January 19, 2010

Necktie, Bolo, & Co

Types of Neckwear in Mens Fashion

Although the necktie is the most common type of neckwear seen day-to-day, there are several other types of neckwear used in mens fashion. Some of such are more formal, while others are tied to a geographic location. Below is a list of the five types of neckwear worn by men.

The Necktie
The style of neckwear that is known by everyone. Even little kids learn the importance dad sees in his neckties when they give him one as a fathers day present. Neckties as we know them today have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. With the invention of the Four in Hand tie knot, and Jesse Langsdorf’s 1924 invention to cut the tip of the tie in a triangular shape, the modern necktie was born. Today the necktie is part of the business man’s uniform throughout most parts of the world.

The Bow Tie
The bow tie is one of the most formal neck decorations used today. It is usually reserved for black tie attire and/or the even more formal white tie dress code. The bow tie is much older than the necktie. It dates back to the 17th century France. It is said that the bow tie served as the forefather of the modern necktie. We also invite you to visit our selection of solid color bowties.

The Ascot or Cravat
The ascot, sometimes also called “cravat”, originated in England during the late 19th century. The ascot is a formal type of scarf that resembles a cross between a pashmina-scarf and a modern necktie. The ascot was part of required men’s dress for the infamous horse race called “The Royal Ascot” – hence the name. The ascot was traditionally worn with a long “morning coat” – a type of tailcoat jacket – and it was fastened with a decorative pin on top of the tie knot. Today ascots are much less common and usually only found at formal weddings and traditional formal events occurring during day-time.

The Bolo
The bolo tie has the least resemblance to the modern necktie. It looks more like a piece of string that is worn around the neck. The bolo tie, sometimes also known as “western tie” or “Arizona tie” originated in the 1940 in southern Arizona. It is a type of neck-wear that is usually associated with western wear

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