Weekly Style Inspiration: Silk Scarf & Knit Tie

Navy Knit Tie Men's Silk Scarf Slim-fit Shirt Double-Breasted Wool Topcoat Herringbone Cardigan H&M Twill Pants

Today we stumbled across this uber dapper ensemble via Club Monaco’s Tumblr page. It inspired us to make this our featured “Look of the Week”. What we love about this ensemble is the combination of Autumn colors with unique patterns and fabric texture. Take the rugged textured knit tie for instance which is contrasted with the smoother satin-silk scarf. Also great is the effective layering of knit cardigan with a heavy double-breasted wool coat. Not only is it stylish, but also very comfortable on chillier days. If we could only add two things to this look, then it would be a pair of light brown colored buck-skin gloves, as well as a felt fedora hat in either stone-gray or midnight blue. Even without these two accessories, however; a truly dapper ensemble that most certainly will get you lots of compliments. Well done Club Monaco stylist!

Your Bows-N-Ties Style Team

3 Replies to “Weekly Style Inspiration: Silk Scarf & Knit Tie”

  1. Awesome outfit. I agree that a pair of leather gloves would be a great addition. I think the kind of gloves where you can see the stitches. Nice feature.

  2. Great style! Love the silk scarf. I see that you guys have some really great ones right now. I ordered your red and blue paisley scarf just now. Hoping to get it before the Holidays. love your site!

  3. Super dapper topcoat. Put it on my Christmas list! Thanks for the inspiration. I do own one of your knitted ties too!

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