Silk Scarf + Wool Tie + Gingham Pocket Square

Shown Above: Wool Polka Dot Tie | Patterned Silk Scarf | Gingham Wool Pocket Square

About this Look:
Winter is the perfect season for anyone who appreciates a elegantly styled wardrobe. The colder climate is perfect for layering and accessorizing. It allows for intricate fabric weaves, bold patterns, and stylish seasonal accessories. A perfect example of this, is the look shown above. It combines a fine herringbone textured wool suit (by SuitSupply), with a bengal stripe shirt in blue and white (by JHillburn), as well as our recently featured wool polka dot collection, a finely patterned silk scarf by Cantucci, as well as a stylish new wool and silk pocket square displaying a bold gingham check.

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