August 30, 2017

Rose Gold and Nude Wedding Ideas

Wedding Inspiration in Nudes and Metallics


Neutrals All Glammed Up

Take a palette of nudes and neutrals to an entirely new level of chicness with the feminine extravagance of rose gold metallics. Nudes and rose golds show that opposites do attract. These two are absolutely perfect together and create an ever-lasting color palette that never loses it’s big impact. Curate your dream wedding that captures your boho spirit along with your love of all things shiny. Be sure to check out our collection of both nude wedding ties and rose gold groomsmen accessories to see how amazing these two colors are. In the meantime, our wedding specialist picked out a few of our most popular designs.


Neutrals and Metallic Wedding Ideas


Nude Wedding Tie          |         Bow Tie in Nude           |         Nude Pocket Square

Rose Gold Tie        |         Bow Tie in Rose Gold       |         Pocket Square in Rose Gold 




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Suiting Elevated | A Look To Pine Over

How To Wear A Pine Green Tie

2 Button Suit

Fitted Dress Shirt

Pine Green Tie

Classic Watch

Patterned Pocket Square

Monk Strap Shoe


A Look To Pine Over


Simplicity is sometimes the best approach to perfect business professional style. Case in point, this week’s featured look created by @thefilteredfit who seamlessly pairs a navy blue suit with a pine green necktie.  This flawless suit + necktie combination takes the basics and elevates them by not trying to overcomplicate things. The smart addition of the colorfully graphic pocket square adds an element of boldness to an otherwise clean and minimalistic menswear look. Shop the ensemble and we guarantee you’ll be pleased with these prime menswear pieces from a variety of fashion forward brands.


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August 23, 2017

Wedding Color Inspiration For Rich Plum

Rich Plum Wedding Ideas


Plum Perfection 

Rich plums are profoundly dramatic in their breathtaking beauty. The more plums you see, the more the more obsessed you will be. Trust us. These tremendously refined hues exude romance and embody grace.  Plums come in a broad spectrum of shades and mix and match beautifully with poised pastels and discerning earth tones. We’ve curated a collection of men’s wedding accessories that coordinate and compliment one of our favorite shades of plum: J.Crew’s rich plum.  We’ve also created a Pinterest Board dedicated to all things plum. These are six of our most popular groomsman accessories in plums.


Rich Plum Groomsmen Ties

 Modern Plum Tie            |           Polka Dot Tie           |          Geometric Tie in Plum

Glen Check Tie         |          Bow Tie in Rich Plum        |       Paisley Tie in Plums


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August 21, 2017

Look Of The Week: Foulard Print Ties


Modern Menswear Style


Dress Shirt 

Foulard Tie 


Fashion Forward Foulards 

Are you on the perpetual lookout for statement accessories that help your suits (and you) avoid the dreaded sartorial rut? Foulards may be the answer. This week, we are featuring an infinitely enviable ensemble by @antonflensburg that shows off the refinement of the foulard print tie. This intricate foulard tie in midnight blue delivers fashion forward style with total and utter elegance.  To say the least, these foulards are cool and contemporary in both color and pattern making them a perfect pairing with your blue suits. What we like most about this featured look, is the sophistication punctuated by the minimalism. Less is more with this this confident look.


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August 16, 2017

Wedding Color Inspiration For Slate Gray

Weddings In Slate Gray


A Clean Slate 

Slate gray is a contemporary and cool wedding color that captures the aesthetic that modern brides are crazy about. This wedding season, simplicity and minimalism are at the fore making slate gray a winning color option. We curated a collection of our favorite photos and ideas that embody the stunning possibilities of this progressively chic hue. Check them all out on our Pinterest Board that is an ode to gray weddings. Break the rules in utter style with and make slate gray the new white when it comes to weddings. Our wedding stylist picked out her favorite groomsmen accessories in slate gray.


Groomsmen Accessories in Slate Gray


Gingham Tie in Slate           |          Gingham Bow Tie           |          Cashmere Tie in Gray

Striped Tie in Grays           |          Pin Dot Tie in Slate        |        Textured Tie in Slate


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