Men’s Style Trends 2013: Velvet – A Style Guide for Velvet

Style Tips for Adding Velvet Pieces Into Your Wardrobe for 2013

Take one good look at 1970s fashion, and there’s a good chance you’re going to realize just how important velvet was to the overall look for both men and women. It was embraced thoroughly, only to disappear for many years after the trend fell out of popularity. 2013 may be a long ways away from the 1970s, but it appears as if velvet is making a comeback this year. When worn improperly, it can make even the most attractive person look like a caricature of himself. When properly employed, however, velvet can be a true secret weapon. Consider these tips about how you can wear velvet effectively and embrace this trend that will no doubt make a splash as the year progresses.

An all velvet outfit consisting of a dark indigo colored double breasted suit, merino wool scarf and cashmere turtleneck in espresso brown, as well as cognac brown dress shoes.

What It Is
Velvet is a material that comes along with a variety of connotations. As stated above, it is very much associated with ‘70s fashion, simply because it is so unique and truly stands out. Because the material is so soft, it has a very comfortable feel to it and is perfect for those who find certain other materials to be uncomfortable. The material also has a very natural sheen that seems almost metallic at first glance, setting apart those who wear it from the crowd that surrounds them.

Common Applications
Without a doubt, the most common application of velvet in men’s fashion comes in the form of a men’s blazer. A velvet blazer can be employed in a variety of different ways, ranging from formal black tie attire to a more casual slant. Typically, it is seen in midnight blue, dark red, or purple, as these colors lend themselves heavily to the material. It’s possible to find velvet in other applications (even pants), but the blazer is by and large the best choice for men who are looking to embrace this trend. Still a bit too much? Then adding smaller accents using this unique fabric would be a good starting point. A good example is a blazer or tux featuring velvet lined lapels, as well as a larger butterfly style velvet bow tie (a perfect compliment to a double breasted tux featuring wider peak velvet lapels).

A perfect example of a velvet tux. Christopher Plummer opted for a midnight blue velvet tuxedo. Note the large butterfly bow tie that compliments the wide notch lapels of the jacket.

Two very different approaches to velvet sports coats. The dark black color of the jacket on the left is paired with regimental stripe tie and a solid white shirt, giving it a more classic/sophisticated look. Much more trendy and fashion-forward is the outfit on the right. The bright yellow valvet jacket is paired with brown vest, earth-toned velvet pants, and a complementing bow tie and pocket square set.

Embracing the Trend
Since wearing a velvet blazer is somewhat of a bold move, you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to embrace this trend in a positive manner. Working with a tailor can help to ensure that the blazer you choose is perfectly fitted, and that you can put together an ensemble that doesn’t allow clashing of any kind to occur. While a really nice velvet blazer can be quite expensive, the money is worth spending since you’ll always have it at your disposal. Velvet may be risky, but it’s one of the most anticipated trends in men’s fashion for 2013 and is worth experimenting with.

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  1. really nc wears looks fantastic.. i luv to wear black velvet mens pant. i m serchng for dat to wear in an wedding function. i m Male high 5.7″, wrest 32 or 30 fair.

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