September 21, 2016

Wedding Inspiration For City Hall Weddings

Inspiration For City Hall Weddings


There’s a beauty, grace and style to a City Hall Wedding that is like no other venue. It’s momentous.  It’s official. It’s timeless. It’s hard (maybe even impossible) to not fall in love with the Art Decor charm of these old, charming buildings full of history. Elevate this aesthetic with the dress, the boutique and the partner you always dreamed up. See more gorgeous City Hall Weddings by visiting our Wedding Pinterest Board. And if you have questions on what tie the groom should wear, don’t hesitate to call reach out to us. In the meantime, our in-house wedding stylist picked out her favorite wedding ties for a City Hall Wedding.


City Hall Wedding Ties for Groom



Uber Skinny Tie in Charcoal        |         Wool Gray Bow Tie            |       Art Deco Skinny Tie

  Pin Dot Tie             |           Black Knit Tie             |       Plaid Charcoal Tie 


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September 20, 2016

Look Of The Week – Striped Shirt + Knit Tie

Ivy Green Knit Tie and Pink Lapel

Blue Blazer

Striped Shirt 

Knit Tie in Green

Lapel Pin in Pink


We’re obsessed with this Fall inspired color trio of ivy green, bright blue and a delicate pink. Instantly update and optimize your favorite menswear essentials by thinking in terms of Autumn colors. This dapper look is created by the ultra fashionable @unbearablystylish and has us dreaming of knit ties and lapel pins. Autumnal tones bring a burst of drama to your collection of wool suits in shades of navy blue, chestnut brown and slate gray. Accessorize them with solid color ties, patterned pocket squares, jewel toned tie bars and of course, lapel pins.


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September 19, 2016

Best Interview Looks For Men With Beards

Beard and Tie Pairings

We live in a different time than our forefathers did. Going “el casual” is more common now than ever before, even in the workplace. However, there is one work setting where looking your best is still a good call. The interview.

The professional man still needs to be able to bring his “A” game when it’s time to interview. This means a smart suit, solid colored, minimal jewelry and accessories (a metal watch is fine), and of course, a tie. The modern bearded man may struggle to find the piece of neckwear that suits his facial hair and complements his features. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of hair color or style, your beard should be neat and well-kempt for your interview. It is also important to remember that the size of your beard and mustache will accentuate the size of your face, making it more pronounced. With that in mind, we want to complement our beard. Not fight for dominance of our face. Your beard style and color will factor in to selecting what colors and tie styles work best for you.



Those with lighter-colored hair will want to stick with darker colors. This complements the shade of your hair without being too drastic. Lighter colors such as yellows and pinks run the risk of blending in and being lost against your hair.

Small Beard: The Micro Check Tie in Dark Midnight Blue is an excellent darker colored necktie to pair with a light beard color. It also wears well with a neater, more closely trimmed beard

Large Beard: Larger beards should still be well-groomed, waxed or oiled, and looking professional. Bow ties pair well with larger beard styles as they keep the attention on the face. The beard combined with the bow tie can convey an intellectual, academic image. Bow ties, in general, work best with a tightly fitted jacket.

The Silk Designer Bow Tie in Navy and Red is an elegant, lightly patterned bowtie which will pair well with a lighter hair shade. It also will pair nicely with the matching pocket square



If lighter colored hair matches well with darker colors, then the opposite is true for darker hair. Brunette hair that wanders into the darker shades of brown pairs better with a lighter colored tie.

Small Beard: A light blue such as the Trendy Blue Gingham Check Tie is a smart choice. The pattern is professional and light blue is an excellent complement to a number of different suit styles and colors. Light blue ties with simple patterns are typically a solid choice for a job interview.

Large Beard: Your larger beard will pair well with another light blue selection. The Diamond Check Bowtie in Blue is a playful, yet elegant selection that will complement a larger beard style. The bold diamond pattern is distinctive without being distracting.



Regardless of your suit style and color, dark navy blue will almost always work in a professional setting. The Elegant Navy Blue Business Tie is a smart choice to convey a professional, yet bold appearance.

For summer interviews, a lighter color is traditionally a smart approach.

While navy blue is still a fantastic choice, A simple blue and yellow striped tie also works well and adds a hint of charm and casual sophistication.



Your goal should be to look your best and present a clean, neat, and professional appearance to the interviewer. The specific position you are interviewing for, or the company, may help dictate your selection.

Pro Tip: Research the company prior to the interview. Most companies have a brand color they utilize on their website, logo, or in marketing materials. Match to the style and shade if possible. 

While looking your best is important, it is likewise important to remember to not be too flashy. The expectation in most interview setting is that the attire is business professional which can mean a somewhat toned down appearance.

Now, go get that job!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR; Wesley is the owner of A place for men to read on all things manly such as safety razors, beards, and of course manscaping. For more, visit their website.

September 14, 2016

Wedding Color Inspiration For Mauve

Mauve Wedding Ideas



Brides everywhere are Mad For Mauve -and why shouldn’t they be?! Mauve, reinvented as a  wedding color is modern, tasteful and imaginative. Create a palette poised for perfection by mixing and matching mauves with pastel pinks, rich berry reds, delicate ivories and masculine navys. Mauve is a thoughtful color that infuses a wedding party with a delicate elegance.  To celebrate the beauty of this airy color, we created a Pinterest Board dedicated to Mauve Weddings.  This sophisticated and airy wedding color is the perfect hue for weddings of all seasons so you won’t feel at all limited.


Groomsmen Ties in Mauve



Wedding Tie in Mauve         |       Bow Tie in Mauve        |        Pocket Square in Modern Mauve

Mauve Striped Tie        |           Diamond Patterned Tie           |      Designer Striped Tie

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September 12, 2016

Look Of The Week – Our Talavara Tie in Action

Talavara Tie in Blue and White



Cotton Print Tie 

Pocket Square

Our featured Look Of The Week  @gasketraynes by highlights the pattern prowess of our Cotton Print Talavera Tie in Blue and White. This statement accessory inspired by the artisan tile designs of Mexico adds a big dose of chicness to a look. We are absolutely loving this look that pairs florals with plaids in a savvy color way of blues, reds and whites.  Shop this look and pair it with cotton trousers or denim jeans depending on how dressed up or dressed down you want to get.  No matter what you decide to pair it with, this designer cotton tie is sure to bring a hold handsomeness to anything and everything.

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