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(last updated: June 2018)

September 10th, 2009 marked our official launch date of our shop We wanted to say thank you to all who have visited us and supported us over the past 9 years. Lots has changed during this time with more exciting changes being announced later this Summer.

Business Travel Dress Code


Last updated: June, 2018

Whether it be training, a conference, an important sales meeting, or a dinner with the execs, sooner or later any businessman will have to travel for work. Below are some dress tips that will keep you comfortable and professional looking on your upcoming business travel. For more info, also check out our recent guide on packing for business travelers.

Comfort and Elegance
Most of us don’t like flying. Even if you have the privilege to fly business-class, sitting on a crowded plane is most likely not something you look forward to. So, when getting dressed for the trip, keep comfort in mind. This does not mean you should wear sweats and sandals by any means. Wear classy clothes that are well suited for business or Business Casual. For more comfort here are some pointers: Use dress shirts that have little or no starch. Starched dress shirts might have a nice and crisp look, but also have a stiffer feel. In addition the starch can irritate your skin – especially on collar and cuffs. Also avoid wearing dress shirts that fit too snug which may inhibit your arm movement. Best are slightly looser fitting dress shirts made from 100% cotton.

As far as your pants are concerned make sure they are also not too tight and made from 100% wool. Wool-synthetic blends may be cheaper and might wrinkle less but they are also much less comfortable to wear when too warm or too cold. For your belt, choose a dress belt that is made from a thinner and more stretchable leather. Calf-leather belts are excellent since they are less constricting and will mold to your body shape and be much more comfortable when sitting for a longer time. Finally think about your dress shoes. Flying often times causes feet to swell. So wear thinner and lighter shoes. Also make sure to wear matching socks that have no holes – you will have to take your shoes off when going through the airport security.

Your Luggage
Use luggage that is functional as well as professional. Unless you are going on a longer trip, carry-on trolley bags are perfect. Make sure to use a garment bag that can be folded inside your carry-on. Garment bags are relatively inexpensive and are perfect to keep your suit and dress shirts wrinkle free. If ties are required for your trip, then make sure to pack them in a way to prevent wrinkles, stains, and fabric damage. It is best to use especially made necktie travel cases. If you do not have one of these available, then either carefully fold the tie in between pieces of clothes, or roll them up (with the inseam facing the inside) and carefully place them inside a pair of shoes. For more info on bags and suitcases, check out this infographic we recently posted.

In the News – NYC Police Commissioner Shows How to Tie a Tie

We at Bows-N-Ties are always on the look for interesting stories related to mens fashion and, as probably expected from us, anything related to ties. We came across the following story in the NY Times about Raymond Kelly, Police Commissioner of New York, and his distinct taste in ties and tying neckties.

From the article it is quite evident that Mr Kelly takes great pride in how he dresses and that he pays much attention to the little detail when dressing in suit and tie. Not only does he have a very distinct taste in finest Italian and French designer ties, but he also knows his fair share on how to match clothing patterns and colors. His necktie knot is always a perfectly tied double Windsor knot (for instructions on this tie knot we also invite you to our section titled: How to Tie a Necktie. In addition to a perfectly tied “dimpled” Windsor knot, Mr Raymond Kelly is usually spotted with a neatly folded handkerchief and a pair of cuff links.

Mr Kelly’s favorite designers are the Italian labels Kiton and Brioni, as well as French luxury brand Charvet – all brands that can cost in excess of $200 per tie. When asked about his budget on ties, he says that it is all about finding deals. When it comes to patterns, his favorite are small and intricate foulard type designs as well as the occasional striped necktie. What he doesn’t like are plaid patterns which belong, according to him on Kilts and not a tie (we tend to disagree). His favorite tie color? Orange – since orange, according to him, represents Anti-Terror. We are not too sure where he gets the idea that orange is anti-terror, but what we do know is that orange is considered “the happiest of colors”. For more on the “psychology on colors on ties” please check out this post we featured on our sister site

Mens Neckties For Fall 2009

Fall-Neckties-2009 As we are approaching the end of the summer season, it is time to re-think and re-organize your wardrobe. Thicker and warmer clothes are being taken back out of storage in place of lighter “summer clothes”. Just as certain fabrics and pieces of clothing are synonymous for the colder months of the year, so are certain colors. In business fashion that consists of suit and tie, the most color is typically chosen on the necktie. Below are the top 3 colors for mens ties for this year’s fall season.

Brown: Brown is a color that is often times associated with maturity, dependability, friendliness, as well as nature and good health. When it comes to men’s fashion, in particular business fashion, the color brown is most commonly spotted on dress shoes and belts. Brown suits including beige and tan are classic summer colors. When it comes to ties on the other hand, brown is a color that is best for the later part of the year – during those slightly colder and less sunny days. Depending on the shade of brown, brown neckwear matches well with navy blue as well as olive green suits.

Burgundy: The color burgundy is created by mixing brown with red. It therefore is a color that shares the excitement from red with the steadiness from brown. Although, burgundy colored ties can be worn in any season of the year, and will always make a great choice tie for business attire, it is perfect for the fall season – when slightly darker colors predominate. To match a burgundy red tie is quite simple. During the fall we suggest apring burgundy ties with navy blue suit, chestnut brown shoes and the matching brown belt. Also great is a charcoal gray suit, medium-blue dress shirt, and black shoes and belt.

Orange: Not just any shade of orange will do for the Fall. Look at the colors found in nature! The best shades of orange for the fall are the slightly darker, more brownish, looking shades that resemble the look of turning autumn leaves. A classic example are burned-orange, and rust orange. To match orange neckwear during the Fall we suggest suits in midnight-blue, olive green, and charcoal gray. Your Bows-N-Ties Team

Update (June 2018)
Although this post is now 8 seasons past, not much has changed in terms of menswear accessory colors. What is new however a exciting fabric blends mixing finest silk with wools and even cashmere. Also new are raw spun silk fabrics – a coarsely looking fabric that adds a vintage vibe to any outfit.

Welcome to Our Mens Fashion Blog

Dear Visitor,

We are excited to launch our new mens fashion blog. Although this site has been recently launched, mens fashion, style, and dress codes are anything but new to us. We are a group of necktie aficionados who take pride in how we dress. This blog section will feature different categories such as: How to tie a tie, Mens Dress Codes, Fashion by Season, Matching Clothing, Designer and Brand reviews, and much more.

Update (June 2018)
It has been almost a decade since we launched this blog. Lots has changed since the early posts. Besides a new layout, we added a few dozen new subcategories. We wanted to thank you for the continued success on our blog. We have many more big and exciting changes coming, which we will announce late Summer 2018

Your Bows-N-Ties Team