sitting down with us and sharing his fashion insight. 

 Q & A With The Well Dressed Student

Bows-N-Ties: How would you describe your style?
Well Dressed Student: “My style is very personal, in every outfit you can learn a little bit about me. I have always been “weird” when it comes to style and in general. I will try anything if I like it from a tank under a blazer to Fred Astaire infamous tie as a belt. The biggest thing is I wear what I like, not what other people tell me to. This took me awhile to do, to be confident in myself that even if someone told me I looked stupid I didn’t care. In all honesty Kanye West was and still is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to confidence and style (huge music fan). 

Our Designer Yellow Knit Striped Tie


Bows-N-Ties: How did you get interested in menswear?
Well Dressed Student: “I enjoy it. I have an older brother, by 7 years and I am the youngest of my cousins. I was always surrounded by mature adults and they taught me the foundation on how to dress properly. From that foundation I have built my own, I am ambitious but I am also young. I realized that people take you more seriously when you look professional. I have typically lived by the motto “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want” and “Dress like the man you want to be” And I want to be Harvey Specter so…”

Striped Tie and Blazer


Bows-N-Ties: What style tips can you give men in college?
Well Dressed Student: You don’t have to break bank to dress nice. I come from very humble beginnings and I wear nice clothes. It’s not all about the brand. There is a huge variety of menswear companies out there that are affordable. It’s all about finding deals. Goodwill is awesome too. I don’t spend my money on stuff the majority of college students do, I spend my money on clothes, watches, school, and currently saving for a car. I promise everyone reading this I am not just saying this, I love Bows-N-Ties- the price is amazing and the quality is superb. When you can spend $15-$20 on a good quality tie that has a stellar design instead of spending $150 for a tie that just because it is from a “high end” company why would you spend that much? Shop smart.”


Bows-N-Ties: What has been your best fashion purchase ever?
Well Dressed Student: Oh man, that is a hard one. I love watches, sadly my bank account hates the fact that I love watches. I bought this Citizen Eco-Drive. It is my favorite watch and my best purchase.”


Bows-N-Ties: What are common fashion mistakes you see on campus?
Well Dressed Student: Buttoning the bottom buttons on people’s blazers or suit jackets is the biggest one. Not matching your shoes to your belt, doesn’t have to be exact shade but get brown on brown or black on black. Also, a lot of kids wear sizes that they aren’t. Know your size and rock it, if you are a small don’t wear a large because you wish you were a large and vice versa.”

Hat and Tie Menswear Style

Bows-N-Ties: Where do you go to school and what are you studying?
Well Dressed Student: I go to Virginia Tech, currently studying Biochemistry, pre-med track. I currently work as a medical scribe while in school. I have big dreams, I want to get a MD and a MBA. There are a few schools out there that have dual programs that allow you to get both in 5 years. I believe this would set me up to reach my goal of being CEO of a hospital. Like I said, big dreams. I mean shoot for the stars, right?”

Pink and Blue Knit Tie Cornflower Blue Designer Knit Tie

Bows-N-Ties: How many suits and ties should college men own?
Well Dressed Student: “Talking bare minimum, at least one good suit. Make it versatile, don’t make your one suit a seersucker. Preferably I would say three suits though. The basics that every man should have is at least one gray, navy, and black suit. After you get the basics you can start investing in more. Plain preferably, like not a pinstripe or windowpane. After you get those down then start expanding into a light blue pinstripe or whatever else your heart desires. They should have as many ties, white and light blue shirts as possible. You can wear the same suit numerous times and completely change the outfit by simply changing the tie.”

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