Fabric Care Guide for Men’s Clothing

How to Clean and Wash Mens Clothes

Your Guide to Fabric Care is here with a clean breakdown of all your menswear fabrics and how to care for them. This general overview of the top 10 menswear fabrics will become an essential resource for maintaining a winning and long lasting wardrobe. All of us have had laundry disasters where we’ve ruined our favorite pair of denim jeans or shrunk our go to sweater. Avoid all future mishaps with this generalist’s guide to laundry and menswear fabrics.

Menswear Fabric Care Symbols

You know you’re a full pledged adult when you have cheat sheet guide to fabric care symbols. This guide to laundry symbols will save you time and heart ache. We recommend printing out these guides and keeping them in your laundry room to ensure your laundry game is always on point. Don’t fall victim to amateur mistakes when it comes to your favorite menswear pieces.

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