Men’s Fashion Tips From the 1920s

Style Tips From Men’s 1920s Fashion

mens-1920s-fashionIt’s quite interesting how trends in men’s fashion come and go. More often than not, old methods of dressing become fashion trends decades later, often incorporating modern fashion elements with those of the past. This couldn’t be any more true than for 1920s fashion, which as of late has been enjoying quite the resurgence. The “roaring ‘20s” was a very stylish period for men, with WWI becoming a thing of the past and a focus on enjoying life for what it is being omnipresent amongst Americans. Surprisingly enough, men’s fashion in the 1920s translates quite well to the modern world, and fashion-forward men of today can get a lot out of embracing the type of dress that was popular throughout the era. The following tips can help you to incorporate elements of 1920s fashion into your current look, no matter how you dress at the moment.

1920s Formal Wear
One of the best ways to incorporate 1920s fashion into your look is through formal wear. 1920s formal wear is about as classic as it gets, and while it certainly is a departure from what people tend to wear today, it can be very effective when worn in the right situation. In the ‘20s, the tailcoat was everything, and embodied formal fashion at the time. Often accompanied by a top hat, this look exuded class in ways that simply have to be seen to be understood. It wasn’t uncommon for starched white shirts to make it into this look, as well as pleated yokes; bowties and white wing-collared shirts were also a staple of 1920s formal wear. Remember that this was a time when the tuxedo was still coming of age, and wasn’t necessarily a mainstay of men’s formal fashion. While you’ll have to gauge the formality of the event you plan on attending, this look can be exceptionally attractive when pulled off correctly.

Knickers for Casual Wear
Just because we look back at the 1920s and tend to think about formal wear during the time doesn’t mean that men in ‘20s didn’t know how to dress casually. One of the most interesting aspects of 1920s casual wear came in the form of knickerbockers, a clothing term that quickly transitioned into the more socially accepted “knickers.” These days, men’s knickers are often referred to as “high-waters,” which references the fact that they fall high enough above the ankle that they can be worn in situations where longer pants might otherwise get wet (during rainstorms, for example). As one might expect, then, knickers breach the gap between shorts and pants, and can be quite attractive when worn correctly. In the 1920s, Norfolk coats were popularly paired with knickers, with the typical ensemble being rounded off by a pair of men’s dress boots.

Accessories are Everything
1920s fashion isn’t complete without incorporating a few popular accessories into the mix. Suspenders were extremely popular at the time, and were often paired with knickers and a white or light-blue dress shirt. Bow ties also tended to be worn more often than they are today, and still have the charm that made them so popular in the first place. Newsboy caps are seeing a resurgence today, and were extremely popular amongst men at the time. Finally, the pocket watch was also a popular mainstay, and while wrist watches are found more often in the modern world, there’s no reason why the fashion-forward man can’t also incorporate a pocket watch into his ensemble every once in a while. The more you play around with 1920s accessories, the more mileage you’ll get out of them.

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