Our Featured Product – The Sangria Knit Tie

Chris Nicholas Looks Superb in Sangria

Sangria Tie and Business Wear

Sangria is the new color trend in menswear to try. It is tremendously bold and makes a brilliant accent color for your bright whites, your neutral grays and your dark navy blues.  Chris Nicholas shows shows us how to wear our popular Sangria Pink Knit Tie from our Spring Collection.

Sangria Knit Skinny Tie

Pair this vibrant necktie with a classic white button down shirt and a black tie bar. Mr. Nicholas opts to pair this tie with a pair of casual trousers to create a business casual aesthetic to be reckoned with.

How To Match Your Ties and Socks

We are absolutely enamored with how Mr. Nicholas coordinated patterned sangria socks with the sangria knit tie.  This look is spot on from head to toe! Thank you to Chris Nicholas for creating such a handsome and savvy look.


Your Bows-N-Ties Team


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