May 9, 2016

Look Of The Week – Summer Suit + Retro Tie

Menswear Look - Summer Suit and Tie


Linen Suit

Dress Shirt

Slim Cut Designer Tie 

Green and White Pocket Square

Summer Trend Forecast Alert! Dress up your linen suits with retro print menswear accessories. Check out our Look Of The Week created by @yaosterstyle who pairs out retro patterned tie in olive with a classic striped dress shirt and a linen suit. The creative combination of classic and trend-forward fashion pieces makes this ensemble come to life. The mixing and matching of patterns and textures work in complete balance with one another making this one of our favorite looks of the season. 

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May 5, 2016

Knot So Fast – 12 Tie Knots To Know

Tie Knots To Master




Fun Fact: Named after the Duke of Windsor
We think: It’s the most versatile tie
King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor) and his grandfather (Edward VII) were avid fans of wider tie knots compared to the traditional thinner knots that were ubiquitous back in the 19th century. Thus, they came up with the Windsor knot to add a little more bulk to the size of the knot.

Windor Knot Instructions


Half Windsor

Fun Fact: Developed for tall people
This tie knot was inspired by the Windsor and is less thick. Developed for thinner taller men, it was thought that a half Windsor knot looked better on leaner men since the full Windsor appeared too large and asymmetrical.

Half Windsor Knot Instructions


Four In Hand

Aka The schoolboy knot
Fun Fact: Inspired from horse carriage drivers
The name of the knot comes from the four-horse carriage. Carriage drivers used to knot their reins in a special way to have control of all four horses of the carriage, hence the name, four in hand. However, the necktie version of the knot was made fashionable by a London gentleman’s club called Four In Hand.

Four in Hand Instructions



Aka Shelby knot
Fun Fact: Invented by a 92 year old
A 92-year-old man called Jerry Pratt came into the studio one day to tell a local news anchor that his tie knot was awful. Thus, he shared his little secret of how to tie the knot he devised that is both perfectly symmetrical and proportional. The rest is history as they say.

Pratt Knot Instructions


Thicker version of the Four In Hand
Fun Fact: Inspired by Lord Kelvin
Lord Kelvin, a highly perspicacious individual who studied mathematical knot theory, inspired this knot. Although he would “knot” (why thank you) have actually worn this knot on a tie, the creator felt the need for some reason to name the knot after Kelvin.

Kelvin Knot Instructions


Prince Albert

Great for short men
Fun Fact: Named after Queen Victoria’s husband
Although this knot is named after Queen Victoria’s husband, the prince never actually wore ties. Thus, the creator of the tie is still a mystery to this day.

Prince Albert Knot Instructions



Named after French-Polish artist
Fun Fact: Worn by Mads Mikkelsen
This knot is named after a Polish-French artist who created the tie called Balthasar Klossowski de Rola. He was known for his controversial paintings that were often very sexual and unorthodox. Mads Mikkelesen can also been seen wearing this knot on the Hannibal TV series.

Balthus Knot Instructions



Inventor: Amanda Christensen
Fun Fact: Used in the 1800s
The Christensen knot was made with no one but Swedish creator, Amanda Christensen, knowing how to tie it. Eventually people over time were able to figure out how it was more or less tied. However no one still knows if this was the same method Christensen took in making the knot. The Swedish royal family is also avid fans of the knot.

Christensen Knot Instructions



Aka the reverse half Windsor
This knot is tied in a way that is the reverse of the half Windsor. It looks well on round faces since the knot is large. It also looks good on suits with wide collar spreads.

Manhatten Knot Instructions



Inspired from the triquetra symbol
This knot is tied in a very similar way to the triquetra symbol. It is said that Christians took the ancient Celtic symbol and compared it to the trinity, hence the name. The knot is split into three sections that looks somewhat like a triangle like the ancient symbol and the idea of the trinity.

Trinity Knot Instructions



Created recently in 2007
Fun Fact: Invented by a systems analyst
Jeffery Eldredge in created this knot back in 2007 before quickly reaching fame in 2008. This particular knot is known for its complexity and large symmetrical size. Shaped similar to that of a fishtail, it is tied with the small end unlike many other knots. The remaining length that is left over is hidden behind the collar to complete the beautifully balanced look.

Eldredge Knot Instructions



Fun Fact: Inspired the Merovingian tie used in The Matrix
Brent Murrell created this knot back in 1995 as an adaptation of the Windsor. The actual knot itself is very similar to that of the Windsor but the difference lies where the large end hangs behind the tail end of the tie creating an unorthodox look.

Murrell Knot Instructions



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May 4, 2016

Nautical Wedding Inspiration


Nautical Wedding Ideas


Set sail on your Wedding Day with a nautical themed celebration in a palette of ocean blues and bright whites. Nautical weddings have a sense of adventure that is undeniably intoxicating. Capture the spirit and deck out your wedding venue and your wedding party with iconic nautical details like ropes, anchors, compasses and sailor stripes. If a palette of blues and whites isn’t feminine enough for your liking, incorporate summer accent colors like peaches, corals and yellows.  We also love nautical weddings as a destination wedding idea. You and your wedding guests can take a cruise to say your “I Do’s.”  Discover more inspirational wedding ideas with our Pinterest Board dedicated to Destination Weddings.  Let us help you with all your groomsmen accessories needs. We have an entire nautical collection that the men are sure to love.  In addition, we have a handsome assortment of sailor approved accessories in all shades of blues. Here are are six of our favorites.


Nautical Wedding Ties For Groom


Cotton Skinny Tie     |      Mod Striped Bow Tie     |      Pin Dot Tie in Blues

Sailboat Skinny Tie        |       Anchor Bow Tie        |       Striped Knit Tie

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May 2, 2016

Look(s) Of The Week – Dapper Professional



Marine Blue Knit Tie       |      Worsted Wool Tie in Olive       |       Graphic Striped Tie 

Tartan Plaid Tie       |      Solid Charcoal Knit Tie         |     Bright Paisley Tie 

Polka Dot Tie in Wool      |      Boldly Striped Tie      |     Deep Red Skinny Tie


We are huge fans of the Dapper Professional who’s a mastermind at accessorizing. Check out these nine wildly chic menswear looks all utilizing our collection of neckties.  Each look is innovative, creative, colorful and showcases the stylistic prowess of accessorizing. There’s no limit to the patterns he’s willing to incorporate into his style from bold stripes, to classic stripes to exotic paisleys.  His versatility is in a word –INSPIRING. Out of these nine looks, what is your favorite. Also,  don’t forget to enter his $300 Giveaway that ends tonight. Visit his Instagram Feed to ENTER.

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April 27, 2016

Wedding Color Inspiration For Petal Pink

Ideas for Petal Pink Weddings



If you love feminine soft tones, petal pink is the wedding hue for you. This delicate shade of pink is one of the most romantic color choices you can choose.  Ooh-la-la! Make your dream wedding come to life in a palette of petal pinks and classic whites. Imagine  pink lace dresses, bouquets of pink roses, linen petal pink bow ties, and everything else you can imagine in the world’s chicest shade. See the full wedding potential of petal pink by visiting our Pinterest Board dedicated to all things petal pink. We have you covered when it comes to your groomsmen accessories! Check  out these top picks all in petal pink.



Groomsmen Wedding Ties in Petal

Petal Pink Linen Tie         |         Flower Print Silk Tie         |        Pin Dot Bow Tie 

Striped Tie in Petal     |     Textured Tie in Pink   |    Designer Floral Tie 


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