New Repp-Striped Tie Collection by Puccini

New Repp Striped Ties by Puccini – Just $9.90 Each

That men’s fashion & style doesn’t have to be expensive can be witnessed by Puccini’s latest striped tie collection. A perfect blend of traditional repp-stripe design, one that is typically associated with conservative regimental ties, and bold/bright colors, this assortment of ties will infuse some fresh air into any man’s wardrobe. Featuring a modern width of 3.25 inches, this collection is perfect for any modern cut suit featuring narrow to medium-width lapels. Best of all is the price on these pieces. We at offer this collection for just $9.90 a piece. Now if this is not proof that a stylish business wardrobe is not just for the top 1%, then we don’t know what is. Click on your favorite color below for more information.



(From left to right: Bright Red & White Striped Tie, Aubergine Purple & Berry Pink Striped Tie, Festive Silver & White Striped Tie, Yellow & Navy Striped Tie, Brick Red and Midnight Blue Striped Tie, Amber Yellow & White Striped Tie, Oasis Blue & White Striped Tie, Deep Burgundy & Gray Striped Tie)

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  1. I like the purple and berry combo the best.
    I will probably leave a note for Santa pointing out what a lovely gift the other ties would be.

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