August 16, 2016

Look of The Week – Paisley Panache

Paisley Scarf and Tie


Vintage Paisley Scarf

White Dress Shirt

Paisley Tie

Paisley Pocket Square

Paisly on paisley on paisley. We are impressed and delighted by this look created by @themodernsikh who takes menswear layering to a new level of dapper with our featured Look Of The Week. The matching paisley print of the scarf and pocket square are creatively updated by a the addition of a vintage, textured paisley tie. We’re big supporters of mixing and matching patterns, colors and scales and this is another example of how fashion rewards those who think outside of the box.  This ensemble is brilliant for transitioning from the professionalism of the office to the chicness of the cocktail scene. Tell us in the comments what your favorite pattern is to layer!

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August 10, 2016

Wedding Inspiration For Fresh Tangerine

Wedding Color Inspiration For Tangerine


Fresh Tangerine is a big personality color that is insanely fashionable for warm weather weddings. We’re especially fond of it for garden weddings. This cutting edge hue adds that game changing spark everyone is looking for when planning and envisioning a wedding. See the endless possibilities of tangerine orange by visiting out Wedding Color Inspiration Board on Pinterest. This enthusiastic shade of orange pairs brilliantly  well with bright whites and tonal grays and summer tans.  We picked out some of our most popular wedding accessories in Tangerine Orange. Be sure to check out our entire collection of orange neckties for more options.  This color is guaranteed to charm you, your wedding party and your guests. 


Weddding Ties in Tangerine


Tangerine Orange Bow Tie      |       Micro Check Tie in Tangerine     |       Textured Tie in Tangerine

Geometric Tie in Tangerine        |      Skinny Tie With Stripes        |      Tangerine Plaid Bow Tie



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August 8, 2016

Look Of The Week – Port Reds and Grays

Port Wine Skinny Tie


Gingham Shirt

Port Wine Skinny Tie

Tie Bar

Pocket Square

Wood Watch 

Texture, texture and more texture. We love this look created by the @TheDapperJuan,  who creatively pairs our port wine skinny tie with a gingham shirt, textured blazer and textured pocket square. The color combination of grays and burgundies is color perfection in our book – especially when paired with a rustically refined wood watch and a dart tie bar. Trend setting menswear is all about combining basics with statement pieces. This look is something we can’t wait to replicate. Be sure to check out last week’s Look Of The Week, featuring this tie in infinity blue

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August 3, 2016

Wedding Color Inspiration For Merlot

Merlot Wedding Inspiration


Brides everywhere are coveting the decadence of Merlot as a wedding color. This luxe hue is stunning and pairs inexplicably well with blushes, pinks, beiges and navys. If you’re searching for a jewel toned wedding color with old world sophistication, Merlot might be the dream color you’ve been searching for.  Be sure to visit out Pinterest Board for Wedding Ideas for Merlot  to see more great ideas and color combos. Merlot and navy make a dream team combo for your groomsmen. Here are six handsome wedding ties and bow ties that we highly recommend for Merlot Weddings. 


Designer Groomsmen Ties in Merlot


Patterned Bow Tie In Burgundy     |     Skinny Knit Tie   |    Textured Tie in Merlot

Designer Silk Tie in Port    |    Gingham Tie in Merlot    |     Merlot and Silver Wedding Tie


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August 1, 2016

Look Of The Week – Summer Suiting

Summer Wedding Style for Men


Dress Shirt





Instantly elevate your summer style to the next level with our featured Look Of The Week styled by Matthias Geerts. This color palette of wheats and infinity blues is the ultimate summer combination that looks timeless and sophisticated.  With longer days and warmer nights, you want to stay versatile with your neutrals. We love this cool combination of light summertime neutrals accented by a debonair pop of infinity blue.  Opting to wear a suit sans socks adds a relaxed and coveted coolness to a look.  There’s something so intrinsically fashionable about keeping a look simple and sharp. 

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