Tie the Knot in Peach

Tie the Knot in Peach

Elegant pastels and soft hues are a match made in matrimonial heaven for the months of Summer and Spring. They’re intimate, sophisticated, and dive deep into the unashamed feminine! We’re always dying to see new ways to incorporate peach into your big day. If you need a few ideas travel on over to our Pinterest to fall in love with the peach hue all over again.

Weddings After Dark

Weddings After Dark

How many weddings have you been to this Summer? We know we’ve been to at least four with invites in the double digits. How are you making your ceremony stand out? We know you want to get creative, but sometimes the ideas aren’t flowing and we need a little help. One exciting way to uplift your modern wedding is to add the flair of nighttime and a well-lit space. We’re talking outdoors, lanterns, and plenty of tea lights. The jealousy that arises from all your friends who had Summer weddings will be overwhelming, but you’ll know you made the most daring and dashing choice. The best part? You can add any color them and style, so feel free to play around. A few of our favorite accessories are below:

Modern Wedding Ideas in Black and White

Modern Weddings in Black and White

All Glam in Black and White

Pull inspiration from the classics and create a modern wedding in a palette of blacks and whites. This beloved wedding duo is one of our all-time favorites. Deck out your wedding party in white and blacks and even ask your guests to stick to these two colors for a striking wedding and amazing photos. We collected an assortment of our favorite wedding looks and created a Pinterest Board for White Weddings. Curate your dream wedding complete with tuxedos, vintage cars, and stunning wedding bouquets. We love opting for a wedding that is mostly in all white with black accents. Here are a few of our most popular black groom and groomsmen accessories.

Wedding Accessories in Black and White

Black Bow Tie     |      Black Wedding Tie       |      Black Pocket Square  

Textured Black Tie      |     Pin Dot Wedding Tie      |     Skinny Black Tie

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Summertime Ensemble for First Dates

Summertime Ensemble for First Dates

We can always use a little inspiration for Date Night, whether we’re married, dating or downright single.  The equation is fairly simple, make an effort with ideas, reservations, and your appearance.  As simple as this sounds, sometimes we drop the proverbial ball.  So our Look of the Week is the Bows-N-Ties take on Date Night in the Summertime.  You want to look polished, savvy, clean and of course debonair! 
All of these fashion components are staple pieces that you should own no matter what. What makes this look unique and date-worthy is the creative combination of pieces. Find this look below:

Men’s Modern-Fit Navy Pinstripe Suit Pants

Medallion Print Silk Tie In Blue and Cream

Cufflinks with Satin Fabric Covering in Blush

Light Pink Heavy Oxford Button Down

Slim-Fit Grey Knit Blazer

Celestial Lavender Ceremony

Celestial Lavender Ceremony

Embody elegance and the divine when you embrace the romance that the hues of lavender have to offer. Your party will be filled with a grace and calm that no other wedding could accomplish. While your guests are enchanted by the finesse of the day, you and your partner will be struck by the amount of love exchanged between the two of you. Pick sweetly and you’ll be rewarded on your heavenly day. We can’t wait to hear about your stellar day.

Lavender Neckties