February 10, 2018

Your Menswear Guide to Olive Greens


Designer Men's Fashion in Browns and Greens




Pocket Square

Tie Bar 


Stir Up Your Neutrals With Olive Greens 


We’re all over olive greens this season. They do absolute wonders for dressing up and elevating your everyday neutrals from your khakis to your go-to brown work blazers and sports coats. Check out this discerning look from @runnineverlong who is able to turn up the volume on his neutrals by pairing them with whites and greens. This gentlemanly ensemble is something that would look good on absolutely everyone, so we had to make this our featured Look Of The Week. Olive green is a superb fashion color that has the ability to add dimension and range to your workday and work night basics. We recreated this look for you to shop. Be sure to add your own touches of olive greens by shopping our collection of dark green neckties.


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January 31, 2018

Garden Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Joyful Garden Weddings


Garden Wedding Ideas To Fall In Love With


There’s a chic sweetness to outdoor garden weddings. From the feminine, fresh color palettes to the beautifully unpretentious surroundings, garden weddings are becoming more and more popular. Mix a feminine aesthetic and bohemian vibe by incorporating wedding prints into the wedding party with floral gowns and groomsmen accessories. We picked out a few of our favorites. For garden weddings, we love the focus to be the simplicity of the outdoors complimented with an array of lovely colors from bright primaries to muted pastels depending on what you like. If you’re looking for a fresh, fun and colorful wedding day sans the wedding theatrics, a garden wedding might be absolutely perfect for you. For more ideas, visit us on Pinterest to see some of our favorite garden wedding ideas.


Designer Garden Wedding Neckties

Lace Floral Tie      |          Light Blue Floral Tie          |      Artisan Floral Tie 

Modern Floral In Blue       |       Modern Floral Bow Tie         |     Skinny Floral Tie


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A Menswear Guide To The Proper Fit

The Right Fit Infographic


Know Right From Wrong 

Know all the right fits to the menswear work essentials including blazers and jeans, chinos and sports coats, two piece suits and three piece suits. Build a foolproof wardrobe with key pieces that fit you. This compelling infographic helps men navigate the rights and wrongs of men’s fashion. The most common mistake in menswear is men wearing oversized clothes that wrinkle, billow, and hang where they shouldn’t. This infographic illustrates some key pain points to avoid ranging from trousers that are too long to suit jackets that are too big. Study this infographic and know the sartorial standards to the proper fits.

Key take aways:

Pay close attention to the length of your denim, trousers, chino and suit pants. The cuffs should fall at the top of the shoe.

Oversized clothes look sloppy and wrinkle more than clothes that fit properly.

Know your size and wear clothes that compliment your body type.


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January 29, 2018

Look Of The Week: Suit and Silk Scarf


Designer Menswear Scarf

Wool Blend Suit


Paisley Scarf 



Stellar Style With A Silk Scarf 


Progressive fashion is all about rethinking your everyday basics. We love this elevated look from @mrt.karahan who inventively pairs a patterned suit with a jersey turtleneck and paisley scarf. Suits are typically paired with ties and bow ties -but this look impressively proves that norms can be outdone and improved upon. Update your work wear attire and impress your peers by accessorizing your collection of suits with patterned scarves. Shop this ensemble and look your absolute finest.




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January 24, 2018

Wedding Ideas in Light Gray

Light Gray Weddings


Looking for that one exquisite wedding color that will never go out of style? Look no further. A chic, cool light gray could be the answer. This masterclass color is outstandingly modern and contemporary. Step away from the wedding norms and wear a gorgeous, flowing gray wedding dress and outfit your groom and wedding party in an assortment of complimentary grays and pastels. Every bride has their unique vision of their dream day. While some dream of bright, bold colors others want something simple, effortless and neutral. With every color at your disposal, sometimes a sophisticated neutral is the most elegant choice of all. We curated a collection of wedding ideas in a multitude of grays that you are sure to love. Visit our Pinterest Board for gray weddings and let us help you deck out your wedding party in the perfect groom and groomsmen accessories. This is just a peek at some our wonderful light gray wedding options.




Light Gray Wedding        |       Wedding Bow Tie in Gray       |       Gray and White Hanky 

Striped Tie in Gray        |       Polka Dot Tie in Gray       |      Cashmere Tie in Gray



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