The Key Rules To Wearing A Suit

The Rules To Wearing a Suit

Whether than bore you with the rules of properly wearing a suit, we thought we would visualize it for you.  We have broken down the key rules to wearing a suit into seven paramount rules started from head to toe.

1. The Tie Width
The tie width should always be in proportion to the lapel of the suit jacket. You never want to be caught wearing a 3 – 3.5″ width tie with a slim lapel.

2. The Handkerchief
The handkerchief is a must when it comes to elevating your aesthetic to the next level. The handkerchief can add color and pattern to your entire look and also bring attention to your chest.

3. The Jacket
The jacket should fit your body type and curve in at the waist. The length of the jacket should never be longer than your knuckles otherwise it will look too big.

4. The Cuffs
The shirt cuffs should be 1/2″ longer than the cuff of the jacket sleeve. No shorter and no longer.

5. The Briefcase
Invest in a proper briefcase in leather or waxed cotton and save the backpacks for your weekends and your trips to the gym.

6. The Pants
The pants should be tailored and slim fitting. They should stop at the top of the shoe.

7. The Shoes
Your dress shoes should always be polished and they should coordinate with the color of your belt. Never wear a suit with a black belt and brown shoes.



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