A Menswear Guide To The Proper Fit

The Right Fit Infographic


Know Right From Wrong 

Know all the right fits to the menswear work essentials including blazers and jeans, chinos and sports coats, two piece suits and three piece suits. Build a foolproof wardrobe with key pieces that fit you. This compelling infographic helps men navigate the rights and wrongs of men’s fashion. The most common mistake in menswear is men wearing oversized clothes that wrinkle, billow, and hang where they shouldn’t. This infographic illustrates some key pain points to avoid ranging from trousers that are too long to suit jackets that are too big. Study this infographic and know the sartorial standards to the proper fits.

Key take aways:

Pay close attention to the length of your denim, trousers, chino and suit pants. The cuffs should fall at the top of the shoe.

Oversized clothes look sloppy and wrinkle more than clothes that fit properly.

Know your size and wear clothes that compliment your body type.


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  1. I feel like this only takes into account one body type, it’s easy to say these things for a certain type but people come in so many different sizes and types.

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