Summer Accessorizing With Bold Colors


How To Accessorize in Summer

Navy Blue Suit

Dress Shirt

Striped Tie and Lapel Pin

Summer Plaid Pocket Square


Bright, Summer Accessorizing 

Put your best suit forward this season with big accessories. When we say big, we mean bold colors and statement prints that capture the greatness of summer. Check out this winning look from @oxfordandhenley who uses primary colors to make a navy suit pop. This is summer suiting at the very top of its game. When it comes to work attire, seasonal accessorizing is your best bet for staying current, and not spending an obscene amount of money on suits. The saturated, warm hues are what make this ensemble so appealing for the next few months. This summer, amp up your workday with accessories in all the primary colors.

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We are thrilled to introduce our Best Of Summer Giveaway featuring four standout menswear brands. Trust us, this is a giveaway you’ll want to win. Each brand is offering a $200 gift card to their store. Let’s meet the brands.

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Parker Provisions 

Parker Provisions is all about enhancing a gentleman’s everyday life with quality goods. Parker Provisions provides simple and refined everyday essentials that everybody, including us -loves. Their Premier Collections should be on everyone’s wish list. And remember their motto, good manners cost nothing.


Shine Vessels 

Shine Vessels designs quality and function driven vessels for what ever summer throws at you. Stay hydrated with these vintage inspired vessels. Your craft beers do so much for you, it’s time you did something for them. Your beers deserve this 64 oz. growler.



SlideBelts creates high-quality perfect fitting ratchet belts that combine style and functionality. Once you try a SlideBelt, you’ll never want to wear any other type of belt. Their survival belt is a must have for your summer adventures, especially your camping trips.



Accessorize your summer shirts with Bows-N-Ties well-crafted menswear accessories. It’s amazing what a little gingham can do for your shirts and summer suits. Check out our dapper collection of linen ties  and cotton neckties that we specifically designed for summer.




Modern Orange Wedding Ideas

Summer Orange Wedding Ideas


Modern Wedding Oranges 

In the color world, orange gets an overall bad rap. This under appreciated color packs a major punch especially when you go modern and minimalistic ​with it. For a summer prep wedding, choose navy blues and oranges as your primary color palette and make them your own with small splashes of yellows and pinks. Check out this collection of bright ideas we put together as well as visit our Pinterest Board for more ideas in this cheeky chic color. When choosing the right summer orange, opt for something fresh and avoid the coppery hues. That’s the key to making orange work for you this warm weather season. When it comes to picking out your wedding accessories for your groomsmen, opt for orange and navy ties. Here are a few of our absolute favorites.


Summer Wedding Groomsmen Accessories


Polka Dot Wedding Tie      |      Linen Wedding Hanky      |       Striped Knit Tie

Modern Paisley Tie     |      Gingham Summer Tie        |      Modern Tie in Oranges and Blues



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Look Of The Week: All Suited Up


Modern Suiting And Accessories

Navy Blue Suit

Designer Blue Shirt

Monk Strap Shoes

Pin Dot Socks 

Oxford and Navy Striped Tie

Burgundy Pocket Square

Designer Watch 


All Suited Up 

Take note of the best color you can pair with your dark suits; oxblood reds and dark neutrals are literally the perfect pairing. This week, we are proud to feature a look created by @matthewonpoint who brilliantly creates a seamless look with an assortment of blues and oxblood reds. The most common question we get is how to amp up a suit without looking trendy. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?!  This is how you do it. You pick bold accessories in strong colors in an assortment of workable patterns. All these patterns and colors work in total unison to create a look that we can wait to replicate. Shop this look and experiment with your favorite accessories in regal oxblood reds.


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Wedding Inspiration For Light Pinks

Spring Wedding Ideas in Light Pink


Fresh Spring Pinks 

There’s an effortless femininity to pinks – especially a palette of light pinks. Give in to your love of all things pink and plan your dream day in an assortment of pastel pinks, whites and grays. If you’re looking for something modern, mix your pinks with bright reds and magentas. If you’re imagining a more classic aesthetic, pair your light pinks with blacks, grays and bright whites. Be sure to coordinate your array of favorite pinks between your bridesmaids, groomsmen and floral bouquets. -And don’t be afraid to wear a light pink wedding dress. Check out more wedding ideas by visiting our Pinterest Pink Wedding Board. For your wedding party, we have plenty of pink accessories to choose from. Here are a few of our absolute favorites.


Groomsmen Ties in Pinks


Light Pink Wedding Tie     |     Paisley Pink Groomsmen Tie     |     White and Pink Hanky

Pin Dot Tie in Pink     |      Summer Pink Tie     |    Textured Pink Tie


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