Summertime Ensemble for First Dates

Summertime Ensemble for First Dates

We can always use a little inspiration for Date Night, whether we’re married, dating or downright single.  The equation is fairly simple, make an effort with ideas, reservations, and your appearance.  As simple as this sounds, sometimes we drop the proverbial ball.  So our Look of the Week is the Bows-N-Ties take on Date Night in the Summertime.  You want to look polished, savvy, clean and of course debonair! 
All of these fashion components are staple pieces that you should own no matter what. What makes this look unique and date-worthy is the creative combination of pieces. Find this look below:

Men’s Modern-Fit Navy Pinstripe Suit Pants

Medallion Print Silk Tie In Blue and Cream

Cufflinks with Satin Fabric Covering in Blush

Light Pink Heavy Oxford Button Down

Slim-Fit Grey Knit Blazer

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