June 22, 2016

Inspiration For Country Western Weddings

Country Western Cowboy Weddings


Could a heritage inspired Country Western Wedding be right for you? We think so!  Imagine a  palette of cowboy-inspired neutral tones, Americana details, cowboy hats, leather boots, line dancing, horses, hay bails and so much more. Our stylist has put together some of her favorite ideas for planning a western themed wedding. Her advice, the more rustic the better.  Don’t try to re-invent the country wedding. Embrace the time honored aesthetic and run with it.  And when it comes to outfitting the groomsmen, keep it simple with boots, jeans, cowboy hats, shirt and tie. When choosing groomsmen ties, it’s best to stick to a cowboy approved color palette of champagnes, tans and browns. Be sure to visit our Pinterest Board For Rustic Wedding Inspiration for more even more ideas.



Paisley Tie in Champagne      |       Blue and Beige Tie        |       Striped Beige Tie 

Skinny Tie in Espresso Brown      |      Textured Tie in Brown       |      Striped Tie in Dark Brown



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June 20, 2016

Look Of The Week – Polka Dots and Pin Dots

Casual Menswear with Hanky





Pocket Square


Never, ever, ever underestimate the power of the classics. This simple look created by Zebran Kebani is pure menswear perfection. The double mix of polka dots adds transforms these basics into something totally fashionable and cutting edge. Celebrate the basics by picking pieces that suit you well and spice them up with accent pieces like pin dot pocket squares and polka dot shirts. This contemporary ensemble can be worn to just about anything and if you need to dress it up just a bit, we recommend (you guessed it) more pin dots.

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June 15, 2016

Fathers’ Day Gift Combos


Calendar Alert: Father’s Day is this SUNDAY. We have handpicked five Dad’s Day combos for five styles of dads that include the academic, the avid gardener, the dog lover, the internal hippie and the outdoorsman.  Above we have our scholarly combo that combines a pin dot pocket square, a repp textured crested tie and a red tie bar.




Is your Dad a flower enthusiast at heart? Treat him to this handsome combo of a floral tie, a cream pocket square and silver tie bar.




Any Dad who loves dogs, will love this combo that pairs a bulldog tie with a red bordered pocket square and a bright white tie bar.




For dads who still embrace their inner hippie, we recommend our retro paisley tie and pocket square accented with our turquoise tie bar.




Outdoorsmen dad will love this trio of menswear pieces that include a pheasant embroidered necktie, a hunter green pocket square and a navy tie bar.


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June 13, 2016

Best Graduation Get Ups For All Students


The Ivy Leaguer

Voted Most Likely To Succeed, the Ivy Leaguer is a hardcore academic who dresses for success. Dress the part with a suit and crested tie.  No need to do all the searching yourself for these pieces. We have done it for you. To get the look right, all you need to get is this suit, the following oxford shirt, our regimental crested necktie, this brown leather belt, a pair of classy brown oxfords, and – of course – a pair of tortoise aviators.



The Boozer 

99 bottles of beer on the wall. You know who you are. Opt for the iconic Animal House get-up and go with The Boozer dream ensemble of swim trunks , sneakers, flannel  shirt, college sweater shirt and of course the flask filled with booze. You’re all about the (southern) comfort and this look captures that. You’re carefree and ready for anything.



The Streaker 

Whether you consider yourself a minimalist -or a prankster, there’s always The Streaker get-up which includes the bare (pun alert) essentials. Sunscreen , flip flops and sunglasses . We hope the gown wasn’t a rental. And be warned, it’s hard to live down the nickname The Streaker even when it’s your 20 year school reunion.



The Prepster 

Voted Best Dressed, you like to look your best.  We got you covered with this summer savvy look that will have you trending with #stylegoals in no time.  Pair this lovely summer suit with a bright blue dress shirt, madras linen bow tie, classic belt  and quintessential navy blue boat shoes. The ladies will swoon and the parents will compliment.  



The Rock Star 

Voted Most Likely To Be In A Band  – you love music and are always down to jam. Rock your favorite band t-shirt  and jeans  under your cap and gown with your statement checkered vans.  And of course, you always have your  guitar  on hand. Who’s ready for a post graduation sing-a-long?

June 8, 2016

Tiffany Blue Wedding Color Inspiration

Mood Board for Tiffany Blue Weddings


There’ a reason everyone loves tiffany blue. Take a look at this decadent wedding hue that is certifiably 100 percent tres chic. This utterly amazing color is what most of us dream of when we thinking of our wedding day.  Make all those dreams come true. Our wedding specialist created this mood board to highlight the grace and vibrancy of this lovely color. For more ideas, be sure to visit our Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration Board. Your wedding will be bursting with charm once you inject this color into your wedding party. We have an array of wonderful wedding ties to choose from with these six being our most popular.


Wedding Ties In Tiffany Blue


Tiffany Blue Tie     |       Bow Tie in Tiffany Blue        |     Striped Tie in Tiffany

Paisley Tie         |          Pin Dot Tie              |         Micro-check Tie 

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