Menswear Winter Layering Tips

Layering Guide For Men


Weather Advisory: Winter Layering Tips For The Stylishly Inclined Ahead 

Brrr. There’s no shortage of Menswear Layering Guides out there -but where they excel in warmth, they fail in style. Our stylist compiled a guide of twelve looks that showcase the handsome art of building style layer upon layer upon layer with essential winter pieces that are interchangeable. And this Guide is just in time for the blizzard conditions that are about to hit the East Coast.


The Suit

Whether you love or hate the suit, many of us have to wear one all week. You want to invest in few (1-3)  tailored wool suits in winter hues like chestnut browns, dark navy blues and grays. A suit can be worn together or broken up into individual pieces. This is the base layer from which you can build up!


The Jacket

You want to invest in 1-2 key jackets that you can layer over suits, sweaters and blazers without looking like you lost yourself in your clothes. You know you can successfully layer when you can still maintain the outline of your frame. Two classics we endorse are the trench and the peacoat.


The Sweater

Invest in an array of solid and patterned sweaters that are comfortable, warm and lightweight. Bulky wool sweaters are enticing but you’ll eventually be come to hate them every time you want to add a top layer.


The Denim 

Most men have a thing for denim. We know that we do. You want to own a few pairs of denim jeans that are tailored. Oversized jeans will drag, hang and completely derail any and all efforts you put forth to look properly layered.

The Accessories

Your core pieces, up to this point, should mostly be in tones of grays, navys and browns so that you can mix and match without the stress of asking “Does this go together?” But with accessories and accessorizing you get to push the boundaries with patterns, colors and textures.  Savvy up you suits with a plaid wool tie and/ or Italian wool pocket squares. If in doubt of what to pair, you can never go wrong with a burgundy tie in winter time. Layer enthusiasts also like to incorporate patterned silk scarves into the mix too.


The Shoes 

Winter shoes can be hard but we recommend picking out a pair of brown and a pair of black boots with a rubber sole. Also, keep a pair or two of sneakers for those casual nights out. Sneakers and peacoats make a handsome team.


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