May 17, 2017

Who Wore It Best UK


Update: The winning look is @cantimagineit. Thank you everyone for voting for your favorite look.

Our Who Wore It Best UK  is here featuring these five English menswear influencers @theexiledbrit@cutsforhim,  @cantimagineit@suitandtiefixation, and @that_dapper_chap.  We sent each of these fashion influencers our skinny glen plaid tie and asked them to style it. Vote for your favorite look of the five and instantly be entered into our contest to win this tie. One voter will be randomly selected once the contest is over. 

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Ties for Phi Kappa Tau

UPDATE: They are finally here! Looking to get your hands on one of these exclusive Phi Kappa Tau branded ties? Then check this link below:

Design Process

Looking for some Phi Kappa Tau branded neckties of bow ties? Then we at Bows-N-Ties will soon be carrying 4 unique tie designs for you. As a fully licensed designer and manufacturer of Phi Kappa Tau branded ties you can rest assured that all ties meet all of Phi Kappa Tau’s branding guidelines. These four designs will be available later this Summer here at

Design #1

For the first design our designers were inspired by a classic British repp stripe design in Phi Kappa Tau’s colors of reds and gold. The embroidered greek lettering on the red stripes as well as the embroidered coat of arms on the back of the tie create unmistaken Kappa Tau identity. This striped collection is handmade from 100% woven silk and will be available later this Summer here at

Phi Kappa Tau striped necktiesPhi Kappa Tau striped bow ties

Design #2

The second design for Phi Kappa Tau features a skinnier cut and more preppy design. The crested repp stripe design as well as the narrow cut of 2.75 inches is perfect for the modern man. Made from a microfiber fabric these ties will likely be available around $15 with additional group discounts being made available for orders over 30 pieces.

PhiKappaTau skinny tiesstriped bow ties for phi Kappa Tau

Fabric Swatches:

Below are photos of the actual fabric swatches we produced pre production run to ensure all details and Pantone colors match Phi Kappa Tau’s branding guidelines.

May 16, 2017

Ties for Phi Kappa Sigma

UPDATE: They are finally here! After several months of tedious (but fun) design work and fabric sampling, our collection of Phi Kappa Sigma branded neckties and bow ties is finally available for sale. To view all the designs, please check the link below:

Design Process

Coming soon to Bows-N-Ties is a collection of Fraternity ties. As a fully licensed manufacturer for dozens of fraternities our designs have been working hard to create some unique bow and necktie designs for close to two dozen of greek organizations. While we are still in production of these ties, we already wanted to give you a sneak preview of fraternity ties that will be available later this Summer. Below are approved tie designs for Phi Kappa Sigma as well as photos of the actual fabric swatches that were produced prior to the actual production run.

Design #1

Our first design for Phi Kappa Sigma features a classic repp stripe design in golden tan, black, as well as a light turquoise blue accent stripe. A pattern of detailed Phi Kappa Sigma crests is woven into the black stripes creating a signature Phi Kappa Sigma tie design. Handmade from 100% silk, we expect to retail these ties for around $25.

PhiKappaSigma necktiesPhiKappaSigma Bow Ties

Design #2

The 2nd design for Phi Kappa Sigma is a more fashion forward design featuring a skinnier cut of 2.75 inches. An all-over pattern of woven crests creates a signature Phi Kappa Sigma tie. The embroidered greek lettering of the back of the necktie adds another great detail! We expect to retail this skinny tie collection for under $20 later this Summer.

Phi Kappa Sigma Skinny TiesPhi Kappa Sigma Logo Bow Ties

Actual Fabrics

Below are actual fabric swatches for design #1 and #2 above. We produced fabric swatches for all greek tie designs to ensure accurate logo, coat of arms, crests, as well as Pantone color match.

May 15, 2017

How To Pack a Suit Case For Business Trips

The Packing Pyramid 

When it comes to business trips, it’s all about making smart choices and perfect folds. The last thing you want to be doing in a hotel room is ironing out unnecessary wrinkles due to haphazard folding. We’ve all been there. First and foremost follow our pyramid guide to the essentials. Pack plenty of  ties (the more choices, the better), underwear, and menswear accessories. Wallet, sunglasses – check. Shoes, socks and belt – check.  Next you want a minimum of two dress pants and three dress shirts. Most importantly, you need a power blazer that pairs with everything else in your suitcase. We’ve created 3 key guides on how to fold your dress shirts, dress pants and suit jacket. These fold guides will save you  time when you take off for your next overnight business trip and have you look like the business pro you are.


The Shirt Folding Guide in 11 Steps

Don’t be fooled by today’s relaxed dress code. A wrinkled shirt is ALWAYS going to be frowned upon. Avoid the looks of judgement with these 11 simple steps.


The Suit Jacket Folding Guide

These 9 steps to folding your suit jacket will prove to be very useful. Look sharp, smart and tailored by properly folding your suit jacket. It also makes for extra room in your suitcase for your gym shoes.


The Suit Pant Folding Guide

With these 5 easy steps to folding your suit pants, you’ll avoid awkward creases and wrinkles. This works on all your trousers both business and casual.


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May 12, 2017

Ties for Phi Gamma Delta

UPDATE: They have arrived! After months of design work and sampling to ensure perfect quality and detail, our collection of Phi Gamma Delta branded ties is now available here at View all available styles and designs via the link below:

Design Process

Earlier this year we were accepted as the official licensee to create greek branded products for dozens of fraternities. Since then our designers have been working hard to create branded neckties using specific branding guidelines and pantone color charts. Below are the two designs that were approved by Phi Gamma Delta as well as the actual fabric swatches. These ties are now in production and will be available for purchase later this Summer here on

Design #1:

Phi Gamma Delta’s logo is perfect for a more geometric design pattern. We chose to arrange their logo as an all-over pattern design that is not woven but printed onto 100% silk fabric using high-end digital fabric printers. The matching bow ties are made as a self-tied style and feature an adjustable neck band to accommodate collar sizes up to 20 inches.

Design #2:

The second design we created for Phi Gamma Delta follows a more traditional repp-striped design with woven coat of arms. Made with a skinnier width of 2.75 inches, these ties are perfect for the modern man. The matching bow ties will be made as a pre-tied style for convenient wear.

Photos of Fabric Swatches:

Below are actual fabric swatches for the two designs we are making for Phi Gamma Delta. The crests and greek lettering will be added as a detail on the back of the neckties.