March 22, 2016

Who Wore It Best Round Four


The winner of our Who Wore It Best Competition Round Four is (drumroll, please)  @astuteattire! Thank you everyone for voting. The five winners of the tie have been emailed directly.

Round Four of Who Wore It Best

It’s  Round Four of Who Wore It Best featuring these five menswear influencers: @astuteattire,  @secondhand_dandy,  @finelyselected,  @thezanificaiton and @welldressedstudent. We sent all five influencers our Forest Green Skinny Tie with Woven Crests and asked them to style it however they liked.  The all created amazing looks but they’re can only be one winner. Vote for your favorite look.

We can’t wait to see who wins Round 4! Only one more round to go before the Finals!

Giveaway Rules & Guidelines

To instantly enter our giveaway, cast your vote for your favorite look.  5 lucky voters will be selected at random on March 129th to win this Crested Tie in Forest Green.

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March 16, 2016

Wedding Color Ideas For Spring Yellow



Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring. Spring forward on style and consider a palette of enthusiastically chic yellows for your wedding colors. This vibrant color packs an aesthetic punch that is inspiring, riveting and absolutely stunning.  No matter how bright or subtle you want to go, yellow has you covered from lemon yellow high heels to bright daffodil yellow groomsmen accessories to an assortment of yellow flower bouquets.  We have created an entire Pinterest Wedding Board to all shades of yellow and have picked out six of our favorite yellow groomsmen accessories for your wedding party.




Sun Yellow Tie         |        Lemon Yellow Polka Dot Tie        |       Striped Tie in Yellow

Solid Bright Yellow Bow Tie      |       Paisley Pocket Square      |       Foulard Yellow Tie 

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March 14, 2016

Be The Buyer – Vote For Your Favorite Pattern

Wildly inspired by a trip to Mexico, our creative team was inspired to create a new and exotic collection of neckties inspired by the ornate tiles of Mexico. We need your help narrowing down the collection to the top four. Help us PERFECT this line of ties by voting for your favorite pattern. We love to ask you for your vision in our Be The Buyer campaigns and can’t wait to see the four winning designs. We’ll announce the designs with the most votes Friday 3/18/16.




March 9, 2016

Wedding Color Ideas for Sage + Wheat

Sage Green and Wheat Wedding Ideas


Some color hues are destined to be paired together.  We present this chic color combination of Sage Green and Wheat Tan to prove our point. This gorgeous duo is the perfect delicate balance of simplicity and beauty.  A variety of handsome Sage Greens are quickly becoming the wedding color of choice among wedding parties and we are absolutely thrilled. We have curated a large and extensive collection of wheat and sage green ties for all styles and aesthetics. Below are just a few of our very favorites. Find more ideas and inspiration with our Wedding Color Inspiration Board for Sage on Pinterest.


Groomsmen Ties in Sage Green

Solid Cream Tie 

Striped Tie in Wheats

Polka Dot Tie in Wheats

Sage Green Silk Necktie 

Solid Green Sage Tie 

Striped Sage Green Tie 

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March 7, 2016

Look Of The Week: Modern Day Ascot

Get The Look - How To Wear An Ascot




Our Featured Look of The Week showcases the modern charms of accessorizing your look with an ascot and was created by the very talented Mario MonforteThe ascot is a traditional menswear accessory that is gaining popularity with today’s fashion influencers. We love this clever combination of the double breasted blazer, the twill white button down and the chic light blue ascot. This fresh and versatile look is the definitive way to go when you want to accessorize a look without wearing a necktie. Shake things up with your wardrobe and accessorize your blazers and sports jacket with a patterned silk pocket square.  Fashion should always be about pushing the boundaries a little – and what better way to do that than with innovative accessorizing.

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