Necktie Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas with Neckties

mens-necktie-fashionNeckties are a crucial (and, unfortunately, oft overlooked) item in men’s fashion. A good number of men all over the world wear one every day, and it’s nigh on impossible that you get to legal age without wearing a tie at least once. That doesn’t, however, go to say that you’re wearing the necktie perfectly, the way it was meant to be worn.

Extreme Sizes
Like so many other things in men’s fashion, much about the necktie boils down to simple balance. You have to get size and scale just right; going to any extreme does nobody any favors, and it looks unkempt to say the least.

The skinny tie is one of the most heinous trends of the last century, and is probably a case of a fad that was taken beyond its limits. Make no mistake, the best necktie style for the modern man is slim enough to be proportional to his body. Once you cross that thin line between slim and skinny, though, you wander into uncharted and un-stylish territory. Also, the width of the tie should be coordinated to the width of the suit lapels. Thus, slim ties should be matched with modern cut suits that have slimmer than normal lapels.

Why is it so bad? Men’s fashion has a high regard for history and tradition, and neck ties are a very clear manifestation of that. A style staple since the 19th century, ties are worn today much like they were a hundred years ago. Wearing a skinny tie is like flipping off to that heritage because it no longer works with any proportion on your body.

Similarly odious is the extremely wide tie, something that your dad, uncle or grandpa probably did in their own time. They were once popular as a status symbol of affording all that fabric in a rationed economy. Now that times have changed, though, there’s no more statement to make – and no more reason to not wear a proportionately slim tie.

One thing you should never forget about neckties is that they carry a lot of history and tradition with them. That’s why the novelty necktie is so egregious in the world of men’s fashion; they’re the complete opposite of the traditions that a necktie represents.

Brand logos, cartoon characters and all manner of emoticons count as novelty ties. Should you ever feel the urge to wear one, follow this simple tip: put it down and walk away. Walk away quickly, lest the urge returns.

Necktie Neglect
Most men pay very little attention to their ties, and it doesn’t take much to see why. The necktie is most likely something you wear in the car on your way to work, and then undo on your way back home. It probably gets discarded in the back seat, or draped over some random piece of furniture on your route back to the bedroom.

Remember that neckties – at least, the kind that you’re supposed to wear to work – are made of silk, a relatively delicate fabric. You don’t necessarily have to treat it as fragile, but at the very least show it some care. Undo the knot of your tie right away; don’t just loosen the knot and then leave it looped once it’s off your neck. Take care of stains and spills promptly, lest they become permanent on so premium a fabric.

In most parts of the world, the tie means status, as a professional or an educated member of society. Give it the care and credit that’s due to it. For more information you may also read our tutorial on: How to Clean a Silk Tie

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